Issue Date: 12/04/2016 (Official Release: #517)

Strawweight (121.9lbs and below) fighter ranks

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US Jarred Brooks  (23) 12-0-0
Last Fight: 10/02/2016 [Pancrase] vs  [NR] Jun Nakamura
JP Yoshitaka Naito  (32) 12-0-0
Last Fight: 10/07/2016 [One Fighting Championship] vs  [#21 SW] Joshua Pacio
JP Mitsuhisa Sunabe  (37) 27-7-4
Last Fight: 6/12/2016 [Pancrase] vs  [NR] Ryo Hatta
Next Fight: 12/18/2016 [Pancrase] vs [#8 SW] Daichi Kitakata
JP Kento Kanbe  (20) 10-0-0
Last Fight: 12/13/2015 [Pancrase] vs  [#25 SW] Yukitaka Musashi
BR Gilberto Dias  (32) 19-3-1
Last Fight: 9/03/2016 [Jungle Fight] vs  [NR] Fabio Henrique Dourado
JP Yosuke Saruta  (29) 13-7-2
Last Fight: 7/17/2016 [Shooto] vs  [NR] Luis Gonzalez
Next Fight: 1/29/2017 [Shooto] vs [#14 SW] Junji Ito
JP Ryohei Kurosawa  (23) 10-1-0
Last Fight: 7/17/2016 [Shooto] vs  [#18 SW] Ryuto Sawada
JP Daichi Kitakata  (25) 15-7-1
Last Fight: 7/31/2016 [Pancrase] vs  [NR] Suguru Hayasaka
Next Fight: 12/18/2016 [Pancrase] vs [#3 SW] Mitsuhisa Sunabe
JP Kanta Sato  (22) 8-3-0
Last Fight: 10/18/2016 [DEEP] vs  [#11 SW] Sota Kojima
JP Shinya Murofushi  (33) 12-5-1
Last Fight: 9/11/2016 [Pancrase] vs  [NR] Rildeci Lima Dias
JP Sota Kojima  (29) 18-8-4
Last Fight: 10/18/2016 [DEEP] vs  [#9 SW] Kanta Sato
BR Marcus Paulo Amaral  (23) 9-1-0
Last Fight: 9/24/2016 [Qualify Combat] vs  [NR] Karl Marx Mazoni
BR Raymison Bruno Souza De Oliveira  (31) 8-0-0
Last Fight: 2/13/2016 [Mr. Cage] vs  [NR] Ranieri Silva
JP Junji Ito  (30) 14-7-0
Last Fight: 11/12/2016 [Shooto] vs  [NR] Takahiro Kohori
Next Fight: 1/29/2017 [Shooto] vs [#6 SW] Yosuke Saruta
JP Tateo Iino  (30) 10-5-1
Last Fight: 9/19/2016 [Tribe Tokyo Fight] vs  [NR] Tetsuo Ishitsuna
Next Fight: 12/18/2016 [Shooto] vs [#19 SW] Takamasa Kiuchi
JP Hiroyuki Abe  (39) 13-9-0
Last Fight: 6/26/2016 [DEEP] vs  [#11 SW] Sota Kojima
BR Daniel Lima de Carvalho   11-5-0
Last Fight: 9/10/2016 [Aspera Fighting Championship] vs  [NR] Iago Ribeiro
JP Ryuto Sawada  (21) 7-3-1
Last Fight: 9/19/2016 [Vale Tudo Japan] vs  [NR] Anthony Do
JP Takamasa Kiuchi  (29) 9-7-2
Last Fight: 6/12/2016 [Shooto] vs  [NR] Sho Nishida
Next Fight: 12/18/2016 [Shooto] vs [#15 SW] Tateo Iino
US Joey Diehl  (25) 11-8-0
Last Fight: 5/20/2016 [XFO] vs  [NR] Adam Roll
PH Joshua Pacio  (20) 8-1-0
Last Fight: 10/07/2016 [One Fighting Championship] vs  [#2 SW] Yoshitaka Naito
TH Dejdamrong Sor Amnuaysirichoke  (38) 6-1-0
Last Fight: 5/27/2016 [One Fighting Championship] vs  [#2 SW] Yoshitaka Naito
JP Masayoshi Kato  (32) 11-8-1
Last Fight: 7/03/2016 [Shooto] vs  [NR] Takuma Kimura
Next Fight: 12/11/2016 [Shooto] vs [NR] Sho Nishida
JP Seiji Ozuka  (38) 15-12-7
Last Fight: 10/02/2016 [Pancrase] vs  [NR] Takuya Eizumi
Next Fight: 12/18/2016 [Pancrase] vs [NR] Yuya Kodama
JP Yukitaka Musashi  (29) 7-2-1
Last Fight: 12/13/2015 [Pancrase] vs  [#4 SW] Kento Kanbe

Issue Date: 12/04/2016 (Official Release: #517)

Previous Official Release: 12/01/2016

Fighters who have dropped out: None

Drop out symbols: * = Inactive (450d), + = Moved Divisions (Up), - = Moved Divisions (Down), % = Forced, ! = Results/Other


Comments (19)

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    • Chromium says:

      One Championship is bringing in Yoshitaka Naito to face Dejdamrong. That’s probably the most interesting fight I can remember this division producing, since the winner will be #2 in the world at worst, and will hold a belt in the highest profile promotion that uses this division.

      If the winner fought Sunabe somehow, it could finally crystalize who the best in the world was.

      …not that the division isn’t still in its infancy, but still, interesting development.

    • jcs says:

      I think the limit is staying put for the foreseeable future..

      I’m a strong believer in: “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”

      However, we can probably expand another 5 here soon.

    • Chromium says:

      Looking at the recent weigh-in data for some of the top fighters per, it seems like the actual weight class in both Pancrase and ZST now is 54 kg or ~119 lbs.

      And PXC seems to have a normal 115 SW class now.

      Maybe it’d be okay to make things a just a little stricter at 120.9 lbs. now? I don’t think it would affect the top 15 much, and possibly not at all, to be honest.

      Just a thought.

    • jcs says:

      Looks like we are close to adding another 5. In all fairness, we have helped things along by lumping in the “Jr. Flyweight” classes that ZST, PXC and Pancrase dumped on us.

    • Chromium says:

      As silly as I think this weight class is, it does seem to be gaining a bit more traction now with OneFC making a title for it, and it seems that the ratings being given out may justify expanding this to 20 people.

    • yamazaki says:

      Is Sunabe Mitsuhisa(Japan) performed ranking of by the flyweight divition not strawweight?
      Though Abe and Eizumi fighting against Sunabe are strawweight,Sunabe thinks that it is the flyweight divition to be strange.

    • […] a big reason (pun intended, wait for it) is so many asians are ummm "little people" so the main stream mma organizations have not or are just barely coming around to the smaller weight classes. look at those rankings as an example Fight Matrix | Current MMA Rankings &raquo Strawweight […]

    • jcs says:

      I understand your point.. but everything is so tight, I can have a guy weigh in 1 pound light for a 121 fight and suddenly he’s 120 because I track weigh-in weights when available. If I use 119 as a cut-off, the same thing happens with the Pancrase 120lb division. It’s either got to stay where it is, or go all the way down to 118 which seems too restrictive.

      When deciding on this upper limit I said to myself.. if these guys had to choose 125 or 115 (let’s say UFC had both), where would they end up? Currently, the Top 4 (I think) would go to 115.

    • Chromium says:

      I suppose it’s nice to see Brazilians infiltrate this list, and show that this weight class is popping up just a tiny bit in the Western world, and I see that it may be getting close to time to expand it.

      I have to say tho, I really think revising the weight limit down to 120 or 119 would be the more prudent thing next, since as it is it seems incredibly generous to include weights up to 121 under “Strawweight”. Pushing the ZST 55 kg division up into Flyweight only costs you 2 fighters on the current list.

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