Issue Date: 9/25/2016 (Official Release: #506)

Ranked fighters who fought since the last ranking update

UFC - 9/24/2016

Fighter Current Rank ↑ ↓ Current Division
 Roy Nelson153Heavyweight+
 Antonio Silva263Heavyweight+
 Eric Spicely1998Middleweight
 Thiago Santos236Middleweight
 Erick Silva3614Welterweight
 Vicente Luque7621Welterweight
 Luan Chagas10023Welterweight
 Hector Urbina20939Welterweight
 Francisco Trinaldo115Lightweight
 Paul Felder283Lightweight
 Michel Prazeres3419Lightweight
 Alan Patrick Silva Alves5166Lightweight
 Stevie Ray6422Lightweight
 Gilbert Burns8825Lightweight
 Gregor Gillespie131100Lightweight
 Glaico Franca16224Lightweight
 Renan Barao1815Featherweight
 Godofredo Castro3646Featherweight
 Phillipe Nover641Featherweight
 Mike de la Torre7926Featherweight
 Rani Yahya131Bantamweight
 Michinori Tanaka434Bantamweight
 Jussier da Silva4 Flyweight
 Dustin Ortiz231Flyweight
 Cristiane Justino1 Women (145+)
 Lina Lansberg7 Women (145+)

Rizin Fighting Federation - 9/25/2016

Fighter Current Rank ↑ ↓ Current Division
 Mirko Filipovic31NRHeavyweight+
 Jiri Prochazka361Heavyweight+
 Szymon Bajor8738Heavyweight+
 Valentin Moldavsky88129Heavyweight+
 Amir Aliakbari116NRHeavyweight+
 Teodoras Aukstuolis14540Heavyweight+
 Karl Albrektsson146NRHeavyweight+
 Joao Isidoro Almeida14960Heavyweight+
 Mark Tanios2343Heavyweight+
 Daron Cruickshank72 Lightweight
 Kron Gracie293NRFeatherweight
 Charles Bennett358NRFeatherweight
 Hideo Tokoro383NRFeatherweight
 Kanako Murata39NRWomen (115)
 Gabi Garcia95Women (145+)

Vale Tudo Japan - 9/19/2016

Fighter Current Rank ↑ ↓ Current Division
 Efrain Escudero84NRWelterweight
 Koshi Matsumoto14927Lightweight
 Yuki Yamamoto373103Lightweight
 Yutaka Saito8428Featherweight
 Isao Kobayashi10216Featherweight
 Takeshi Inoue178NRFeatherweight
 Yojiro Uchimura37073Featherweight
 Ryo Okada1821Bantamweight
 Shoko Sato23837Bantamweight
 Ryuto Sawada13NRStrawweight

CES - 9/23/2016

Fighter Current Rank ↑ ↓ Current Division
 Patrick Walsh1022Heavyweight+
 Mike Rodriguez104NRLightHeavyweight
 John Poppie18238Middleweight
 Levan Makashvili30NRFeatherweight
 Calvin Kattar113NRFeatherweight
 Chris Foster26258Featherweight
 Sean Soriano315NRFeatherweight
 David Garcia223NRBantamweight
 Kody Nordby26181Bantamweight

Invicta FC - 9/23/2016

Fighter Current Rank ↑ ↓ Current Division
 Ayaka Hamasaki1 Women (105)
 Jinh Yu Frey2 Women (105)
 Julia Jones9NRWomen (105)
 Kaline Medeiros236Women (115)
 Jennifer Maia1 Women (125)
 Roxanne Modafferi4 Women (125)
 Irene Aldana1211Women (135)
 Faith Van Duin2912Women (135)
 Amber Leibrock15NRWomen (145+)

Absolute Championship Berkut - 9/24/2016

Fighter Current Rank ↑ ↓ Current Division
 Igor Litoshik228NRMiddleweight
 Baysangur Vakhitov308NRMiddleweight
 Islam Makoev166226Lightweight
 Adrian Zielinski255102Lightweight
 Viskhan Magomadov28584Lightweight
 Ilyas Omarov392NRLightweight
 Rasul Yakhyaev5077Lightweight
 Lukasz Rajewski5217Lightweight

Road Fighting Championship - 9/24/2016

Fighter Current Rank ↑ ↓ Current Division
 Siala-Mou Siliga771Heavyweight+
 Nae Chul Kim21573Middleweight
 Shinji Sasaki259112Lightweight
 Hiroto Uesako406NRFeatherweight
 Min Woo Kim110NRBantamweight
 Yuta Nezu222112Bantamweight

Abu Dhabi Warriors - 9/24/2016

Fighter Current Rank ↑ ↓ Current Division
 Jonas Billstein101NRMiddleweight
 Sergei Martynov25549Middleweight
 Umar Yankovski367NRMiddleweight
 Abner Lloveras1882Lightweight
 Raul Tutarauli5707Lightweight

Tribe Tokyo Fight - 9/19/2016

Fighter Current Rank ↑ ↓ Current Division
 Jun Doi14333Bantamweight
 Mamoru Uoi177154Bantamweight
 Kiyotaka Shimizu10726Flyweight
 Tateo Iino112Strawweight

UFC (TUF) - 9/21/2016

Fighter Current Rank ↑ ↓ Current Division
 Eric Shelton3317Flyweight
 Yoni Sherbatov7215Flyweight


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