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Watching UFC Matches on Android Smartphones: Live Streaming Updates

Jan 27, 2023
A. J. Riot

The internet has massively changed the concept of watching PPV events and sports. A few years ago, people relied on satellites and cables to catch up with their favorite UFC matches. Today, one could watch all forms of entertainment content, including sports highlights on his smartphone or TV from anywhere across the globe. This progression has taken place due to multiple Android APKs that have developed over the years. With the right application, it is extremely easy to stream UFC fights live without subscriptions. As per demographics, a massive chunk of UFC viewers lies between 25 to 54 years of age where the highest percentage lies between 25-35 years. 90% of the viewers are male and 10% are female. Most of the fanbase is in the US, England and South America and the emerging markets include Europe and Asia. Gamblers are also using smartphones to participate in tournaments and sports betting offers published on popular sites such as The internet revolution has been boosting both the live streaming and the gambling industry in its own ways.

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What Are the Benefits of Sauna to MMA Fighters?

Jan 25, 2023
A. J. Riot

MMA fighters often face grueling training regimens in order to prepare for competition. Strength and conditioning drills such as weight lifting, aerobics, plyometrics, and combat-specific drills are integral to becoming a successful fighter.

A sauna is used as a part of many MMA coaches’ recovery strategies for their athletes due to its ability to promote tissue healing. The increased heat forces blood vessels to open up, which increases circulation – this begins an inflammatory response that helps to speed up muscle recovery. MMA competitors may use saunas daily or multiple times a week, depending on their workout intensity, in order to optimize healing and reduce pain.

This can also prevent chronic injury or illness, as many athletes suffer from overtraining syndrome and colds due to the large amount of stress they put on their bodies during training. In addition to physical preparation, menial tasks such as gathering sponsorships, and setting up events, along with diet and lifestyle management, are all necessary components of being an accomplished MMA fighter.

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Volkanovski Has to Defy the Odds Against Makhachev

Jan 19, 2023
A. J. Riot

Only four fighters in the history of the UFC have held championship belts in two weight divisions. Conor McGregor, Daniel Cormier, and Henry Cejudo have managed it in the men’s brand, while Amanda Nunes is the only female star to become a double champion.

UFC pound-for-pound number one Alexander Volkanovski is looking to add his name to that list when he steps up in weight to face lightweight champion Islam Makhachev at UFC 284 in Perth, Australia. It is billed as one of the biggest events in world sport in 2023.

Not only will Volkanovski be fighting a man who is bigger than him, but Makhachev is one of the most dangerous operators in UFC, as he has won his last five fights inside the distance. He forced a submission from Charles Oliveira to claim his world title last October at UFC 280.

The oddsmakers make Volkanovski the underdog in this fight. He is +260 with Bodog to prevail and cause an upset. Not only can fans get the best UFC odds with the sportsbook, but they can land up to $400 in welcome promotion when they open an account.

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MMA: The Evolving Nature of the Sport

Jan 19, 2023
A. J. Riot

Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) is a full-contact combat sport that combines elements of various martial arts disciplines. Such as Muay Thai, judo, karate, jiu-jitsu, boxing and wrestling. This has been around for decades, but with the help of increased media presence, it’s becoming more and more popular. With that increase in interest comes an inevitable evolution of the sport, from rule changes, shifting strategies, and different formats. Also, new attitudes towards athletes extend far beyond just technique. In this topic, we’ll look at how MMA has evolved into what it is today, top tips to learn MMA and why fitness is crucial for success.

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Remembering Stephan Bonnar: A UFC legend that will never be forgotten

Jan 17, 2023

On December 23, 2022, the MMA community was deeply saddened by the tragic news that former UFC light heavyweight contender Stephan Bonnar died at the age of 45.

“Stephan Bonnar was one of the most important fighters to ever compete in the octagon,” commented UFC President Dana White. “His fight with Forrest Griffin changed the sport forever, and he will never be forgotten. The fans loved him, related to him, and he always gave them the best. He will be missed.”

Bonnar made his name known during the UFC’s first-ever airing of The Ultimate Fighter reality show in 2005. And with the help of Forrest Griffin, Bonnar produced one of the greatest fights of all time, a bout that earned him a place in UFC’s Hall of Fame fight wing.

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Fight Matrix Program – UFC 283: Teixeira vs. Hill (01-21-2023)

Jan 16, 2023

Light Heavyweight Championship (205)
[#3] Glover Teixeira (33-8-0, -101) vs. [#8] Jamahal Hill (12-1-0, -124)
Glover Teixeira is the All-Time #13 ranked Light Heavyweight fighter.

Last 3 Fights: Glover Teixeira (2-1-0)
2022-06-11: L vs. [#1LHW] Jiri Prochazka (29-3-1) via Submission (Rear-Naked Choke) in 4:32 of round 5
2021-10-30: W vs. [#2LHW] Jan Blachowicz (29-9-1) via Submission (Rear Naked Choke) in 3:02 of round 2
2020-11-07: W vs. [#13LHW] Thiago Santos (22-11-0) via Submission (Rear Naked Choke) in 1:49 of round 3

Last 3 Fights: Jamahal Hill (3-0-0)
2022-08-06: W vs. [#13LHW] Thiago Santos (22-11-0) via TKO (Punches and Elbows) in 2:31 of round 4
2022-02-19: W vs. [#17LHW] Johnny Walker (19-7-0) via KO (Punch) in 2:55 of round 1
2021-12-04: W vs. [#38LHW] Jimmy Crute (12-3-0) via KO (Punches) in 0:48 of round 1

System Favorite Rating Rating Diff Win %
Betting Odds Jamahal Hill -124 52.41%
Elo K170 Glover Teixeira 2138.81 +217.72 73.00%
Elo Modified Glover Teixeira 2132.59 +211.04 71.58%
Glicko-1 Glover Teixeira 2224.71 +208.21 76.83%
WHR Glover Teixeira 2032.66 +165.01 68.00%

Days Since Last Pro Fight: Glover Teixeira 224, Jamahal Hill 168
Previous Match-up Record: No previous match-ups.
Wins Against Common Opposition: Even: Both have 2 win(s) against common opposition.

Flyweight Championship (125)
[#1/#7DD/#6P4P] Deiveson Figueiredo (21-2-1, -113) vs. [#2/#8DD/#10P4P] Brandon Moreno (20-6-2, -111)
Deiveson Figueiredo is the All-Time #2 ranked Flyweight fighter.
Brandon Moreno is the All-Time #7 ranked Flyweight fighter.

Last 3 Fights: Deiveson Figueiredo (1-1-1)
2022-01-22: W vs. [#2FLY/#8DD/#10P4P] Brandon Moreno (20-6-2) via UD (48-47, 48-47, 48-47)
2021-06-12: L vs. [#2FLY/#8DD/#10P4P] Brandon Moreno (20-6-2) via Submission (Rear Naked Choke) in 2:26 of round 3
2020-12-12: D vs. [#2FLY/#8DD/#10P4P] Brandon Moreno (20-6-2) via Draw (Majority) in 5:00 of round 5

Last 3 Fights: Brandon Moreno (2-1-0)
2022-07-30: W vs. [#4FLY] Kai Kara France (24-10-0) via TKO (Body Kick and Punches) in 4:34 of round 3
2022-01-22: L vs. [#1FLY/#7DD/#6P4P] Deiveson Figueiredo (21-2-1) via UD (48-47, 48-47, 48-47)
2021-06-12: W vs. [#1FLY/#7DD/#6P4P] Deiveson Figueiredo (21-2-1) via Submission (Rear Naked Choke) in 2:26 of round 3

System Favorite Rating Rating Diff Win %
Betting Odds Deiveson Figueiredo -113 50.20%
Elo K170 Deiveson Figueiredo 2100.29 +43.65 54.97%
Elo Modified Deiveson Figueiredo 2073.23 +77.48 58.40%
Glicko-1 Deiveson Figueiredo 2119.77 +21.41 53.08%
WHR Brandon Moreno 1953.68 +6.88 50.78%

Days Since Last Pro Fight: Deiveson Figueiredo 364, Brandon Moreno 175
Previous Match-up Record: Even: 1-1-1
Wins Against Common Opposition: Even: Both have 1 win(s) against common opposition.

Welterweight (170)
[#5] Gilbert Burns (20-5-0, -423) vs. [#9] Neil Magny (27-9-0, +307)
Gilbert Burns is the All-Time #28 ranked Welterweight fighter.
Neil Magny is the All-Time #36 ranked Welterweight fighter.

Last 3 Fights: Gilbert Burns (1-2-0)
2022-04-09: L vs. [#5MW] Khamzat Chimaev (12-0-0) via UD (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)
2021-07-10: W vs. [#7WW] Stephen Thompson (17-6-1) via UD (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)
2021-02-13: L vs. [#2WW/#10DD/#8P4P] Kamaru Usman (20-2-0) via TKO (Punches) in 0:34 of round 3

Last 3 Fights: Neil Magny (2-1-0)
2022-11-05: W vs. [#27WW] Daniel Rodriguez (17-3-0) via Submission (Brabo Choke) in 3:33 of round 3
2022-06-25: L vs. [#8WW] Shavkat Rakhmonov (16-0-0) via Submission (Guillotine Choke) in 4:58 of round 2
2022-03-26: W vs. [#26WW] Max Griffin (19-9-0) via SD (29-28, 28-29, 29-28)

System Favorite Rating Rating Diff Win %
Betting Odds Gilbert Burns -423 76.69%
Elo K170 Gilbert Burns 2100.22 +19.18 52.19%
Elo Modified Gilbert Burns 2097.98 +81.66 58.84%
Glicko-1 Gilbert Burns 2132.05 +61.99 58.83%
WHR Gilbert Burns 1950.81 +47.17 55.36%

Days Since Last Pro Fight: Gilbert Burns 287, Neil Magny 77
Previous Match-up Record: No previous match-ups.
Wins Against Common Opposition: Gilbert Burns leads 1-0

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The Case for Ohio’s Stipe Miocic as the UFC’s Greatest Heavyweight

Jan 13, 2023
A. J. Riot

Who is the greatest heavyweight in Ultimate Fighting Championship history? There is a strong case that the title should belong to Ohio native Stipe Miocic.

Miocic has held the UFC heavyweight title on two separate occasions and defended it in fights four times. The six total heavyweight title wins and three successful title defenses in a row are both UFC records. In addition he has won Fight of the Night three times, Performance of the Night five times and Knockout of the Night once, for a total of nine fight-night bonus awards. That too is a UFC heavyweight record.

All told he has compiled a record of 20-4 and is still the second ranked challenger at the age of 40. His last bout was in March 2021 when he lost his title to Francis Ngannou via a second round knockout. It is unclear whether he will fight again in UFC or move over to a rival fighting circuit. There are rumors of a bout coming up versus Jon “Bones” Jones, spread partly by Jones himself, but so far no fight has materialized.

Despite all his achievements, Miocic does not quite get the acclaim as all sorts of less accomplished UFC fighters. That is quite possibly because he is not as “colorful” as many other UFC fighters. No smashed sports cars and bar brawls litter his past. Rather he spends his time outside the ring working as a part-time firefighter and paramedic near his home in Ohio. He does not get into viral tweet wars and the like. Unfortunately that all translates to good but not great ratings on his pay-per-view fights.

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UFC Profiles: Charles Oliveira

Jan 12, 2023
A. J. Riot

Any UFC fan knows the names of the latest champions, and the fighters who have gone down in the record books. Betting on the UFC lines can be a great and worthwhile pass time if you know who you should be putting your money on. 

One of the names that has been pretty popular in recent years is Charles Oliveira.

Oliveira is a MMA and BJJ practitioner, competing in the lightweight division of the UFC, where he is a former Lightweight UFC champion. 

He has the most submission wins in the history of the organization and this is a major part of what brings him his fame. He has 16 submissions and 19 finishes. 

Back in the late summer of 2022, he was ranked as number one in the lightweight rankings of the UFC, and by October of the same year he ranked as number 7 in the UFC’s men’s pound for pound rankings. 

He is quite the performer, at 5ft10, weighing 155 lbs, his MMA record is impressive. His total overall records include 43 total matches, with 33 of those being wins! He made 9 wins by knockout, 21 wins by submission, and 3 by decision. 

Let’s take a moment to look at his records, and more of what we know about Charles Oliveira. 

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Fight Matrix Program – UFC Fight Night: Strickland vs. Imavov (01-09-2023)

Jan 9, 2023

Light Heavyweight (205)
[#11MW] Sean Strickland (25-5-0) vs. [#17MW] Nassourdine Imavov (12-3-0)

Last 3 Fights: Sean Strickland (1-2-0)
2022-12-17: L vs. [#4MW] Jared Cannonier (16-6-0) via SD (49-46, 46-49, 49-46)
2022-07-02: L vs. [#1MW/#9DD/#9P4P] Alex Pereira (7-1-0) via KO (Punches) in 2:36 of round 1
2022-02-05: W vs. [#15MW] Jack Hermansson (23-8-0) via SD (49-46, 47-48, 49-46)

Last 3 Fights: Nassourdine Imavov (3-0-0)
2022-09-03: W vs. [#43MW] Joaquin Buckley (15-6-0) via UD (29-28, 30-27, 29-28)
2021-11-06: W vs. [#44MW] Edmen Shahbazyan (12-3-0) via TKO (Elbows) in 4:42 of round 2
2021-07-24: W vs. [*] Ian Heinisch (14-5-0) via TKO (Punches) in 3:09 of round 2

System Favorite Rating Rating Diff Win %
Elo K170 Sean Strickland 1914.03 +87.53 59.87%
Elo Modified Sean Strickland 1926.48 +95.85 60.34%
Glicko-1 Sean Strickland 1933.12 +24.14 53.47%
WHR Sean Strickland 1882.50 +125.06 63.91%

Days Since Last Pro Fight: Sean Strickland 28, Nassourdine Imavov 133
Previous Match-up Record: No previous match-ups.
Wins Against Common Opposition: No common opposition or both are winless against common opposition.

Featherweight (145)
[#16] Dan Ige (15-6-0, -137) vs. [#21] Damon Jackson (22-4-1, +110)

Last 3 Fights: Dan Ige (0-3-0)
2022-06-04: L vs. [#11FW] Movsar Evloev (16-0-0) via UD (30-26, 30-27, 30-27)
2021-12-11: L vs. [#5FW] Josh Emmett (18-2-0) via UD (29-28, 30-27, 29-28)
2021-06-19: L vs. [#8FW] Chan Sung Jung (17-7-0) via UD (49-46, 49-46, 48-47)

Last 3 Fights: Damon Jackson (3-0-0)
2022-09-17: W vs. [#57FW] Pat Sabatini (17-4-0) via TKO (Submission to Punches) in 1:09 of round 1
2022-06-04: W vs. [#162FW] Dan Argueta (8-1-0) via UD (29-28, 30-27, 30-27)
2022-03-12: W vs. [#159LW] Kamuela Kirk (12-5-0) via Submission (Arm-Triangle Choke) in 4:42 of round 2

System Favorite Rating Rating Diff Win %
Betting Odds Dan Ige -137 54.83%
Elo K170 Damon Jackson 1883.70 +120.93 63.47%
Elo Modified Damon Jackson 1874.60 +165.92 67.40%
Glicko-1 Damon Jackson 1936.75 +184.67 74.33%
WHR Damon Jackson 1835.15 +192.63 70.68%

Days Since Last Pro Fight: Dan Ige 224, Damon Jackson 119
Previous Match-up Record: No previous match-ups.
Wins Against Common Opposition: Dan Ige leads 2-1

Middleweight (185)
[#64] Punahele Soriano (9-2-0, -171) vs. [#84] Roman Kopylov (9-2-0, +137)

Last 3 Fights: Punahele Soriano (1-2-0)
2022-07-16: W vs. [#152MW] Dalcha Lungiambula (11-6-0) via KO (Punches) in 0:28 of round 2
2022-02-05: L vs. [#143MW] Nick Maximov (8-2-0) via SD (28-29, 30-27, 29-28)
2021-07-24: L vs. [#19MW] Brendan Allen (20-5-0) via UD (30-27, 30-27, 29-28)

Last 3 Fights: Roman Kopylov (1-2-0)
2022-09-03: W vs. [#120MW] Alessio Di Chirico (13-7-0) via KO (Punches) in 1:09 of round 3
2021-10-30: L vs. [#66MW] Albert Duraev (15-4-0) via UD (29-27, 30-27, 29-27)
2019-11-09: L vs. [#116LHW] Karl Roberson (9-6-0) via Submission (Rear Naked Choke) in 4:01 of round 3

System Favorite Rating Rating Diff Win %
Betting Odds Punahele Soriano -171 59.92%
Elo K170 Roman Kopylov 1636.27 +84.25 59.51%
Elo Modified Roman Kopylov 1678.64 +33.20 53.63%
Glicko-1 Roman Kopylov 1717.42 +41.48 55.94%
WHR Roman Kopylov 1612.49 +42.10 54.79%

Days Since Last Pro Fight: Punahele Soriano 182, Roman Kopylov 133
Previous Match-up Record: No previous match-ups.
Wins Against Common Opposition: No common opposition or both are winless against common opposition.

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Types of casino bonuses you can use for MMA betting

Jan 9, 2023
A. J. Riot

For sports lovers, betting online is just a fantastic addition to their passion. Sports betting offers the chance to support your favorite players while having the opportunity to earn some money.

Why is sports betting so popular?

Several reasons contribute to sports betting popularity. You can bet on your favorite players and for your favorite sport’ tournaments or championships, depending on the platforms you like using, how much money you want to bet, or which athletes you prefer.

Online betting is a great invention since technology has evolved, giving you the chance to bet easily, from the comfort of your home, while watching the sports you enjoy, and even while you are on the go, vacationing, or out with your friends.

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