Issue Date: 4/20/2014 (Official Release: #368)

Ranked fighters who changed weight classes and remain ranked

Fighter Division & Ranking
 Ben Reiter
Last Fight: 4/16/2014 [Inka Fighting]
Current:52 Middleweight
Previous:46 LightHeavyweight
 Nordine Taleb
Last Fight: 4/16/2014 [UFC]
Current:110 Middleweight
Previous:179 Welterweight
 Sheldon Westcott
Last Fight: 4/16/2014 [UFC]
Current:115 Middleweight
Previous:86 Welterweight
 Victor Moreno
Last Fight: 4/18/2014 [BellatorFC]
Current:257 Middleweight
Previous:310 Welterweight
 K.J. Noons
Last Fight: 4/16/2014 [UFC]
Current:60 Welterweight
Previous:75 Lightweight
 Chad Laprise
Last Fight: 4/16/2014 [UFC]
Current:148 Welterweight
Previous:130 Lightweight
 Renato Gomes
Last Fight: 3/29/2014 [Sao Jose Super Fight]
Current:189 Welterweight
Previous:168 Middleweight
 Olivier Aubin-Mercier
Last Fight: 4/16/2014 [UFC]
Current:315 Welterweight
Previous:250 Lightweight
 Gilberto Galvao
Last Fight: 3/29/2014 [Sao Jose Super Fight]
Current:392 Welterweight
Previous:348 Middleweight
 Joao Zeferino
Last Fight: 3/29/2014 [Sao Jose Super Fight]
Current:176 Lightweight
Previous:209 Welterweight
 Jared Downing
Last Fight: 4/18/2014 [BellatorFC]
Current:246 Lightweight
Previous:116 Featherweight
 Mike de la Torre
Last Fight: 4/16/2014 [UFC]
Current:416 Lightweight
Previous:302 Featherweight
 Poppies Martinez
Last Fight: 4/11/2014 [BellatorFC]
Current:130 Featherweight
Previous:222 Lightweight
 Tim Gorman
Last Fight: 4/16/2014 [UFC]
Current:94 Bantamweight
Previous:135 Featherweight
 Gilberto Dias
Last Fight: 4/16/2014 [Inka Fighting]
Current:43 Flyweight
 Leslie Smith
Last Fight: 4/16/2014 [UFC]
Current:15 Women (135)
Previous:Women (125)

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