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KSI Strikes Professional Record vs. Faze

Jan 31, 2023
A. J. Riot

KSI vs. FaZe Temperrr: Jan 14th Key Highlights

British social media stunner KSI required a little more than 2 minutes to deliver his perfect professional boxing record to a total of 4 wins with a single-punch knockout of FaZe Temperrr at the Wembley Arena. This 29-year-old sent FaZe to the canvas defending the cruiserweight Misfits Boxing Banner title. This title specializes in fights featuring rookie boxers who are famous on social media platforms. The Global Web Index shows that the popularity of boxing globally differs from region to region. For example, boxing is not a part of the top 5 sports in North America, but in the Middle East, it is the 5th most popular sport. 42% of internet users in the Middle East watch boxing regularly. 39% of boxing fans and 37% of MMA fans lie between the age group of 18-29. This stunning win sent ripples across popular betting sites such as, which categorically excels in sports betting.

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Who Will Win: Jake Paul or Tommy Fury?

Jan 26, 2023
A. J. Riot

The eagerly awaited upcoming boxing match between America’s Jake Paul and England’s Tommy Fury is officially scheduled to take place in Saudi Arabia on February 25th.

The question being asked here is, who will win the fight: Jake Paul or Tommy Fury? Find out more about who is most likely to win right here.

Who will win the fight between Jake Paul and Tommy Fury?

To get a much better understanding of which fighter is likely to win the upcoming bout in Saudi Arabia between Jake Paul and Tommy Fury, the best thing to do would be to turn to 日本のブックメーカー格闘技 sports betting sites or the latest odds. Today’s most trusted online bookmakers are already currently offering competitive odds.

Let’s take a closer look at what they are saying:

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Is Keoma-Ali Al-Ahmadieh’s Commonwealth Games medal the start of something special?

Dec 28, 2022
A. J. Riot

There’s a new name coming through the ranks of Canadian boxers. Yes, Keoma-Ali Al-Ahmadieh is a young man of great potential, and he is really looking to be the real deal, with a Commonwealth Games medal already to his name.

The next big thing in Canadian Boxing?

At only 19 years of age, Al-Ahmadieh is still learning his trade. He still boxes as an amateur, where there is no need to rush him. Al-Almadieh is 1.72 cm high and fought in the Featherweight category (54-57 kg) at the recent Commonwealth Games – although there are obvious reasons why he might not stay at that weight, which we come to later.

Al-Almadieh has plenty of potential. Of that, there is already no doubt. But with all the potential, should come a note of caution.

There’s been a drought of real top-quality Canadian boxers over the past 30 years, so it’s imperative that too much weight isn’t placed onto the shoulders of a young man just trying to find his way. Since the glory days of Lennox Lewis and Donovan Ruddock, there has been little to shout about.

Yes, Canada has seen names like Adonis Stevenson come and go in that time, but by and large, the cupboard has been bare.

The Canadian public love boxing and they have been longing for another superstar to come along that they can get behind, with both vocal support, and financial for those who like a bet. Whether it be placing a boxing bet on a local fighter, or even on the blockbuster start to 2023 where Chris Eubank Junior is 2/5 to beat Liam Smith with the best Ontario sportsbooks, Canadians who love a boxing bet, would get behind their man.

Al-Almadieh – Already a Commonwealth Games medal winner

At the tender age of 19, Canadian boxing prospect Keoma-Ali Al-Ahmadieh already has a Commonwealth Games bronze medal to his name. And it could have been more, as the young prospect was forced to pull out of his semi-final fight against Northern Ireland’s Jude Gallagher for medical reasons.

Medical reasons are the official line stated, but it was due to Al-Ahmadieh not being able to make the weight. So could Al-Ahmadieh have got a different color medal if he had made the weight? Quite possibly.

His win over Keevin Allicock of Guyana in the quarter-finals was the highlight of the competition, although it wasn’t greeted with joy in all quarters, as the 4-1 split decision results in the Canadian’s favor was greeted with boos from the crowd. But everybody has their own view on how a fight went, and his victory over the Guyanan wasn’t treated with the same displeasure across the board.

The alternative view of that fight is that after a slow start, Al-Ahmadieh took over in the latter stages, and it was his strong finish that earned him the victory via a split decision. Split decisions in boxing are just that. Some go for you, some against you. And just because your opponent has the more vocal supporters in the arena, doesn’t mean they are right.
It could even be argued that Al-Ahmadieh’s win was all the more impressive, as he had to show a lot of heart to come back from behind and win in the face of such intimidation. It’s a great sign of character moving forward.

Sadly, we will never know now if Al-Ahmadieh would have beaten Jude Gallagher, and possibly gone on to win the gold medal. But one thing that is for sure, is that the two previous wins over Charlie Senior (3-2) of Australia in the preliminary round, and his win over Keevin Allicock (4-1) in the quarter-finals were impressive.
If anything, the win over Senior was the harder of the two. Well, at least that’s how the judges scored it!

Potential Rivals

Moving forward, there is potential for rivalries now. Jude Gallagher is only 21, and Allicock is 23. There will be plenty of opportunities for the men to fight in the future, like at the 2024 Paris Olympic Games, and this will at some point give Allicock and his entourage the opportunity to prove that the Commonwealth Games split decision was wrong.

Also, Jude Gallagher won his semi-final and his Gold Medal match by walkover. The Northern Irishman has already stated that it wasn’t the way he wanted to win a gold medal at the Birmingham Commonwealth Games, and he will want to set the record straight, and would no doubt relish a fight with Al-Ahmadieh somewhere down the road.

If either of these fights doesn’t happen in the amateur ranks, they could be fights that are made professionally at a later date. It could just now be the case, that with a bit of patience, Canada now has another boxing superstar on its hands.

Highest Paid Boxers From Nederland

Dec 28, 2022
A. J. Riot

There are a lot of additional revenue sources that open up for someone who becomes a famous athlete. You no longer have to be paid by your club, you can create your own business agreements with other companies. Famous athletes usually become brand ambassadors and promote all sorts of merchandise and services. Some of them promote sports equipment, gambling sites, fashion, or healthcare products. However, even if you are the very best that doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll get the best opportunities. Here we will focus on Dutch kickboxers, see how much they are earning and what side gigs they have in addition to their core profession.

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Benefits and Advantages of Boxing for Females

Dec 12, 2022
A. J. Riot

Are you a single lesbian who is contemplating taking up boxing? Perhaps you’d love to meet someone who might turn out to be an ideal sparring partner – and a romantic partner? Your best bet is to join a lesbian dating site. Here, you’ll be able to mingle with a variety of delectable single girls. Get chatting in this discreet environment, flirting with other females who are into boxing. The more often you use this resource, the greater your confidence will grow. Soon, you’ll be making plans to take your digital connection to the next level. To inspire you, let’s consider the main benefits of boxing for females.

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The fights boxing fans want in 2023

Nov 18, 2022
A. J. Riot

As we approach the end of a remarkable year for boxing, fans have a chance to reflect. The season has given us some amazing results that helped shape the most popular divisions, not least of all at heavyweight. Oleksandr Usyk confirmed himself as the main man in the division after Tyson Fury. The Gypsy King proved Dillian Whyte is still off the pace needed to be a contender.

We will remember 2022 as the year that professional boxing bounced back from the devastating effects of the pandemic. COVID-19 hampered the schedule in 2020 and parts of 2021. There were doubts over its ability to recover in 2022, with many suggesting the sport should work through the summer in the absence of the FIFA World Cup and ease off during the winter months when COVID is most dangerous. But there were no interruptions as the year passed without any drama witnessed over the last two years.

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Reasons to start boxing in middle age and how it can impact your personal life

Nov 15, 2022
A. J. Riot

More and more people of a middle age are taking up extreme keep-fit activities. Everything from mixed martial arts to boxing is proving to be hugely popular. If you’ve never considered taking up the latter, there are so many reasons why you should. It would be much easier to start this endeavour if you would have a partner in crime who would hold you accountable. If you join a mature hookup website, you might come across a potential love interest sharing your passion for boxing. You’ll find it easy to connect with other mature singles in this relaxing environment. Chat rooms will be overflowing with singles discussing boxing. After flirting online you could make plans to meet at a gym and indulge in some joint traning. Here’s how mature people can benefit from picking up boxing as a pastime.

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Is Anthony Joshua Better Off Leaving His Current Training Team?

Oct 28, 2022
A. J. Riot

Anthony Joshua sacked his former head trainer Rob McCracken and assistant trainer Joby Clayton (and the rest of his training team) after losing to Oleksandr Usyk, saying he didn’t receive proper instruction from the corner during the fight in September 2021. Joshua believed he was winning the fight when he was, in fact, losing, so he didn’t change his tactics in the ring, which he says could have won him the fight.

Robert Garcia, Joshua’s new trainer, recently told Joshua that he must leave the United Kingdom and head over to Garcia’s training headquarters in California if they are to maintain a working relationship. This begs the question, is Anthony Joshua better off leaving his current training team?

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How boxing can improve your personal life

Oct 20, 2022
A. J. Riot

Whether you’ve been a keen boxer for a while, or you’re intrigued about taking lessons at your local club, you’ll be aware that this sport can do wonders for your physical health. Did you also know it could boost your personal and dating life? Let’s take a particular scenario, boxing fans are drawn to BBW. The best place to connect is to go online and choosing a BBW dating sites is straightforward if you check out reviews of the best ones available. After reading recommendations about user-friendliness and key features, a link will take you to the homepage. Now you can register, then start flirting with prospective partners. Assuming you come across a delectable single you would like to start dating, here is how boxing could help boost your blossoming relationship.

Fitness levels

Boxing requires you to be at your physical peak. To the uninitiated, it might seem as if this sport is all about two opponents bashing lumps out of each other. Landing punches is the activity that is going to earn points, but there is so much more to boxing than its violent aspect. A bout is also about defensive moves, with each fighter dancing around the canvas, seeking openings while avoiding letting their guard down. Doing this for any length of time requires stamina, so a lot of work needs to be done before each contest. Boxers need to spend a lot of time in the gym, working on achieving peak cardiovascular fitness, and exercising their muscles. When this is extrapolated into their personal lives, it can be so beneficial. They won’t feel tired, sluggish, or easily bored. Instead, they are more likely to be full of verve and looking forward to doing things rather than being a couch potato. And if you’re single, would you rather be dating someone lazy and lethargic, or a person with a lot of ‘get up and go’?

Mental agility

Again, there’s a misconception that boxing is all about violence, as win, lose or draw, the pugilists are often left bruised and bloodied. But strategies and mental awareness are just as important. Boxers have to have razor-sharp in reacting to the ongoing fight, anticipating how their opponent will move to counter their actions. More than this, they need to keep their head clear and ensure they keep stress levels to a minimum. There is always an inextricable link between physical and mental health, so if you feel agile and do a lot of exercises, this will keep your mind in trim condition. Much of the preparation for big fights involves getting into the right mindset. We’ve all seen footage of pre-match build-ups, where the opponents ‘eye-ball’ each other at close quarters. While this is often for the benefit of the cluster of photographers and reporters, mind games are also part of any boxer’s arsenal. The ability to ‘psyche out’ or unnerve the other guy is seen as one way of maintaining an advantage. Enjoying success in the ring, perhaps winning trophies or belts naturally provides an uplift. Whether you are the boxer or their partner, this will give feelings of joy and optimism.

Seeing the world

When boxers reach a certain level, they may well be put forward for contests in different countries. This will entail a lot of travel, presenting the opportunity to see other parts of the world. If you’ve always fancied trying out Latin American, Far Eastern or East European cuisine first-hand as opposed to your local takeaway, then heading off to competitions could give you a golden opportunity to get immersed in exciting, exotic cultures.

The Top 7 Legendary One-Punch KOs in Boxing History

Oct 18, 2022
A. J. Riot

Who made boxing history and got KOed with a single punch?

The anticipation of a one-punch knockout during a boxing match is one of the definitive draws for spectators. And while it’s not seen that often, a one-punch KO can change the course of a fight in a moment.

Considered to be more common in the heavier weight classes of men’s bouts, one-punch knockouts, are by no means limited to these weight classes. In a match between two great technical fighters, a well-timed or lucky punch during a momentary lapse in focus can easily send one boxer sprawling to the mat unconscious.

So, let’s have a look at our top 7 legendary one-punch knockouts in boxing history.

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