Fights of the Night

Most ‘Fight of the Night’ bonuses

Fighter Bonuses Events
Nate Diaz 8 UFN 15,UFC 94,TUF 9 Finale,UFC 118,UFC 141,UFC on Fox 17,UFC 196,UFC 202 
Frankie Edgar 7 UFC 67,UFN 14,TUF 10 Finale,UFC 125,UFC 144,UFC 156,UFC 162
Joe Lauzon 7 UFN 13,UFC 108,UFC 123,UFC on Fox 4,UFC 155,UFN 50,UFC on Fox 21
Edson Barboza 7 UFC 128,UFC 134,UFC 142,FOX 9,FOX 16,TUF 22,ESPN 2
Jim Miller 7 UFN 16,UFC 155,UFC 159,UFN 80,UFC on Fox 21,UFC 208,ESPN+ 25
Dustin Poirier 7 UFC on Fuel 3,TUF Nations Finale,UFC 208,UFN 120,FOX 29,UFC 236,ESPN 12
Sam Stout 6 UFN 10,UFC 97,UFC 108,UFC 113,UFC on FX 4,UFC 161
Diego Sanchez 6 UFC 95,TUF 9 Finale,UFC 121,UFC on Vs 3,UFC on Fuel 1,UFC 166
Clay Guida 6 UFC 72,TUF 6 Finale,UFC 94,TUF 9 Finale,UFC on Fox 1,UFN 39
Chris Lytle 6 UFC 78,UFC 89,UFC 93,TUF 9 Finale,UFC 127,UFC on Vs 5
Donald Cerrone 6 UFC 126,UFC 141,UFC 150,ESPN+ 1,ESPN+ 9,UFC 238
Cub Swanson 6 UFC 162,UFC 206,UFN 44,UFN 108,UFN 123,ESPN+ 19
Jeremy Stephens 6 UFC 113,UFC 215,UFN 44,UFN 88,UFN 124,ESPN 6
Tony Ferguson 6 TUF 22 Finale,UFN 91,UFN 98,UFC 229,UFC 238,UFC 239
Michael Bisping 5 UFC 70,UFC 105,UFC 120,UFN 84,UFC 204
Carlos Condit 5 UFC 115,UFC 154,UFC 158,UFN 27,UFC 195
Wanderlei Silva 5 UFC 79,UFC 99,UFC 139,UFC 147,UFC on Fuel 8
Tyson Griffin 5 UFC 67,UFC 72,UFC 76,UFC 90,UFN 18
Anderson Silva 5 UFC 82,UFC 101,UFC 117,UFC 234,UFN 84
Joe Stevenson 5 UFC 61,UFN 9,UFC 95,TUF 9 Finale,UFC 110
Yoel Romero 5 UFN 35, UFC 178,UFC 213,UFC 225,UFC 241
Robert Whittaker 5 UFN 55,UFN 101, UFC 213,UFC 225, ESPN 22

All fighters with 5 or more ‘Fight of the Night’ bonuses in the UFC are included.