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Issue Date: 1/29/2023 (Official Release: #851)

Ranked fighters who changed weight classes and remain ranked

 Aleksandar Ilic
Last Fight: 8/26/2022 [Russian Cagefighting Championship]
Current:69 Light Heavyweight
Previous:60 Middleweight
 Faridun Odilov
Last Fight: 1/27/2023 [Absolute Championship Akhmat]
Current:107 Light Heavyweight
Previous:101 Middleweight
 Hassan Yousefi
Last Fight: 9/17/2022 [UAE Warriors]
Current:181 Light Heavyweight
Previous:207 Heavyweight
 Marcin Naruszczka
Last Fight: 6/18/2022 [Fight Exclusive Night]
Current:202 Light Heavyweight
Previous:280 Middleweight
 Algampacha Vagabov
Last Fight: 1/07/2023 [Muradov Professional League]
Current:222 Light Heavyweight
Previous:371 Middleweight
 Marcin Filipczak
Last Fight: 1/28/2023 [Fight Exclusive Night]
Current:313 Middleweight
Previous:178 Light Heavyweight
 Weldon Silva de Oliveira
Last Fight: 1/28/2023 [Legacy Fighting Alliance (LFA)]
Current:400 Middleweight
Previous:603 Welterweight
 Stefan Sekulic
Last Fight: 9/09/2022 [Serbian Battle Championship]
Current:242 Welterweight
Previous:265 Middleweight
 Kendly St. Louis
Last Fight: 1/27/2023 [Professional Fighters League]
Current:344 Welterweight
Previous:377 Lightweight
 Aiden Lee
Last Fight: 1/20/2023 [Centurion Fight Championship (Malta)]
Current:410 Welterweight
Previous:313 Lightweight
 Niklas Stolze
Last Fight: 6/04/2022 [UFC]
Current:419 Welterweight
Previous:495 Lightweight
 Scottie Stockman
Last Fight: 1/14/2023 [Primal Fighting Championship]
Current:438 Welterweight
Previous:717 Lightweight
 Joelson Nascimento
Last Fight: 6/04/2022 [Versus MMA]
Current:524 Welterweight
Previous:519 Lightweight
 Umar Yankovski
Last Fight: 1/20/2023 [Fight Nights Global]
Current:632 Welterweight
Previous:353 Middleweight
 Lando Vannata
Last Fight: 4/23/2022 [UFC]
Current:103 Lightweight
Previous:60 Featherweight
 Jefferson Nascimento
Last Fight: 1/28/2023 [Legacy Fighting Alliance (LFA)]
Current:213 Lightweight
Previous:236 Welterweight
 Tsogookhuu Amarsanaa
Last Fight: 6/25/2022 [Fierce Fighting Championship]
Current:237 Lightweight
Previous:232 Welterweight
 Brandon Jenkins
Last Fight: 9/23/2022 [Unified MMA]
Current:281 Lightweight
Previous:291 Welterweight
 Elijah Johns
Last Fight: 8/05/2022 [Legacy Fighting Alliance (LFA)]
Current:312 Lightweight
Previous:210 Featherweight
 Cassio Junior
Last Fight: 1/28/2023 [Legacy Fighting Alliance (LFA)]
Current:411 Lightweight
Previous:266 Featherweight
 Mairon Santos Alves
Last Fight: 2/04/2022 [Legacy Fighting Alliance (LFA)]
Current:423 Lightweight
Previous:383 Bantamweight
 Alexey Lyapunov
Last Fight: 1/20/2023 [One Fighting Championship]
Current:441 Lightweight
Previous:443 Welterweight
 Ismail Kelemetov
Last Fight: 10/15/2022 [Absolute Championship Akhmat]
Current:618 Lightweight
Previous:467 Featherweight
 Majdeddine Ayadi
Last Fight: 8/12/2022 [Tuff-N-Uff]
Current:626 Lightweight
Previous:654 Welterweight
 Max Coga
Last Fight: 8/06/2022 [Brave Combat Federation]
Current:144 Featherweight
Previous:230 Lightweight
 Daisuke Nakamura
Last Fight: 12/18/2022 [DEEP]
Current:210 Featherweight
Previous:301 Lightweight
 Kevin Vallejos
Last Fight: 12/16/2022 [Samurai Fight House]
Current:388 Featherweight
Previous:297 Bantamweight
 Vladimir Lengal
Last Fight: 11/05/2022 [Fabriq MMA]
Current:424 Featherweight
Previous:400 Lightweight
 Jeovanny Maia de Oliveira
Last Fight: 9/24/2022 [Number 1]
Current:491 Featherweight
Previous:664 Welterweight
 Alan Parra Villalba
Last Fight: 11/27/2021 [Productora One]
Current:502 Featherweight
Previous:638 Lightweight
 Michael Deiga Scheck
Last Fight: 10/15/2022 [Fairtex Fight Promotion]
Current:569 Featherweight
Previous:714 Lightweight
 Borislav Nikolic
Last Fight: 8/06/2022 [Brave Combat Federation]
Current:582 Featherweight
Previous:441 Bantamweight
 Michel da Cruz Lima
Last Fight: 11/25/2022 [Shooto Brazil]
Current:265 Bantamweight
Previous:345 Featherweight
 Khalim Nazrulloev
Last Fight: 6/25/2022 [Russian Cagefighting Championship]
Current:282 Bantamweight
Previous:112 Flyweight
 Sami Yahia
Last Fight: 1/14/2023 [Lyon Fighting Challenge]
Current:289 Bantamweight
Previous:117 Flyweight
 Breno Marinho
Last Fight: 1/28/2023 [SPARTACUS MMA]
Current:433 Bantamweight
Previous:357 Featherweight

Biggest MoversRecently ActiveNewly RankedDropouts
Division ChangesInactive FightersQuality Performance DecayStrength of Schedule

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