Issue Date: 4/23/2017 (Official Release: #537)

Ranked fighters who fought since the last ranking update

UFC - 4/22/2017

Fighter Current Rank ↑ ↓ Current Division
 Ovince St. Preux144LightHeavyweight
 Marcos Rogerio de Lima5212LightHeavyweight
 Thales Leites124Middleweight
 Sam Alvey292Middleweight
 Mike Perry2228Welterweight
 Jake Ellenberger287Welterweight
 Bryan Barberena50NRWelterweight
 Joe Proctor400NRWelterweight
 Al Iaquinta14NRLightweight
 Stevie Ray2425Lightweight
 Diego Sanchez276Lightweight
 Joe Lauzon285Lightweight
 Scott Holtzman13321Lightweight
 Michael McBride474112Lightweight
 Cub Swanson71Featherweight
 Artem Lobov591Featherweight
 John Dodson73Bantamweight
 Eddie Wineland185Bantamweight
 Brandon Moreno64Flyweight
 Dustin Ortiz142Flyweight
 Hector Sandoval2523Flyweight
 Matt Schnell7118Flyweight
 Danielle Taylor218Women (115)
 Jessica Penne361Women (115)
 Alexis Davis9 Women (135)

BellatorFC - 4/21/2017

Fighter Current Rank ↑ ↓ Current Division
 Jordan Young82NRLightHeavyweight
 Ed Ruth277108Middleweight
 Saad Awad90NRWelterweight
 Ryan Quinn122NRWelterweight
 Patricio Freire61Featherweight
 Daniel Straus14NRFeatherweight
 A.J. McKee5745Featherweight
 Dominic Mazzotta12343Featherweight
 Chris Foster2505Featherweight
 Blair Tugman401NRFeatherweight
 Remo Cardarelli172NRFlyweight
 Ilima-Lei Macfarlane71Women (125)

Rizin Fighting Federation - 4/16/2017

Fighter Current Rank ↑ ↓ Current Division
 Amir Aliakbari301Heavyweight+
 Geronimo dos Santos411Heavyweight+
 Satoshi Ishii421Heavyweight+
 Yusuke Yachi1173Lightweight
 Daron Cruickshank1393Lightweight
 Tatsuya Kawajiri361Featherweight
 Anthony Birchak2716Featherweight
 Kyoji Horiguchi3 Flyweight
 Yuki Motoya412Flyweight
 Seiichiro Ito63 Flyweight
 Saori Ishioka9 Women (105)
 Rena Kubota10 Women (105)
 Reina Miura101Women (145+)

Pancrase - 4/23/2017

Fighter Current Rank ↑ ↓ Current Division
 Takashi Sato286NRWelterweight
 Anton Radman527149Welterweight
 Takasuke Kume1193Lightweight
 Kazuki Tokudome12118Lightweight
 Akira Okada37250Lightweight
 Kazuma Maruyama586NRLightweight
 Isao Kobayashi1012Featherweight
 Kyosuke Yokoyama3163Featherweight
 Koyomi Matsushima392NRFeatherweight
 Nobuki Fujii21753Bantamweight
 Kenta Takizawa285NRBantamweight
 Takeshi Kasugai2416Flyweight
 Shohei Masumizu9329Flyweight
 Toru Ogawa1821Flyweight
 Daichi Kitakata69Strawweight

M-1 Mix-FC - 4/22/2017

Fighter Current Rank ↑ ↓ Current Division
 Evgeniy Goncharov192NRHeavyweight+
 Daniil Arepyev23979Heavyweight+
 Rene Hoppe17916LightHeavyweight
 Khamzat Sakalov560NRWelterweight
 Abubakar Mestoev301NRLightweight
 Anatoly Lyagu505189Lightweight
 Timur Nagibin10659Featherweight
 Diego Davella18759Featherweight
 Zalimbek Omarov205NRFeatherweight
 Movsar Evloev57199Bantamweight
 Alexey Nevzorov116NRBantamweight
 Sergey Morozov128160Bantamweight
 Fabricio Viegas Sarraff20382Bantamweight

Fight Nights Global - 4/21/2017

Fighter Current Rank ↑ ↓ Current Division
 Vladimir Mineev32NRLightHeavyweight
 Maiquel Falcao53NRLightHeavyweight
 Andreas Michailidis10420Middleweight
 Evgeny Shalomaev374117Middleweight
 Jorge Antonio Cezario de Oliveira114NRWelterweight
 Gennadiy Kovalev16755Welterweight
 Magomedsaygid Alibekov12914Lightweight
 Kuat Khamitov26610Lightweight

Absolute Championship Berkut - 4/22/2017

Fighter Current Rank ↑ ↓ Current Division
 Kurban Ibragimov16842Heavyweight+
 Igor Litoshik204NRLightHeavyweight
 Oleg Olenyechev146222Middleweight
 Azamat Amagov219102Middleweight
 Viskhan Magomadov20891Lightweight
 Alexander Grozin511162Lightweight
 Felipe Cruz10514Featherweight
 Islam Meshev25336Featherweight
 Azamat Kerefov300NRBantamweight
 Askar Askarov1211Flyweight
 Anthony Leone4224Flyweight

One Fighting Championship - 4/21/2017

Fighter Current Rank ↑ ↓ Current Division
 Eduard Folayang523Welterweight
 Ev Ting19110Welterweight
 Honorio Banario34157Welterweight
 Christian Lee613NRLightweight
 Kevin Belingon8521Featherweight
 Toni Tauru240105Featherweight
 Danny Kingad332NRBantamweight
 Stefer Rahardian345NRBantamweight
 Michelle Nicolini20NRWomen (125)

Brave Combat Federation - 4/23/2017

Fighter Current Rank ↑ ↓ Current Division
 Carl Booth16274Welterweight
 Tahar Hadbi337112Welterweight
 Erick Carlos Silva1702Lightweight
 Paulo Goncalves Silva568NRLightweight
 Brian Hooi612NRLightweight
 Jakub Kowalewicz149NRFeatherweight
 Alejandro Martinez202NRFeatherweight
 Rolando Gabriel Dy Navarette2143Featherweight
 Alex da Silva Coelho249112Featherweight
 Gurdarshan Mangat424NRFeatherweight
 Mohammed Farhad Rafiq309NRBantamweight

Shooto - 4/23/2017

Fighter Current Rank ↑ ↓ Current Division
 Naoyuki Kotani338246Lightweight
 Yutaka Saito13568Featherweight
 Caol Uno41938Featherweight
 Tristan Grimsley212NRBantamweight
 Ryo Okada310159Bantamweight
 Hiromasa Ogikubo19 Flyweight
 Danny Martinez767Flyweight
 Yosuke Saruta42Strawweight
 Ryuto Sawada83Strawweight
 Takamasa Kiuchi1914Strawweight

Legacy Fighting Alliance - 4/21/2017

Fighter Current Rank ↑ ↓ Current Division
 Ian Heinisch8916Middleweight
 Bevon Lewis338NRMiddleweight
 Slobodan Maksimovic27339Lightweight
 Andrew Tenneson438NRFeatherweight
 Jerome Rivera148NRBantamweight
 Zac Riley23992Bantamweight
 Nick Urso80 Flyweight
 Brandon Royval23118Flyweight

Combate Americas - 4/20/2017

Fighter Current Rank ↑ ↓ Current Division
 Victor Reyna39058Welterweight
 Benny Madrid483NRWelterweight
 Daniel Rodriguez516NRWelterweight
 Erick Sanchez40030Featherweight
 Ricardo Palacios288NRBantamweight
 Roman Salazar318NRBantamweight

Final Fight Championship - 4/22/2017

Fighter Current Rank ↑ ↓ Current Division
 Abusupiyan Magomedov96NRLightHeavyweight
 Sergio Souza240NRLightHeavyweight
 Luka Jelcic34966Lightweight
 Ahmed Vila329133Featherweight

Xtreme Fighters Latino - 4/21/2017

Fighter Current Rank ↑ ↓ Current Division
 Diego Lopes266NRFeatherweight
 Rodolfo Rubio28329Featherweight

Unknown - 4/22/2017

Fighter Current Rank ↑ ↓ Current Division
 Julien Williams29066Welterweight
 Jared Gooden59951Welterweight

AlaskaFC - 4/19/2017

Fighter Current Rank ↑ ↓ Current Division
 Vince Fricilone27795Lightweight


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