Most weight divisions with draw or win

Based on FightMatrix division ranges. Men only. Years 1999+ (Pancrase 2001+)

Fighter Divisions
Shinichi Taira FW,LW,WW,MW,LHW,HW+ (6)
Irwing Romero Machado BW,FW,LW,WW,MW,LHW (6)
Brian Ebersole LW,WW,MW,LHW,HW+ (5)
Eiji Ishikawa LW,WW,MW,LHW,HW+ (5)
Iago Costa FW,WW,MW,LHW,HW+ (5)
Akihiro Gono LW,WW,MW,LHW,HW+ (5)
Vladimir Osipov LW,WW,MW,LHW,HW+ (5)
Yuta Nakamura LW,WW,MW,LHW,HW+ (5)
Mairon Santos Alves FLY,BW,FW,LW,MW (5)
Bekhzod Usmonov FLY,BW,FW,LW,WW (5)
Mitsuhisa Sunabe SW,FLY,BW,FW,LW (5)
Adam Townsend FW,LW,WW,MW,LHW (5)
Rijirigala Amu FLY,BW,FW,LW,MW (5)
Will Chope FW,LW,WW,MW,LHW (5)
Yohei Sakamoto FW,LW,WW,MW,LHW (5)
Juan Pablo Varela FLY,BW,FW,LW,WW (5)
Sleyther Figueroa BW,FW,LW,WW,HW+ (5)
Almanbet Nusratilla Uulu SW,FLY,BW,FW,LW (5)
Max Lima FLY,BW,FW,LW,WW (5)
Doglas Cunha SW,FLY,BW,FW,MW (5)
Marcio Breno Rodrigues Braga BW,LW,WW,MW,LHW (5)
Almanbet Zhanybekov FW,LW,WW,MW,LHW (5)
Shamil Magomedov SW,FLY,BW,FW,LW (5)
Chad Robichaux FLY,BW,FW,LW,WW (5)
Guilherme Cadena Martins FW,LW,WW,MW,LHW (5)
Yunus Evloev SW,FLY,BW,FW,LW (5)
Phil Harris FLY,BW,FW,LW,WW (5)
Tatsuya So SW,FLY,BW,FW,LW (5)
Elias Alves da Silva FLY,BW,FW,LW,MW (5)
Hokuto Omori BW,FW,LW,MW,HW+ (5)
Nurbay Kairatbek Uulu SW,FLY,BW,FW,LW (5)
Justin Winkels-Comparetto FW,LW,WW,MW,LHW (5)
Hideo Tokoro BW,FW,LW,MW,HW+ (5)
Nick Mamalis FLY,BW,FW,LW,WW (5)

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