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Women’s Bantamweight (129-139.9 lbs) fighter ranks

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US Ronda Rousey  (27) 10-0-0
Last Fight: 7/05/2014 [UFC] vs  [#2 W135] Alexis Davis
CA Alexis Davis  (29) 16-6-0
Last Fight: 7/05/2014 [UFC] vs  [#1 W135] Ronda Rousey
CA Sarah Kaufman  (28) 17-2-0
Last Fight: 4/16/2014 [UFC] vs  [#9 W135] Leslie Smith
US Sara McMann  (33) 8-1-0
Last Fight: 8/16/2014 [UFC] vs  [#8 W135] Lauren Murphy
US Miesha Tate  (28) 14-5-0
Last Fight: 4/19/2014 [UFC] vs  [#13 W135] Liz Carmouche
Next Fight: 9/20/2014 [UFC] vs [#10 W135] Rin Nakai
US Julianna Pena  (25) 5-2-0
Last Fight: 11/30/2013 [UFC] vs  [NR] Jessica Rakoczy
US Jessica Eye  (28) 10-2-0
Last Fight: 2/22/2014 [UFC] vs  [#2 W135] Alexis Davis
US Lauren Murphy  (31) 8-1-0
Last Fight: 8/16/2014 [UFC] vs  [#4 W135] Sara McMann
US Leslie Smith  (32) 7-5-1
Last Fight: 7/16/2014 [UFC] vs  [NR] Jessamyn Duke
JP Rin Nakai  (27) 16-0-1
Last Fight: 5/11/2014 [Pancrase] vs  [NR] Sarah DAlelio
Next Fight: 9/20/2014 [UFC] vs [#5 W135] Miesha Tate
BR Amanda Nunes  (26) 9-3-0
Last Fight: 11/06/2013 [UFC] vs  [NR] Germaine de Randamie
Next Fight: 9/27/2014 [UFC] vs [NR] Cat Zingano
BR Jessica Andrade  (22) 11-3-0
Last Fight: 3/15/2014 [UFC] vs  [NR] Raquel Pennington
Next Fight: 9/13/2014 [UFC] vs [#15 W135] Larissa Moreira Pacheco
US Liz Carmouche  (30) 9-5-0
Last Fight: 4/19/2014 [UFC] vs  [#5 W135] Miesha Tate
US Holly Holm  (32) 7-0-0
Last Fight: 4/04/2014 [Legacy Promotions] vs  [NR] Juliana Werner
BR Larissa Moreira Pacheco  (19) 10-0-0
Last Fight: 4/05/2014 [Jungle Fight] vs Unranked Opponent
Next Fight: 9/13/2014 [UFC] vs [#12 W135] Jessica Andrade
BR Bethe Correia  (31) 8-0-0
Last Fight: 4/26/2014 [UFC] vs  [NR] Jessamyn Duke
Next Fight: 8/30/2014 [UFC] vs [#19 W135] Shayna Baszler
CA Sarah Moras  (26) 4-1-0
Last Fight: 7/06/2014 [UFC] vs  [NR] Alexis Dufresne
AU Jessy Rose Clark   5-1-0
Last Fight: 7/26/2014 [Roshambo MMA] vs  [NR] Rhiannon Thompson
US Shayna Baszler  (34) 15-8-0
Last Fight: 6/06/2013 [UFC (TUF)] vs  [#6 W135] Julianna Pena
Next Fight: 8/30/2014 [UFC] vs [#16 W135] Bethe Correia
US Tonya Evinger  (33) 12-6-0
Last Fight: 12/07/2013 [Invicta FC] vs  [NR] Sarah DAlelio
Next Fight: 9/06/2014 [Invicta FC] vs [NR] Ediane Gomes
PL Agnieszka Niedzwiedz  (19) 7-0-0
Last Fight: 6/08/2014 [Fighters Arena Lodz] vs Unranked Opponent
Next Fight: 11/15/2014 [CageWarriors] vs [#22 W135] Pannie Kianzad
SE Pannie Kianzad  (22) 6-0-0
Last Fight: 8/22/2014 [CageWarriors] vs  [NR] Megan van Houtum
Next Fight: 11/15/2014 [CageWarriors] vs [#21 W135] Agnieszka Niedzwiedz
US Ashlee Evans-Smith  (27) 3-0-0
Last Fight: 6/21/2014 [World Series of Fighting] vs Unranked Opponent
US DeAnna Bennett  (29) 4-0-0
Last Fight: 6/28/2014 [ThrowdownETC] vs  [NR] Colleen Schneider
Next Fight: 9/06/2014 [Invicta FC] vs [NR] Michelle Ould
JP Takayo Hashi  (36) 15-4-1
Last Fight: 5/18/2014 [DEEP] vs Unranked Opponent

Issue Date: 8/24/2014 (Official Release: #389)

Previous Official Release: 8/17/2014

Fighters who have dropped out: [#25] Tara LaRosa!

Drop out symbols: * = Inactive (450d), + = Moved Divisions (Up), - = Moved Divisions (Down), % = Forced, ! = Results/Other

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    • jcs says:

      Not quite sure how you can argue that a 1-0 fighter who beat an 0-1 fighter belongs on this list…

    • Jackson says:

      Just chiming in that the promotion list on her is minimal as well as the team list. Kelly McGill (1-0) has recently been signed to Invicta Fighting Championships after a great win at Tachi Palace over , but thats not listed as well as the fight team “Last Stand Fight Team” based out of Modesto and Oakdale. Many talented females come from West-coast fighting championships and should receive a spot on this list.

    • David says:

      Valérie Létourneau “Trouble” was disappointed in her TUF showing, Lost to Roxanne Modafferi. I want he best in the UFC. Hope she picks up her game l watch that fight. Kate da Silva and all those others, sad.

    • David says:

      POP bantamweight champion.
      Kate Jiu-Jitseira Aroa-da Silva 7-1-0
      Wins: Tash Chambers, Angela Rivera-Parr,
      Deney Hayward, Arlene Blencowe,
      Ginny Connors, Desiree Maaka, Charlene Watt,
      Losses- Faith Van Duin,

      Guess fighting newbies gets your record up.

    • jcs says:

      Read the snippet at the top of the P4P rankings. They use a different methodology. Also, Nakai started at 125… and took a divisional points hit when she came up to 135 (higher weight). There could be an issue I’m not aware of, but other than that… see above. Will look into it.

      EDIT: There was a bug affecting Nakai…. fixed and updated. She is #15.

    • uwotm8 says:

      These rankings don’t make sense. How can you have Rin Nakai #7 p4p, yet you have Lauren Murphy, Julianna Pena, Jessica Eye, Sara McMann, and Miesha Tate ahead of her on your women’s bantamweight rankings.

    • David says:

      Glad to see Agnieszka Niedzwiedz now added, I love list here is my list of women I want to see in the UFC Women’s Bantam Weight.

      1.Cristiane”Cyborg” Justino 12-1-0
      2. Holly Holm 7-0
      3. Gina Carano 7-1
      4. Larissa Moreira Pacheco 10-0
      5. Rin Nakai 15-0-1
      6. Lauren Murphy 8-0 (her key to success was aggression and she lost that in her last bout)
      7. Agnieszka Niedzwiedz 6-0
      8. Pannie Kianzad 4-0
      9. Talita Nogueira 6-0
      10.Barb Honchak 9-2
      11.Cindy Dandois 5-1
      12.Marloes Coenen 21-6
      13.Faith Van Duin 4-0
      14.Miriam Nakamoto 2-1
      15. Jennifer Tate 6-1
      16. Takayo Hashi 14-4
      17. Shizuka Sugiyama 10-3-1
      18. DeAnna Bennett 3-0
      19. Tonya Evinger 12-6
      20. Sarah D’Alelio 7-5
      21. Ashlee Evans-Smith 2-0
      23. Tara LaRosa 21-4
      24. Elaina Maxwell 7-4
      25. Shana Nelson 5-2
      26. Kelly Kobold 18-3
      28. Alexandra Buch 8-3
      21. Sheila Bird 3-0
      29. Alexa Grasso 4-0
      30. Gloria Castillo 2-1

      One’s to watch:
      Elaine Albuquerque , Kyra Gracie Guimarães , Taylor Stratford, Kate Aroa da Silva, Elizabeth Phillips , Jessy Rose-Clark, Gloria Castillo, Kamila Porczyk, Ana Maria, Peggy Morgan , Carina Damm (steroids scandals),

    • Chromium says:

      @David: they’re both interesting prospects but in both cases the strength of schedule has been pretty goddamn weak, and Women’s Bantamweight is an increasingly deep division. Consider that Tara Larosa only just _barely_ made the cut. FightMatrix uses the entire Sherdog database to calculate it’s rankings among active fighters, so it’s not like JCS “forgot” Niedzwiedz or Dufresne.

    • David says:

      Alexis Dufresne UFC Signed she was not even on my radar. Agnieszka Niedzwiedz also at 5-0 has been on my top ten non-ufc list for a long time, she should be on your list too.

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