Issue Date: 2/07/2016 (Official Release: #472)

Ranked fighters who fought since the last ranking update

UFC - 2/06/2016

Fighter Current Rank ↑ ↓ Current Division
 Roy Nelson1411Heavyweight+
 Derrick Lewis2213Heavyweight+
 Jared Rosholt2610Heavyweight+
 Damian Grabowski369Heavyweight+
 Ovince St. Preux13 LightHeavyweight
 Misha Cirkunov3610LightHeavyweight
 Rafael Cavalcante52 LightHeavyweight
 Alex Nicholson93NRLightHeavyweight
 Stephen Thompson215Welterweight
 Johny Hendricks53Welterweight
 Mike Pyle4912Welterweight
 Sean Spencer1158Welterweight
 Joshua Burkman35NRLightweight
 K.J. Noons139NRLightweight
 Alex White7595Featherweight
 Diego Rivas92270Featherweight
 Noad Lahat11455Featherweight
 Artem Lobov125NRFeatherweight
 Joseph Benavidez2 Flyweight
 Zach Makovsky9 Flyweight
 Justin Scoggins1013Flyweight
 Ray Borg177Flyweight

WSOF-GC - 2/07/2016

Fighter Current Rank ↑ ↓ Current Division
 Evgeny Erokhin282Heavyweight+
 Richard Odoms723Heavyweight+
 Brandon Cash11922Heavyweight+
 Miroslav Strbak262101Lightweight
 Kamil Lebkowski9635Featherweight
 Michihiro Omigawa1267Featherweight
 Teddy Violet2012Featherweight
 Yoshihiro Koyama314NRFeatherweight
 Arnold Quero89NRBantamweight
 Taichi Nakajima168NRBantamweight
 Yusaku Nakamura303Flyweight
 Larry DiGiulio455Flyweight
 Jarred Brooks3NRStrawweight
 Junji Ito127Strawweight

Absolute Championship Berkut - 2/06/2016

Fighter Current Rank ↑ ↓ Current Division
 Salimgirey Rasulov6127Heavyweight+
 Zaurbek Bashaev103NRHeavyweight+
 Michal Andryszak12045Heavyweight+
 Alexandre Zaneti146NRHeavyweight+
 Zelimkhan Umiev152NRHeavyweight+
 Adam Zajac12974Middleweight
 Shamkhan Barakhanov340146Middleweight
 Leandro Rodrigues Pontes277NRWelterweight
 Musa Khamanaev83NRLightweight
 Adrian Zielinski16833Lightweight
 Ustarmagomed Gadjidaudov453NRLightweight
 Magomed Khamzaev511NRLightweight
 Yusuf Raisov20753Featherweight
 Damian Szmigielski25817Bantamweight
 Askar Askarov135NRFlyweight

Pancrase - 1/31/2016

Fighter Current Rank ↑ ↓ Current Division
 Sergei Martynov349NRMiddleweight
 Bislan Etleshev268NRWelterweight
 Kenta Takagi330141Welterweight
 Bayzet Khatkhokhu510NRLightweight
 Genpei Hayashi526NRLightweight
 Yusuke Yachi89 Featherweight
 Hatsu Hioki1355Featherweight
 Rodolfo Rubio Perez2222Featherweight
 Yuki Nakahara380NRFeatherweight
 Masakatsu Ueda37 Bantamweight
 Alan Yoshihiro Yamaniha135107Bantamweight
 Shuichi Kanda15456Bantamweight
 Kenta Takizawa350161Bantamweight

Legacy Promotions - 2/05/2016

Fighter Current Rank ↑ ↓ Current Division
 Cody East37 Heavyweight+
 Ryan Debelak15437LightHeavyweight
 Chase Waldon1326Middleweight
 Jacob Volkmann8320Welterweight
 Brock Larson13114Welterweight
 Antonio Trocoli29071Welterweight
 Clarence Jordan4402Welterweight
 Manny Vazquez61145Bantamweight
 Ricardo Lucas Ramos12366Bantamweight
 Tateki Matsuda6611Flyweight

Road Fighting Championship - 1/31/2016

Fighter Current Rank ↑ ↓ Current Division
 Jung Hwan Cha48178Middleweight
 Riki Fukuda7234Middleweight
 Jae Hoon Moon781Bantamweight
 Yuta Nezu811Bantamweight

KOTC - 2/06/2016

Fighter Current Rank ↑ ↓ Current Division
 Ian Loveland101NRFeatherweight
 Enoch Wilson29399Featherweight

Combat Zone - 2/05/2016

Fighter Current Rank ↑ ↓ Current Division
 Nuri Shakir267NRLightweight
 Brett Oteri594NRLightweight

Grachan - 1/31/2016

Fighter Current Rank ↑ ↓ Current Division
 Motonobu Tezuka264NRFeatherweight

Unknown - 2/06/2016

Fighter Current Rank ↑ ↓ Current Division
 Matt Van Buren132NRHeavyweight+

Les Contenders - 2/04/2016

Fighter Current Rank ↑ ↓ Current Division
 Zoumana Cisse14213Heavyweight+


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