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Posted on October 7, 2014 by jcs

When we exclude Flyweight (a division that the UFC only semi-recently adopted), we are at a period now where the rating of a #2 fighter is equal to or greater than 85% of the rating of the #1 fighter in 3 men’s divisions since Fight Matrix came online.  We saw this briefly for a 1-week […]

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Posted on September 17, 2014 by oleg

Last weekend, in the co-main event of the UFC Fight Night 51 in Brazil, lightweight competitor Gleison Tibau scored a split decision victory over [#41] Piotr Hallman.  This was  not a highly anticipated or hyped fight; a contest between two middle-of-the-road lightweights both ranked outside of Top 25 in their division (the win propelled Tibau […]

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Posted on May 23, 2014 by jcs

Last Posted in December 2011 Division Recorded Estimated Estimated Diff from 12/11 Percent of Total Percent in 12/11 Net Proportional Change from 12/11 Heavyweight 623 825 -50 6.9% 8.3% -16.9% Light Heavyweight 607 805 -120 6.7% 8.8% -23.3% Middleweight 1151 1525 -25 12.7% 14.7% -13.2% Welterweight 1653 2190 +40 18.3% 20.4% -10.1% Lightweight 1826 2415 +115 20.2% 21.8% […]

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Posted on May 14, 2014 by jcs

Division Top 10 #11-50 Outside Top 50 Unranked Active Heavyweight 34.5 32.1 33.0 33.5 Light Heavyweight 32.9 33.0 30.8 31.4 Middleweight 34.0 30.6 30.4 30.3 Welterweight 31.1 31.6 30.0 29.2 Lightweight 29.7 29.4 29.7 28.8 Featherweight 28.9 30.0 28.4 28.4 Bantamweight 31.4 28.9 28.4 27.5 Flyweight 29.6 28.6 29.0 27.6 Strawweight 32.6 N/A N/A 30.4 […]

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Posted on March 13, 2014 by jcs

A follow-up to a previous post on the Welterweight All-Time Picture.   Zoom in on the Fitch ceiling and below.   First, some general info: Everyone’s overall trend is upward in the chart due to increased quality of data, amongst other things. Essentially, the “value” of a point decreased. Some of the “noise” caused by […]

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Posted on March 8, 2014 by jcs

With another loss, I couldn’t help but think that Melvin Guillard is one of the most inconsistent long-time fringe contenders that I can recall.  Does this mean he’s inconsistently good or consistently good?  After all, he keeps on keeping on, continually reaching a status of top-level journeyman after losing. Using the Generated Historical Rankings as […]

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Posted on January 24, 2014 by jcs

We have declared (at least for our historical purposes) that Renan Barao vs. Urijah Faber II will continue the Bantamweight Championship lineage. Although they fought before, we did not believe (via our rankings) that it was definitively the best match-up possible in the division, whereas now, it most definitely is.  With Cruz out of the picture (again) and […]

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Posted on January 20, 2014 by jcs

About a year ago, I posted the second update to my original post. I feel the need to keep revisiting this as we get more data, because every few months I see this topic bubble up to the top of various sites and forums. In summary, we started tracking weigh-in weights, and I wanted to […]

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Posted on December 31, 2013 by jcs

Men’s Fighter of the Year: Demetrious Johnson The “safe” pick for this award is probably Chris Weidman, but Johnson eeked it out for us, having defeated three quality challengers and putting the icing on the cake by stopping Joseph Benavidez by KO in the first round.  Not only that, but Johnson was the top-ranked Flyweight for […]

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Posted on December 31, 2013 by jcs

Women’s Fighter of the Year: Ronda Rousey Rousey, a repeat winner, defended her universally recognized title twice in the calendar year.  Although by our ratings, she didn’t face the strongest contenders available — actually not even close, Rousey remained #1 by a wide margin for the entire year in the strongest division in Women’s MMA.   […]

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