Issue Date: 5/24/2015 (Official Release: #432)

Ranked fighters who fought since the last ranking update

UFC - 5/23/2015

Fighter Current Rank ↑ ↓ Current Division
 Andrei Arlovski3 Heavyweight+
 Travis Browne5 Heavyweight+
 Daniel Cormier21LightHeavyweight
 Anthony Johnson31LightHeavyweight
 Chris Weidman1 Middleweight
 Vitor Belfort6NRMiddleweight
 Rafael Natal246Middleweight
 Uriah Hall345Middleweight
 Dong Hyun Kim103Welterweight
 Josh Burkman275Welterweight
 Colby Covington34189Welterweight
 Mike Pyle408Welterweight
 Donald Cerrone2 Lightweight
 John Makdessi611Lightweight
 Islam Makhachev90NRLightweight
 Leo Kuntz424NRLightweight
 Joseph Benavidez2 Flyweight
 John Dodson31Flyweight
 Zach Makovsky61Flyweight
 John Moraga111Flyweight
 Justin Scoggins2421Flyweight
 Josh Sampo348Flyweight

KSW - 5/23/2015

Fighter Current Rank ↑ ↓ Current Division
 Karol Bedorf3946Heavyweight+
 Peter Graham6311Heavyweight+
 Mariusz Pudzianowski882Heavyweight+
 Jedrzej Mackowiak162NRHeavyweight+
 Rolles Gracie2432Heavyweight+
 Goran Reljic1820LightHeavyweight
 Attila Vegh192LightHeavyweight
 Tomasz Narkun4527LightHeavyweight
 Karol Celinski11330LightHeavyweight
 Michal Materla222Middleweight
 Tomasz Drwal6622Middleweight
 Aziz Karaoglu85NRMiddleweight
 Jay Silva10560Middleweight
 Kamil Szymuszowski198108Welterweight
 Maciej Jewtuszko389NRWelterweight
 Grzegorz Szulakowski37921Lightweight

One Fighting Championship - 5/22/2015

Fighter Current Rank ↑ ↓ Current Division
 Shinya Aoki232Lightweight
 Koji Ando6323Lightweight
 Lowen Tynanes14762Lightweight
 Ariel Sexton337176Lightweight
 Kuat Khamitov451117Lightweight
 Marat Gafurov24 Featherweight
 Ev Ting2371Featherweight
 Shannon Wiratchai403NRFeatherweight
 Dejdamrong Sor Amnuaysirichoke10NRStrawweight

Hard Knocks FC - 5/22/2015

Fighter Current Rank ↑ ↓ Current Division
 Misha Cirkunov414LightHeavyweight
 Shaun Asher24155LightHeavyweight
 Nick Ring65NRMiddleweight
 Jason Zentgraf20031Middleweight
 Sergej Juskevic1282Welterweight
 Owen Carr330NRBantamweight

ZST - 5/24/2015

Fighter Current Rank ↑ ↓ Current Division
 Masayuki Hamagishi31597Welterweight
 Atsushi Ueda497NRLightweight
 Go Kashiwazaki10877Bantamweight
 Atsushi Kato168NRBantamweight
 Keisuke Fujiwara22476Bantamweight
 Shooto Watanabe22633Bantamweight
 Kaito Sakamaki159NRFlyweight

Unknown - 5/23/2015

Fighter Current Rank ↑ ↓ Current Division
 Lewis Long18159Welterweight
 Chris Thirkell417134Welterweight
 Andrew Fisher360NRLightweight
 Shaj Haque64NRBantamweight
 Ronnie Mann17060Bantamweight

Gladiator Championship Fighting - 5/22/2015

Fighter Current Rank ↑ ↓ Current Division
 Jiri Prochazka5236LightHeavyweight
 Michal Fijalka10942LightHeavyweight
 Milos Petrasek136NRLightHeavyweight
 Bohumil Lungrik374NRWelterweight
 Saulius Bucius545NRLightweight
 David Dvorak200NRFlyweight

Warrior Fight Series - 5/23/2015

Fighter Current Rank ↑ ↓ Current Division
 Darren Stewart227NRLightHeavyweight
 Jake Bostwick97NRMiddleweight
 Patrick Vallee3833Middleweight
 Brad Wheeler256NRWelterweight
 Nathan Jones287104Welterweight

SteelFist Fight Night - 5/22/2015

Fighter Current Rank ↑ ↓ Current Division
 Ben Fuimaono245NRHeavyweight+
 Kyle Dunn521NRWelterweight
 Jordan Chandler393NRLightweight

Internation Ring Fight Arena - 5/23/2015

Fighter Current Rank ↑ ↓ Current Division
 Simona Soukupova4NRWomen (105)

Xtreme Fighting Championships - 5/23/2015

Fighter Current Rank ↑ ↓ Current Division
 Shane Young394NRFeatherweight

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