Chan Sung Jung: Underrated or Overrated?

28 May , 2014,

Let’s take a look at the current ranking of Chan Sung Jung at various outlets:

Source Rank
MMA Weekly #6
Tapology #6
Sherdog #8
MMA Junkie #8
MMA Madman #9
Fight Magazine #12
Fight Matrix #24

Now, I’m of the opinion that a top fighter must fight (and win) often enough to sustain such a lofty ranking.


If we go back to the start of 2010, we have the following results for Chan Sung Jung:

Fighter Pre-Bout

0.82 Jose Aldo #1 FW #1 FW L(TKO)
2.03 Dustin Poirier #15 FW #9 FW W(TKO)
2.46 Mark Hominick #19 FW N/A W(KO)
3.17 Leonard Garcia #25 FW #102 FW W(SUB)
3.66 George Roop #80 FW #26 BW L(KO)
4.09 Leonard Garcia #21 FW #102 FW L(SD)


My observations:

  • In his last six fights, he is 3-3.
  • He hasn’t won in over 2 years.
  • He had just 1 fight in 2012, and 1 fight in 2013.
  • Except Poirier, all of his opponents have essentially held their rank level, dropped in division, declined, or retired since the respective bout.

On a positive note, CSJ put up a valiant effort against Aldo in his loss.  Furthermore, Poirier who he beat, now holds a Top 10 ranking, though it can definitely be argued that Poirier has improved since the aforementioned bout — looking at an opponent’s performance post-bout is not a part of the core rating system.

On results alone, perhaps a #24 ranking is a little harsh.  But given his spotty activity, I honestly don’t think it is very far off the mark.




  1. jcs May 28, 2014 at 6:29 pm Reply

    The inactivity is certainly a factor, as well as him not having quality performance in over 2 years. Also consider that the FW division has been getting deeper/stronger in the last few years. It’s minor, but there. A guy that sits stagnant in points will lose ranks as divisions become deeper/stronger.

    Referring to past ranks has always been tricky… I want to use the “generated” sets as it uses the latest version of the software and also the latest data.. but are only generated at quarterly checkpoints, plus were not indicative of our actual posted ranking at the time….

  2. Ked Becker May 28, 2014 at 6:23 pm Reply

    Given that he beat fighters who were ranked #15 and #19 before fighting him, it seems a bit strange that he is ranked only at #24.
    I guess the reason is his inactivity of late. if this is the case I think it’s justified. I think inactivity should have a significant effect on the rankings.
    btw, I wish you’d refer more to the pre-bout rankings of fighters when analysing previous fights

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