Weekly Ranking Summary

Biggest Movers
Top 10 biggest positional ranking gains & losses of the week.

Recently Active
All ranked fighters who fought since the last ranking update, broken down by event.

Newly Ranked
Previously unranked fighters entering rankings for the first time, or fighters making a return to the top rankings.

Previously ranked fighters dropped from the top rankings this week.

Division Changes
Previously ranked fighters who changed weight classes and remain ranked.

Inactive Fighters
Top 100-ranked fighters inactive between 365 and 450 days.

Quality Performance Decay
Ranked fighters who have gone the longest without a Quality Performance.

A quality performance is a fight in which the fighter fought an acceptable opponent and substantiated their current rating (at the time) based on the outcome.

Strength of Schedule
Best & worst strength of schedule for Top 10-ranked fighters.

Strength of schedule is determined by the fighter’s `540 Opponent Metric` – an experimental metric that attempts to reflect a fighter’s recent opposition quality. The metric goes back 1,080 days, and looks at all the fighter’s opponents’ W-L-D records within a window of 540 days before, and 540 days after their respective bout(s) with the fighter. All of the records are added up and the cumulative win percentage is presented by this metric in a `strength of schedule` format.