Issue Date: 3/22/2015 (Official Release: #423)

Ranked fighters who changed weight classes and remain ranked

Fighter Division & Ranking
 Bubba McDaniel
Last Fight: 3/07/2015 [Fists of Fury]
Current:75 Light Heavyweight
Previous:113 Middleweight
 Murod Hanturaev
Last Fight: 2/07/2015 [R1 Uzbekistan]
Current:134 Light Heavyweight
Previous:180 Heavyweight
 Ali Arish
Last Fight: 3/21/2015 [Fightstar Promotions]
Current:230 Middleweight
Previous:196 Welterweight
 Jung Kyo Park
Last Fight: 3/21/2015 [Road Fighting Championship]
Current:350 Middleweight
Previous:126 Light Heavyweight
 Dave Vitkay
Last Fight: 3/20/2015 [Legacy Promotions]
Current:119 Welterweight
Previous:131 Middleweight
 Andy Uhrich
Last Fight: 3/20/2015 [Titan Fighting]
Current:222 Welterweight
Previous:192 Middleweight
 Ruben Crawford
Last Fight: 3/15/2015 [La Onda]
Current:260 Welterweight
Previous:236 Lightweight
 Adam Smith
Last Fight: 3/20/2015 [Hard Knocks FC]
Current:280 Welterweight
Previous:385 Middleweight
 Alexander Butenko
Last Fight: 12/12/2014 [N1 Pro]
Current:291 Welterweight
Previous:163 Lightweight
 Cody Krahn
Last Fight: 3/20/2015 [Xcessive Force Fighting Championship]
Current:593 Welterweight
Previous:217 Light Heavyweight
 Eduard Vartanyan
Last Fight: 3/21/2015 [Absolute Championship Berkut]
Current:87 Lightweight
Previous:111 Welterweight
 Leonardo Mafra Texeira
Last Fight: 3/21/2015 [UFC]
Current:123 Lightweight
Previous:168 Welterweight
 Marif Piraev
Last Fight: 3/21/2015 [Battle of Moscow]
Current:147 Lightweight
Previous:191 Welterweight
 Clay Harvison
Last Fight: 3/20/2015 [Legacy Promotions]
Current:170 Lightweight
Previous:249 Welterweight
 Marcus Edwards
Last Fight: 3/20/2015 [Titan Fighting]
Current:181 Lightweight
Previous:213 Welterweight
 Oleg Bagov
Last Fight: 3/21/2015 [Absolute Championship Berkut]
Current:187 Lightweight
Previous:261 Welterweight
 Alex Oliveira
Last Fight: 3/21/2015 [UFC]
Current:316 Lightweight
Previous:257 Welterweight
 Leandro Rodrigues Pontes
Last Fight: 1/23/2015 [Limo Fight]
Current:326 Lightweight
Previous:373 Featherweight
 Thiago Meller
Last Fight: 3/21/2015 [Absolute Championship Berkut]
Current:347 Lightweight
Previous:155 Featherweight
 Salih Karavaliev
Last Fight: 2/21/2015 [Unknown]
Current:398 Lightweight
Previous:570 Welterweight
 Mukhamed Kokov
Last Fight: 3/21/2015 [Absolute Championship Berkut]
Current:153 Featherweight
Previous:303 Lightweight
 Austin Springer
Last Fight: 3/14/2015 [Prime Fighting]
Current:174 Featherweight
Previous:578 Lightweight
 Cody Bollinger
Last Fight: 3/20/2015 [Titan Fighting]
Current:190 Featherweight
Previous:239 Lightweight
 Jay Haas
Last Fight: 3/07/2015 [Cage Fury FC]
Current:241 Featherweight
Previous:120 Bantamweight
 Zabit Magomedsharipov
Last Fight: 3/21/2015 [Absolute Championship Berkut]
Current:271 Featherweight
Previous:516 Lightweight
 Estevan Payan
Last Fight: 3/20/2015 [Titan Fighting]
Current:336 Featherweight
Previous:263 Lightweight
 Scott Heckman
Last Fight: 3/07/2015 [Cage Fury FC]
Current:344 Featherweight
Previous:220 Bantamweight
 Jordan Espinosa
Last Fight: 2/28/2015 [Northeast MMA]
Current:173 Bantamweight
Previous:71 Flyweight
 Rodrigo Lima
Last Fight: 3/20/2015 [Legacy Promotions]
Current:207 Bantamweight
Previous:404 Featherweight

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