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Women’s Flyweight (119-128.9 lbs) fighter ranks

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Issue Date: 6/17/2018 (Official Release: #599)
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Rank ↑ ↓ Fighter  (Age) Record Points
PE Valentina Shevchenko  (30) 15-3-0
Last Fight: 2/03/2018 [UFC] vs  [#11 W125] Priscila Cachoeira
BR Jennifer Maia  (29) 15-4-1
Last Fight: 12/08/2017 [Invicta FC] vs  [#8 W125] Aga Niedzwiedz
Next Fight: 7/14/2018 [UFC] vs [#15 W125] Liz Carmouche
CA Alexis Davis  (33) 19-7-0
Last Fight: 12/09/2017 [UFC] vs  [#15 W125] Liz Carmouche
Next Fight: 7/28/2018 [UFC] vs [#4 W125] Katlyn Chookagian
US Katlyn Chookagian  (29) 10-1-0
Last Fight: 1/27/2018 [UFC] vs  [#22 W125] Mara Romero Borella
Next Fight: 7/28/2018 [UFC] vs [#3 W125] Alexis Davis
US Nicco Montano  (29) 4-2-0
Last Fight: 12/01/2017 [UFC] vs  [#18 W125] Roxanne Modafferi
US Sijara Eubanks  (33) 3-2-0
Last Fight: 6/01/2018 [UFC] vs  [#28 W125] Lauren Murphy
BR Ariane Lipski  (24) 11-3-0
Last Fight: 3/03/2018 [KSW] vs  [NR] Silvana Gomez Juarez
PL Aga Niedzwiedz  (23) 10-1-0
Last Fight: 12/08/2017 [Invicta FC] vs  [#2 W125] Jennifer Maia
BR Juliana Velasquez  (31) 7-0-0
Last Fight: 4/13/2018 [BellatorFC] vs  [NR] Rebecca Ruth
BR Vanessa Porto  (34) 20-8-0
Last Fight: 1/13/2018 [Invicta FC] vs  [NR] Mariana Morais
BR Priscila Cachoeira   8-1-0
Last Fight: 2/03/2018 [UFC] vs  [#1 W125] Valentina Shevchenko
US Jessica Eye  (31) 12-6-0
Last Fight: 1/14/2018 [UFC] vs  [#40 W125] Kalindra Faria
Next Fight: 6/23/2018 [UFC] vs [#21 W125] Jessica-Rose Clark
CA Valerie Letourneau  (35) 9-6-0
Last Fight: 12/15/2017 [BellatorFC] vs  [#25 W125] Kate Jackson
Next Fight: 6/29/2018 [BellatorFC] vs [NR] Kristina Williams
US Ilima-Lei Macfarlane  (28) 7-0-0
Last Fight: 11/03/2017 [BellatorFC] vs  [NR] Emily Ducote
Next Fight: 6/29/2018 [BellatorFC] vs [NR] Alejandra Lara
US Liz Carmouche  (34) 11-6-0
Last Fight: 12/09/2017 [UFC] vs  [#3 W125] Alexis Davis
Next Fight: 7/14/2018 [UFC] vs [#2 W125] Jennifer Maia
JP Rin Nakai  (31) 20-2-1
Last Fight: 2/24/2018 [DEEP] vs  [NR] Young Ji Kim
US Mackenzie Dern  (25) 7-0-0
Last Fight: 5/12/2018 [UFC] vs  [#55 W115] Amanda Bobby Cooper
US Roxanne Modafferi  (35) 21-14-0
Last Fight: 12/01/2017 [UFC] vs  [#5 W125] Nicco Montano
Next Fight: 7/06/2018 [UFC] vs [#29 W125] Barb Honchak
BR Sarah Frota  (31) 8-0-0
Last Fight: 2/17/2018 [Super Fight League] vs  [NR] Maiara Amanajas dos Santos
US Andrea Lee  (29) 9-2-0
Last Fight: 5/19/2018 [UFC] vs  [NR] Veronica Macedo
AU Jessica-Rose Clark  (30) 9-4-0
Last Fight: 1/14/2018 [UFC] vs  [#46 W125] Paige VanZant
Next Fight: 6/23/2018 [UFC] vs [#12 W125] Jessica Eye
IT Mara Romero Borella  (32) 12-5-0
Last Fight: 1/27/2018 [UFC] vs  [#4 W125] Katlyn Chookagian
KR Ji Yeon Kim  (28) 7-1-2
Last Fight: 1/27/2018 [UFC] vs  [#48 W125] Justine Kish
Next Fight: 6/23/2018 [UFC] vs [NR] Melinda Fabian
BR Estefani Almeida  (29) 7-1-0
Last Fight: 12/30/2017 [Mr. Cage] vs  [NR] Deize Mayelem de Lima Araujo
UK Kate Jackson  (31) 10-3-1
Last Fight: 5/25/2018 [BellatorFC] vs  [NR] Anastasia Yankova

Issue Date: 6/17/2018 (Official Release: #599)

Previous Official Release: 6/10/2018

Fighters who have dropped out: None

Drop out symbols: * = Inactive (450d), + = Moved Divisions (Up), - = Moved Divisions (Down), % = Forced, ! = Results/Other

Ranked Fighters: 1-25 >>>


  1. Chromium May 24, 2018 at 8:31 pm Reply

    Could probably add another 5 or 10 fighters at this point?

  2. Chromium May 6, 2018 at 7:47 pm Reply

    @Aaron Jupp: “This is a great site and I won’t mention all the countless errors and there are a LOT of them but really this is a great site.” Backhand much?

    Regarding Flyweight rankings: due to the international inconsistencies in weight divisions, for ranking purposes Women’s Flyweight actually goes up to 128.9 lbs. I don’t agree with all the delineations on FightMatrix. Like it says so right on the top of the page. FightMatrix actually doesn’t rank people in a different weight class who miss weight really badly (Rose was close).

    As for fighters needing to make weight twice, Fight Matrix has always ranked them in the division they last fought, unless someone goes up in weight for a single fight and gets slaughtered (this is the Matt Lindland Rule), in which case they aren’t given any penalty or reward. This is also only in cases where it’s assumed they aren’t sticking around. Doing it any other way would result in some crazy inconsistencies. Conor McGregor had only fought at Lightweight once consecutively before winning the UFC title, for instance. Even if you mean non-consecutive fights, BJ Penn was the #1 Welterweight in the World having fought after this first fight at that weight class. And even if you just mean people going down instead of going up, that would mean the site would have been unable to rank Kenny Florian at Featherweight when he was #2 in the world, just before he fought Aldo. And that’s just off the top of my head. There’d be too many weird inconsistencies like that.

    I realize I’m responding to a months old comment but still.

  3. Aaron Jupp December 31, 2017 at 9:58 pm Reply

    I understand this is a TOUGH job to keep rankings. And to be clear
    1. I have nothing against Jessica Clark.
    But how can you rank an athlete in 125 who has never actually made that weight???

    There are a LOT of issues such as this in the WMMA section of your rankings due to the fact that these girls take fights where they can get them and not in their natural weight class. I STRONGLY SUGGEST you look at this. Perhaps making a 2 fight in that division before they change into a weight class rule for you?
    Otherwise your formula L’s do NOT work accurately and you are forever making adjustments for women’s divisions because it is still growing in the big promotions unlike the men’s divs.

    Just my suggestion. I won’t mention the other countless errors, as the site is great and I know it’s a tough job!

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