Issue Date: 8/31/2014 (Official Release: #390)

Ranked fighters who changed weight classes and remain ranked

Fighter Division & Ranking
 James McSweeney
Last Fight: 8/29/2014 [One Fighting Championship]
Current:37 LightHeavyweight
Previous:46 Heavyweight+
 Ismael de Jesus
Last Fight: 8/24/2014 [Shooto Americas]
Current:231 Middleweight
Previous:307 Welterweight
 William Hill
Last Fight: 5/17/2014 [011 MMA Team]
Current:256 Middleweight
Previous:133 LightHeavyweight
 Michiel Opperman
Last Fight: 8/30/2014 [Extreme FC Africa]
Current:331 Middleweight
Previous:396 Welterweight
 David Burrows
Last Fight: 8/30/2014 [Summit Fighting Championships]
Current:289 Welterweight
Previous:325 Lightweight
 Hoon Kim
Last Fight: 8/30/2014 [Road Fighting Championship]
Current:319 Welterweight
Previous:396 Middleweight
 Vitor Nobrega
Last Fight: 6/15/2014 [Portugal Combat]
Current:362 Welterweight
Previous:293 Middleweight
 Jonas Boeno do Rosario
Last Fight: 8/30/2014 [Aspera Fighting Championship]
Current:461 Welterweight
Previous:490 Lightweight
 Frank Carrillo
Last Fight: 8/29/2014 [Fight Time Promotions]
Current:142 Lightweight
Previous:241 Welterweight
 Damon Jackson
Last Fight: 8/30/2014 [UFC]
Current:177 Lightweight
Previous:50 Featherweight
 Thomas Gifford
Last Fight: 8/29/2014 [Legacy Promotions]
Current:210 Lightweight
Previous:439 Welterweight
 DJuan Owens
Last Fight: 8/22/2014 [Titan Fighting]
Current:265 Lightweight
Previous:169 Featherweight
 Jason Knight
Last Fight: 6/21/2014 [V3 Fights]
Current:340 Lightweight
Previous:372 Featherweight
 Wade Johnson
Last Fight: 8/29/2014 [Legacy Promotions]
Current:384 Lightweight
Previous:252 Welterweight
 Alejandro Solano Rodriguez
Last Fight: 8/24/2014 [Shooto Americas]
Current:385 Lightweight
Previous:333 Featherweight
 Daniel Swain
Last Fight: 8/14/2014 [KOTC]
Current:417 Lightweight
Previous:354 Featherweight
 Jacob Boysen
Last Fight: 8/22/2014 [Conquest of the Cage]
Current:599 Lightweight
Previous:397 Featherweight
 Terrell Hobbs
Last Fight: 5/16/2014 [RoC]
Current:152 Featherweight
Previous:262 Lightweight
 Julio Cesar de Almeida
Last Fight: 8/24/2014 [Shooto Americas]
Current:166 Featherweight
Previous:265 Lightweight
 Larry DiGiulio
Last Fight: 8/15/2014 [Warrior Xtreme Cagefighting]
Current:200 Featherweight
Previous:42 Flyweight
 Honggang Yao
Last Fight: 8/31/2014 [Kunlun Fight]
Current:272 Featherweight
Previous:178 Bantamweight
 Adam Townsend
Last Fight: 6/21/2014 [V3 Fights]
Current:288 Featherweight
Previous:411 Lightweight
 Luis Rafael Laurentino
Last Fight: 8/30/2014 [Aspera Fighting Championship]
Current:311 Featherweight
Previous:160 Bantamweight
 Allan Popeye
Last Fight: 8/09/2014 [Unknown]
Current:315 Featherweight
Previous:451 Lightweight
 Paulo Dantas
Last Fight: 8/28/2014 [Sobral Extreme]
Current:364 Featherweight
Previous:523 Lightweight
 Austin Lyons
Last Fight: 8/29/2014 [Legacy Promotions]
Current:59 Bantamweight
Previous:356 Lightweight
 Jonathan Brookins
Last Fight: 8/29/2014 [Legacy Promotions]
Current:173 Bantamweight
Previous:48 Flyweight
 Ryo Hatta
Last Fight: 8/31/2014 [ZST]
Current:70 Flyweight
 Viviane Pereira
Last Fight: 8/15/2014 [Limo Fight]
Current:18 Women (115)
Previous:Women (125)

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