Who Will Win: Jake Paul or Tommy Fury?

Jan 26, 2023
A. J. Riot

The eagerly awaited upcoming boxing match between America’s Jake Paul and England’s Tommy Fury is officially scheduled to take place in Saudi Arabia on February 25th.

The question being asked here is, who will win the fight: Jake Paul or Tommy Fury? Find out more about who is most likely to win right here.

Who will win the fight between Jake Paul and Tommy Fury?

To get a much better understanding of which fighter is likely to win the upcoming bout in Saudi Arabia between Jake Paul and Tommy Fury, the best thing to do would be to turn to 日本のブックメーカー格闘技 sports betting sites or the latest odds. Today’s most trusted online bookmakers are already currently offering competitive odds.

Let’s take a closer look at what they are saying:

  • Tommy Fury: This UK fighter is the current odds-on favourite to win the bout outright. He is currently priced at -200 in American/money line odds, which gives him a slight edge and a 66.70% implied probability rate of winning. If you’re not too familiar with the American/moneyline odds format, -200 is basically the same as saying 0.5/1 in UK fractional odds, or 1.50 in European decimal odds
  • Jake Paul: This American fighter is currently priced at +150 in American/moneyline odds to win, which means that he only has a 40% chance of winning. In the UK fractional odds format, it’s the same as saying 1.5/1, and in the decimal odds format, it’s 2.50

Based on these odds, you can see that Tommy Fury is the clear favourite. However, don’t forget that no bets are ever guaranteed, no matter what the implied probability rate and the current odds are.

Also, betting odds can change a great deal between when they are first released and when the fight actually gets underway, so it’s always a good idea to keep an eye on the odds and then only place a wager when you’re happy with the odds.

When an individual joins a licensed sports betting site to place a wager on any upcoming boxing matches, UFC/MMA matches, or other martial arts events, you can often choose which odds format the website is displayed in. Just remember to choose the format that you are most comfortable with.

What to remember before placing a bet on any Martial Arts events

It would be best if you always remembered to research as much as possible into an event before placing a real money wager. In other words, stay current with the latest Martial Arts news from around the world and with important updates about certain fighters and upcoming matches.

Understanding the odds (not just the odds formats) can also help you place strategic bets that are more likely to return you a profit. For example, a 150/1 bet (which is 15,000 in American/moneyline odds or 151.00 in European decimal odds) has only a 0.7% implied probability rate of actually happening.

In other words, a longshot bet with long/outside odds like these is unlikely to occur or win you any money. It’s not to say that a bet with 150/1 odds won’t happen; it’s just quite unlikely. A 1/5 bet (which is -500 or 1.01) has a whopping 99.00% chance of occurring. With odds like these, you can pretty much guarantee that it is going to come in.

As mentioned before, the only thing you need to be aware of is that no matter how certain these 1/5 odds seem, no bet is guaranteed to return you a profit.

How to gamble responsibly

After you have mastered the odds and learned how certain betting markets are priced, you are one step closer to placing sensible wagers that are more likely to turn you a profit. Try and avoid placing bets just for the sake of it, and remember never, ever, chase your losses.

Gambling is supposed to be fun, so never take it too seriously. Don’t ever spend more money than you can afford, and remember to withdraw your winnings every now and then.

To gamble for real money, you normally have to be at least 18 years old (in most countries where online sports betting and gambling, in general, is legal). Finally, never gamble for real money when intoxicated or under the influence.