First, a run-down of the particulars:

  • Due to potential metric conversion issues, a limit of 126 pounds was observed for this list.
  • Inception of the championship occurred on 10/4/1996, the rematch between two top-ranked, undefeated fighters.
  • Periodic inactivity was not an issue for Flyweights.
  • Vacancies after permanent inactivity were filled by the next chronological winner in a Flyweight match. This was the perfect solution, as the permanent inactivity instances seen correlated with huge voids in known Flyweight history. I have a feeling that the other divisions won’t sort themselves out this easily.

Your current lineal Flyweight champion is Alexandre Pantoja

The full history is below. Note, the colored backgrounds indicate a title change.

Date Champion Outcome Challenger Notes
1996-10-04 Mitsuhiro Sakamoto WIN Jin Akimoto
1997-04-06 Mitsuhiro Sakamoto WIN Masaru Gokita Sakamoto’s last qualifying fight.
2001-09-27 Homare Kuboyama WIN Toshiteru Ishii
2001-11-25 Homare Kuboyama WIN Tomohiro Hashi
2002-03-13 Homare Kuboyama WIN Takeyasu Hirono
2002-07-19 Homare Kuboyama WIN Takeyasu Hirono
2003-03-18 Mamoru Yamaguchi WIN Homare Kuboyama
2003-12-14 Mamoru Yamaguchi WIN Yasuhiro Urushitani 1st Shooto 56kg Championship bout
2004-05-03 Mamoru Yamaguchi WIN Hiroaki Yoshioka
2004-09-26 Mamoru Yamaguchi DRAW Robson Moura
2005-01-29 Mamoru Yamaguchi WIN Junji Ikoma
2005-09-23 Mamoru Yamaguchi WIN Pat Seidel
2005-12-17 Mamoru Yamaguchi WIN Daiji Takahashi
2006-03-24 Mamoru Yamaguchi DRAW Shinichi Kojima
2006-05-12 Mamoru Yamaguchi WIN Setsu Iguchi
2006-09-08 Mamoru Yamaguchi WIN Erikas Suslovas 9th Defense – Flyweight Record
2006-10-14 Shinichi Kojima WIN Mamoru Yamaguchi
2007-03-16 Shinichi Kojima DRAW Yasuhiro Urushitani
2007-07-15 Shinichi Kojima WIN Yasuhiro Akagi
2008-07-18 Shinichi Kojima WIN Mamoru Yamaguchi
2009-01-18 Shinichi Kojima DRAW Jesse Taitano
2009-03-20 Shinichi Kojima WIN Yuki Shojo
2009-07-19 Jussier da Silva WIN Shinichi Kojima
2010-06-12 Jussier da Silva WIN Alexandre Pantoja 1st Lineal bout outside of Japan
2010-12-02 Jussier da Silva WIN Danny Martinez 1st Lineal bout in USA, not in Shooto
2011-02-18 Ian McCall WIN Jussier da Silva
2011-05-06 Ian McCall WIN Dustin Ortiz
2011-08-05 Ian McCall WIN Darrell Montague
2012-03-02 Ian McCall DRAW Demetrious Johnson
2012-06-01 Demetrious Johnson WIN Ian McCall
2012-09-22 Demetrious Johnson WIN Joseph Benavidez
2013-01-26 Demetrious Johnson WIN John Dodson
2013-07-27 Demetrious Johnson WIN John Moraga
2013-12-14 Demetrious Johnson WIN Joseph Benavidez
2014-06-14 Demetrious Johnson WIN Ali Bagautinov
2014-09-28 Demetrious Johnson WIN Chris Cariaso
2015-04-26 Demetrious Johnson WIN Kyoji Horiguchi
2015-09-25 Demetrious Johnson WIN John Dodson
2016-04-24 Demetrious Johnson WIN Henry Cejudo Ties Mamoru Yamaguchi with 9 title defenses
2016-12-03 Demetrious Johnson WIN Tim Elliott
2017-04-15 Demetrious Johnson WIN Wilson Reis
2017-10-07 Demetrious Johnson WIN Ray Borg
2018-08-05 Henry Cejudo WIN Demetrious Johnson
2019-01-19 Henry Cejudo WIN TJ Dillashaw Henry Cejudo moves up in weight then retires
2019-06-29 Joseph Benavidez WIN Jussier Formiga Vacant title, top contenders match
2020-07-19 Deiveson Figueiredo WIN Joseph Benavidez
2020-11-21 Deiveson Figueiredo WIN Alex Perez
2020-12-12 Deiveson Figueiredo DRAW Brandon Moreno Figueiredo retains title in a draw
2021-06-12 Brandon Moreno WIN Deiveson Figueiredo
2022-01-22 Deiveson Figueiredo WIN Brandon Moreno
2023-01-21 Brandon Moreno WIN Deiveson Figueiredo
2023-07-08 Alexandre Pantoja WIN Brandon Moreno


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