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Issue Date: 6/17/2018 (Official Release: #599)

Ranked fighters who have gone the longest without a quality performance.

A quality performance is a fight in which the fighter fought an acceptable opponent and substantiated their current rating (at the time) based on the outcome.
Fighter Current Rank ↑ ↓ Current Division
 Rodney MacSwain
Last Fight: 5/06/2017 [Shuriken MMA]
Last Quality Performance: 10/30/2011
 Antonio Silva
Last Fight: 6/02/2017 [Fight Nights Global]
Last Quality Performance: 2/02/2013
 Mike Easton
Last Fight: 4/08/2017 [Shogun Fights]
Last Quality Performance: 4/06/2013
 Zeilton Rodrigues
Last Fight: 5/12/2017 [Shooto Americas]
Last Quality Performance: 5/17/2013
 Luiz Cane
Last Fight: 4/28/2017 [Fight 2 Night]
Last Quality Performance: 11/29/2013
1541Light Heavyweight
 Che Mills
Last Fight: 5/06/2017 [Cage Warriors]
Last Quality Performance: 5/03/2014
 Nicholas Musoke
Last Fight: 5/28/2017 [UFC]
Last Quality Performance: 10/04/2014
 Kenny Garner
Last Fight: 4/07/2017 [Fight Time Promotions]
Last Quality Performance: 10/31/2014
 Jessica Aguilar
Last Fight: 5/13/2017 [UFC]
Last Quality Performance: 11/15/2014
382Women Strawweight
 Roger Narvaez
Last Fight: 6/10/2017 [FuryFC]
Last Quality Performance: 11/22/2014
253 Middleweight
 Jessica Penne
Last Fight: 4/22/2017 [UFC]
Last Quality Performance: 12/12/2014
392Women Strawweight
 Caol Uno
Last Fight: 4/23/2017 [Shooto]
Last Quality Performance: 1/25/2015
 Nick Compton
Last Fight: 4/08/2017 [Chosen Few Fighting Championships]
Last Quality Performance: 2/21/2015
 Joe Proctor
Last Fight: 4/22/2017 [UFC]
Last Quality Performance: 6/06/2015
 Jeremy May
Last Fight: 4/06/2017 [Kunlun Fight]
Last Quality Performance: 7/25/2015
 Vinicius Bohrer
Last Fight: 3/25/2017 [Watch Out]
Last Quality Performance: 7/25/2015
 Lenny Wheeler
Last Fight: 5/06/2017 [Elite #1 Fighting]
Last Quality Performance: 8/14/2015
 Chris Beal
Last Fight: 5/05/2017 [Combate Americas]
Last Quality Performance: 8/23/2015
 Genair da Silva
Last Fight: 5/21/2017 [Akhmat MMA]
Last Quality Performance: 9/12/2015
 Faycal Hucin
Last Fight: 4/28/2017 [Fight 2 Night]
Last Quality Performance: 9/19/2015

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