Issue Date: 8/21/2016 (Official Release: #501)

Ranked fighters who changed weight classes and remain ranked

Fighter Division & Ranking
 Christian MPumbu
Last Fight: 8/12/2016 [Abu Dhabi Warriors]
Current:131 Middleweight
Previous:144 Heavyweight
 Abdul Razak Alhassan
Last Fight: 8/13/2016 [Rage in the Cage (Oklahoma)]
Current:195 Middleweight
Previous:328 Welterweight
 Yannick Bahati
Last Fight: 5/13/2016 [Extreme FC Africa]
Current:243 Middleweight
Previous:159 Light Heavyweight
 Juan Manuel Suarez
Last Fight: 5/14/2016 [Les Contenders]
Current:334 Middleweight
Previous:452 Welterweight
 Conor McGregor
Last Fight: 8/20/2016 [UFC]
 Nate Diaz
Last Fight: 8/20/2016 [UFC]
 Brett Cooper
Last Fight: 8/20/2016 [Absolute Championship Berkut]
Current:53 Welterweight
Previous:65 Middleweight
 Marvin Vettori
Last Fight: 8/20/2016 [UFC]
Current:86 Welterweight
Previous:88 Middleweight
 Sabah Homasi
Last Fight: 8/20/2016 [UFC]
Current:129 Welterweight
Previous:107 Middleweight
 Alberto Emiliano Pereira
Last Fight: 8/20/2016 [UFC]
Current:235 Welterweight
Previous:111 Middleweight
 Luis Sergio Teotonio da Fonseca
Last Fight: 6/11/2016 [Akhmat MMA]
Current:413 Welterweight
Previous:257 Lightweight
 Mikhail Odintsov
Last Fight: 6/04/2016 [League MMA]
Current:442 Welterweight
Previous:373 Lightweight
 Themba Takura Gorimbo
Last Fight: 5/13/2016 [Extreme FC Africa]
Current:509 Welterweight
Previous:458 Lightweight
 Jose Eudes Tavares
Last Fight: 8/20/2016 [Absolute Championship Berkut]
Current:617 Welterweight
Previous:530 Lightweight
 Cody Bollinger
Last Fight: 8/19/2016 [Resurrection Fight Alliance]
Current:393 Lightweight
Previous:314 Featherweight
 Charles Bennett
Last Fight: 5/14/2016 [Battleground MMA]
Current:596 Lightweight
Previous:358 Featherweight
 Piotr Hallmann
Last Fight: 8/13/2016 [Fight Exclusive Night]
Current:140 Featherweight
Previous:102 Lightweight
 Carson Frei
Last Fight: 8/12/2016 [Thunder and Lightning]
Current:372 Featherweight
Previous:228 Bantamweight
 Kevin Petshi
Last Fight: 5/14/2016 [Les Contenders]
Current:166 Bantamweight
Previous:277 Featherweight
 Kurban Gadzhiev
Last Fight: 8/20/2016 [Absolute Championship Berkut]
Current:205 Bantamweight
Previous:107 Flyweight
 Saimon de Oliveira
Last Fight: 8/13/2016 [Aspera Fighting Championship]
Current:240 Bantamweight
Previous:446 Featherweight
 Matthew Lozano
Last Fight: 8/13/2016 [WCC (Penn)]
Current:113 Flyweight
Previous:267 Bantamweight


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