Women’s Featherweight+

First, a run-down of the particulars:
  • A minimum weight of 138 pounds is observed for this list.
  • The inception of the title occurred at the final match of an “LLPW” MMA open weight 8-woman tournament in 1995.  Note: There was a smaller 4-woman “White Dragon” tournament in 1993 where the lineage could have been started, but could not confirm if this was indeed above 138 pounds.
  • Inactivity has plagued this division’s history.  Were we to implement stricter penalties, one could argue that Goundarenko would’ve lost the title due to inactivity and Kandori’s reign would’ve been skipped, as would part of Coenen’s and as a result, Toughill and Yabushita would’ve never held the title.
  • Recordkeeping and regulations (weight classes) were notoriously bad for Women’s MMA.  As a result, we may update this list if new info presents itself.
Your current lineal Featherweight+ champion is Vacant
The full history is below. Note, the colored backgrounds indicate a title change.
MMA Women’s Featherweight+ Lineal Championship History
Date Champion Outcome Challenger Notes
1995-07-18 Svetlana Goundarenko WIN Shinobu Kandori Due to Goundarenko’s inactivity after this fight, the path forward is questionable.  See notes above for more commentary.
1998-10-10 Shinobu Kandori WIN Svetlana Goundarenko
2000-11-22 Shinobu Kandori WIN Yumiko Hotta Kandori retires.
2002-01-13 Marloes Coenen WIN Megumi Yabushita Vacant title. Top contenders.
2002-04-14 Marloes Coenen WIN Miwako Ishihara
2004-12-19 Marloes Coenen WIN Yoko Takahashi
2004-12-19 Erin Toughill WIN Marloes Coenen
2004-12-19 Megumi Yabushita WIN Yong Joo Lee
2005-07-09 Megumi Yabushita WIN Yong Joo Lee No division info available.
2006-02-15 Amanda Buckner WIN Megumi Yabushita Buckner moves down to lower weights after this fight.
2009-08-15 Cristiane Justino WIN Gina Carano Vacant title. Top contenders.
2010-01-30 Cristiane Justino WIN Marloes Coenen
2010-06-26 Cristiane Justino WIN Jan Finney
2011-12-17 Cristiane Justino NC Hiroko Yamanaka
2013-04-05 Cristiane Justino WIN Fiona Muxlow
2013-07-13 Cristiane Justino WIN Marloes Coenen
2015-02-27 Cristiane Justino WIN Charmaine Tweet
2015-07-09 Cristiane Justino WIN Faith McMah
2016-01-16 Cristiane Justino WIN Daria Ibragimova
2016-05-14 Cristiane Justino WIN Leslie Smith
2016-09-24 Cristiane Justino WIN Lina Lansberg
2017-07-29 Cristiane Justino WIN Tonya Evinger
2017-12-30 Cristiane Justino WIN Holly Holm
2018-03-03 Cristiane Justino WIN Yana Kunitskaya
2018-12-29 Amanda Nunes WIN Cristiane Justino
2020-06-06 Amanda Nunes WIN Felicia Spencer
2021-03-06 Amanda Nunes WIN Megan Anderson Amanda Nunes no longer defends the FW title and eventually retires