First, a run-down of the particulars:
  • Due to potential metric conversion issues and weight class changes, a limit of 206 pounds is observed for this list.
  • Inception of the championship occurred on 12/21/1997. The late start was due to the lack of guidance by an organization, with no semblance of matchmaking. Before the UFC, the Light Heavyweight division was used a “stop gap” between Middleweight and Heavyweight.
  • Only one period of inactivity was seen in this lineage.
Your current lineal Light Heavyweight champion is Jon Jones

The full history is below. Note, the colored backgrounds indicate a title change.

MMA Light Heavyweight Lineal Championship History

Date Champion Outcome Challenger Notes
1997-12-21 Frank Shamrock WIN Kevin Jackson
1998-03-13 Frank Shamrock WIN Igor Zinoviev
1998-05-15 Frank Shamrock WIN Jeremy Horn
1998-10-16 Frank Shamrock WIN John Lober
1999-04-23 Frank Shamrock DRAW Kiyoshi Tamura
1999-09-24 Frank Shamrock WIN Tito Ortiz
2000-12-10 Frank Shamrock WIN Elvis Sinosic Shamrock went inactive.
2003-09-26 Randy Couture WIN Tito Ortiz Top contender match
2004-01-31 Vitor Belfort WIN Randy Couture
2004-08-21 Randy Couture WIN Vitor Belfort
2005-04-16 Chuck Liddell WIN Randy Couture
2005-08-20 Chuck Liddell WIN Jeremy Horn
2006-02-04 Chuck Liddell WIN Randy Couture
2006-08-26 Chuck Liddell WIN Renato Sobral
2006-12-30 Chuck Liddell WIN Tito Ortiz
2007-05-26 Quinton Jackson WIN Chuck Liddell
2007-09-08 Quinton Jackson WIN Dan Henderson
2008-07-05 Forrest Griffin WIN Quinton Jackson
2008-12-27 Rashad Evans WIN Forrest Griffin
2009-05-23 Lyoto Machida WIN Rashad Evans
2009-10-24 Lyoto Machida WIN Mauricio Rua
2010-05-08 Mauricio Rua WIN Lyoto Machida
2011-03-19 Jon Jones WIN Mauricio Rua
2011-09-24 Jon Jones WIN Quinton Jackson
2011-12-11 Jon Jones WIN Lyoto Machida
2012-04-21 Jon Jones WIN Rashad Evans
2012-09-22 Jon Jones WIN Vitor Belfort
2013-04-27 Jon Jones WIN Chael Sonnen
2013-09-21 Jon Jones WIN Alexander Gustafsson
2014-04-26 Jon Jones WIN Glover Teixeira
2015-01-03 Jon Jones WIN Daniel Cormier
2015-05-23 Daniel Cormier WIN Anthony Johnson (Interim Lineal Bout) – If Jones resumes activity in the division within a reasonable amount of time, we will re-continue w/ his lineage.
2015-10-03 Daniel Cormier WIN Alexander Gustafsson (Interim Lineal Bout) – If Jones resumes activity in the division within a reasonable amount of time, we will re-continue w/ his lineage.


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    • Hafid says:

      I don’t understand, didn’t Tito fight Wanderlei in 2000 for the vacant belt that Frank vacated (due to ‘lack of competition’)? Tito ended up losing to Randy anyways so it really was not a ‘top contender match’ when Tito was the champion. I am reiterating what others are saying but I think its only fair seeing that there was no other 205-lb champion from 2000-2003 that I know of.

    • JAMIE says:

      Where Is TITO ORTIZ 5 Lineal Championships? Whether You Love Or Hate The Guy He Did Help Build & Promote This Great Sport…
      You Cant Click On His Name Or Stats On The UFC.COM Website & Now They’ve Even Tooken Him Down Of The UFC HOF Page. With All The Problems With HEN & RANDY Their Still On Their.
      This Is Petty If DANA’s Rich Ass Has This Much Influence? To Buy Out Great Growing Successful Competitors & Only Keeping The Guys & Now Girls That Have Names To Make Money Off Of. I They Can Now Affect Websites The Same Way Will Lose What Respect Is Left.

      DANA Has Personally Made Over $100Million Off OF UFC FIGHTERS. There’s Been Over A 1000 UFC Fighters & Under 20 Have Made A Million Dollars???

    • FACTS says:

      WHAT ABOUT THE LHW TITLE MATCHES IN 2000 Tito Ortiz vs Wanderlei Silva, 2000 Yuki Kondo, 2001 vs Even Tanner 2001 vs Elvis Sinosic 2001 Vladimir Matyushenko & 2002 vs Ken Shamrock??? Whatever You Think Of TITO The Fights Happened.

      This Was Prob The Doing Of DANA White The SCAB There’s Always Another Fighter To Ride He Road Tito’s As Manager To Get Into The UFC. Now He Doesn’t Pay The Fighters What They Deserve Because There’s Always Another One To Take There Place.
      Now He Riding Ronda & Baby Here To Keep Here Happy She’s A Bitch In Real Life & Has Only Got Worse With the Money & The Fame…

    • James says:

      I know Tito has problems with Dana in the UFC but why does this LHW Championship list only show his 3 Title losses & Not his 5 consecutive Title Defenses Wins???

    • MattS says:

      Yeah, the UFC 25 fight with Tito and Wanderlei should have been the ‘top contender match,’ not the Randy fight three years after Frank’s retirement.

    • Russell Ash says:

      You miss-spelled Gustafsson.

    • oleg says:

      Nice theory, but only matches within the weight class count towards the lineal title…

    • Austin says:

      Frank<Renzo<Matt Hughes<bj penn<nick Diaz<condit<GSP

      Gsp is the lineal light heavyweight champ

    • Eric Garfield says:

      Where is Tito Ortiz in the list of Lt. HWT champs and his 5 title defenses?

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