Women’s Pound for Pound

The rankings below represent our efforts to generate a conventional “pound-for-pound” ranking using only past fight data and the ranking software. Different than the Divisional Dominance list, which is almost entirely mathematical and based proportionally on the default rating system results, this list consists of ratings that are computed separately, side-by-side with the divisional ratings using a heavily modified formula. As a result, they will not be affected by factors such as a divisional change and cater to the “pound-for-pound” mindset that highlight momentum and tenured dominance.

With only a loose correlation with the divisional ratings, these can be considered our most subjective ratings to date. However, they use divisional normalization routines nearly identical to the Divisional Dominance list for the utmost fairness. In addition, these ratings will be computed and updated with our weekly releases of the rankings.

Issue Date: 4/21/2024 (Official Release: #915)
Rank Fighter  (Division) Record Points
1 {natFlag} Weili Zhang   (W115) 25-3-0
2 {natFlag} Rose Namajunas   (W125) 12-6-0
3 {natFlag} Manon Fiorot   (W125) 12-1-0
4 {natFlag} Alexa Grasso   (W125) 16-3-1
5 {natFlag} Cristiane Justino   (W145) 27-2-0
6 {natFlag} Seika Izawa   (W105) 13-0-0
7 {natFlag} Valentina Shevchenko   (W125) 23-4-1
8 {natFlag} Raquel Pennington   (W135) 16-8-0
9 {natFlag} Larissa Pacheco   (W145) 23-4-0
10 {natFlag} Tatiana Suarez   (W115) 10-0-0

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