Issue Date: 7/28/2014 (Official Release: #385)

Top 100-ranked fighters inactive between 365 and 450 days.

Drop Date is the approximate date the fighter will be dropped from rankings due to inactivity.
Fighter Current Rank ↑ ↓ Current Division
 Paulo Ricardo Martins
Last Fight: 7/12/2013 [Shooto Americas]
Drop Date: 10/05/2014
15 Strawweight
 Robert Neal
Last Fight: 7/13/2013 [PrizeFight MMA Championships]
Drop Date: 10/06/2014
 Carlos Alexandre Pereira
Last Fight: 7/13/2013 [Smash Fight]
Drop Date: 10/06/2014
84 Middleweight
 Jessica Penne
Last Fight: 7/13/2013 [Invicta FC]
Drop Date: 10/06/2014
2 Women (105)
 Ayaka Hamasaki
Last Fight: 7/13/2013 [Invicta FC]
Drop Date: 10/06/2014
81Women (115)
 Cris Cyborg
Last Fight: 7/13/2013 [Invicta FC]
Drop Date: 10/06/2014
1 Women (145+)
 Marloes Coenen
Last Fight: 7/13/2013 [Invicta FC]
Drop Date: 10/06/2014
3 Women (145+)
 Amber Brown
Last Fight: 7/28/2013 [Pancrase]
Drop Date: 10/21/2014
81Women (105)
 Zeilton Rodrigues
Last Fight: 5/17/2013 [Shooto Americas]
Drop Date: 8/10/2014
70 Bantamweight
 Roger Hollett
Last Fight: 5/18/2013 [UFC]
Drop Date: 8/11/2014
 T.J. Grant
Last Fight: 5/25/2013 [UFC]
Drop Date: 8/18/2014
5 Lightweight
 Rafael de Freitas
Last Fight: 5/29/2013 [UFC (TUF)]
Drop Date: 8/22/2014
 Antonio Banuelos
Last Fight: 5/31/2013 [Legacy Promotions]
Drop Date: 8/24/2014
26 Flyweight
 Forrest Petz
Last Fight: 6/01/2013 [NAAFS]
Drop Date: 8/25/2014
 Shayna Baszler
Last Fight: 6/06/2013 [UFC (TUF)]
Drop Date: 8/30/2014
191Women (135)
 Brian Cobb
Last Fight: 6/14/2013 [World Series of Fighting]
Drop Date: 9/07/2014
 Calvin Kattar
Last Fight: 6/14/2013 [Combat Zone (Mass.)]
Drop Date: 9/07/2014
 Sean Pierson
Last Fight: 6/15/2013 [UFC]
Drop Date: 9/08/2014
 Doo Ho Choi
Last Fight: 6/15/2013 [DEEP]
Drop Date: 9/08/2014
 Kelvin Tiller
Last Fight: 6/29/2013 [Epic Fight Night]
Drop Date: 9/22/2014
 Mike Wootten
Last Fight: 7/02/2013 [UFC (TUF)]
Drop Date: 9/25/2014
59 Bantamweight
 Roger Gracie
Last Fight: 7/06/2013 [UFC]
Drop Date: 9/29/2014
25 Middleweight

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