The best 12 services for MMA diehards

29 Apr , 2022,
A. J. Riot

MMA: a brief review

Mixed martial arts (MMA) fans are the category of people involved in full-contact combat sport or cage fighting more than anyone else. Represented as a mix of various combat sports, MMA covers judo, boxing, wrestling, and Taekwondo. Athletes demonstrate muscular bodies and fighting skills within the borders of the cage, while fans struggle for a chance to take a pic of a battle and see the scene live.

Mobile technologies have broadened the opportunities for fans to get information from the battlefield. Thanks to the MMA, applications allow learning MMA from the experts within the industry. Also, they are fit for monitoring the awards and enrolling yourself to practice it. This article observes 12 services that each MMA admirer should try.

 MMA sports blogs

“We love MMA.” This idea makes thousands of people worldwide join various sites and participate in MMA leaders’ lifestyle diving deeper and deeper into the subject. Most fans have collected a large amount of information, turning it into a blog and sharing it with like-minded people. There are many MMA-related themes to share: from preparation to the detailed evaluation of the flights. Besides winning rewards, MMA sports stars call a genuine excitement and create a generation of followers participating in this lifestyle.

Nowadays, thanks to digital technologies, many services simplify following the leaders of MMA sport. The applications have become a source of immediate information delivery. Fans can find out the news immediately, add comments and follow their direction in MMA training. Thanks to voice-to-text technologies, sports events followers can read and comment on the analytical reports of the most famous sports events.

Sharing impressions and knowledge in this type of sport is one of the favorite activities of MMA fans. You can gather them on your blog page, support them with juicy details from the fighting and add all knowledge you possess about these extreme sports. The transcription online will help gather the audience by inserting the necessary keywords and getting your blog web page in the first rates of search engines.

Record the training and burn your subtitles for more convenience for the targeted audience. By providing the information professionally, you will get noticed. Perhaps, this blog will be the start of your career in sports analytics.

12 noteworthy applications for MMA admirers

Are you searching for an app that includes plenty of MMA content? Here are 12 apps that can enroll you in MMA programs right from your mobile. The mobile developers, as devoted fans of MMA as you, fulfill the app content with the freshest releases of interviews, Have a look at the list:

  1. GSP: a perfect source that provides access to the exercises collections. Those who want to get shaped like an MMA champion will love this workout app. Some exercises are very professional. However, you can adjust your level and adapt using a brief test to determine your sports preparation level. Users enjoy the convenience of the sports program and can rate them according to their achievements. Also, they can inform about their experience or complications that occurred during training. Georges St-Pierre, a Canadian former professional MMA, demonstrates over 500 exercises, so you get a clue about the suggestions. Take care of the appropriate Internet connection for watching the stream. The application does not allow downloading them, although video sizes are lightweight.
  2. Joe Lauzon Mobile. Joe Lauzon (UFC Fighter) has developed an application for iPhone to spread among MMA adherents the specific techniques and to share an insightful look at his life and training sessions. The fans enjoy video content with the training of «J-Lau» that contains the detailed instructions on Brazilian jiu-jitsu and Muay Thai kickboxing and pick them right on the go. The app is free.
  3. MMA Torch. Released in 2011, this free application for Android and iOS keep the fans informed about the latest news in MMA. Experts and analytics of MMA provide articles with an in-depth review of MMA promotions and round table discussions. Covering the current events, it remains convenient for navigation and customizing. The most valuable perks of the app are the event calendar for the live shows, the rare moments from the fights, and battle results.
  4. MMA Underground. The paid platform for 1.99 USD allows interaction among MMA fans and fighters. Celebrities and MMA masters post the most relevant topics for forum discussions there. So the app holders can chat about the breaking news and thrilling moments. It is a comfortable place to share your interest and emotions with associates.
  5. Twitter. Except for the commonly accepted benefits of this social network, it covers accounts that call the genuine interest of MMA fans. For instance, on the page of Dana White, fans have an opportunity to get tickets to the most thrilling events free of charge or meet the stars personally. Twitter perfectly fits for interacting with sports contestants and all involved in MMA sports free of charge.
  6. Facebook. One of the most crowded social networks can function for sports specifically. PR companies and promoters provide official web pages with the recent news of the star. Subscribe to the pages you love and enjoy free low-downs promptly from the official channels. These news channels fit well to maintain an overview. It is ideal for those curious about MMA but do not dive very deep into it. The extensive content of officials allows for the creation of a fan group. Convert video to text to attract new members.
  7. Bleacher Report Team Stream. Can not wait to get the news from your favorite team? Install the application to pick up the scores in one place immediately. Thanks to pushing notification in Bleacher Report Team Stream, you will be the first to know the results and your team news. No more need to scroll through different websites to dig for some information. You get only sports-related updates and the breaking news about your favorite team in one app.
  8. Verdict MMA. The platform is available on App Store and PlayMarket for collecting scores and sharing fight forecasts. It includes a pool of users and provides accurate data sharing. Here, you can choose which fighter will win and in which round. The experienced points allow receiving medals of different values (gold, silver, bronze) or a belt. The earned results determine your belt level. MMA fans deeply involved in the fighting events enjoy it a lot and prefer it more than social networks like FB with MMA content.
  9. MMA Main Event Magazine. Free for iOS users, this news-based app is for MMA fans and made by MMA fans. By downloading this app, you receive access to a flow of interviews with fighters, knockout scenes, and the battle reports of all levels of the MMA community, including female fighting. It includes some paid options that you can purchase from your iTunes account (you can adjust preferences in your account settings).
  10. MMA Unlimited. One more free application for iOS users dedicated to MMA events. App users gain access to fight videos, photos from the battles, and the latest news at no cost. You will never miss the hearsays about your favorite fighter and can easily share the photoshoots on social networks or send them through emails. Convert audio to text to attract more readers to your sports posts.
  11. MMA Junkie. Live MMA events are available on your iOS device for free. News, analysis from the experts, and experienced editors are available. You will never miss any new thanks to pushing notifications. The improved application offers a faster-operating interface with easy navigation and filtering features to receive only desired news from UFC, WSOF, Warriors, and others.
  12. Bellator MMA. The official app from Bellator offers live stream fights free of charge to iOS and Android users. MMA fans who can not get enough action will love it for the chance to participate in the broadcast during live events, score the fights, view stats, and compare the fighters by viewing their bio and watching their videos. The information from the app is easy to share on social networks. Add video subtitles to engage your audience craving the news from your webpage.

Monitoring and participating in the MMA events has become real using your mobile device. Multiple services are ready to provide any MMA-related content and even more. Participating in the event has become more engaging thanks to the opportunity to predict the results and earn your rewards, belts, and medals.

Applications significantly expand the leisure time of MMA fans and offer much more than reports only. Stay connected without losing plenty of time on news searches and enjoy communication with like-minded people. Be prepared to select the strongest MMA fighter. That will be an uneasy task!