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Impact of ‘The Ultimate Fighter’ on the UFC

28 Sep , 2020,

It is unquestionable that the UFC would not be what it is today, if not for ‘The Ultimate Fighter’ reality TV series. Prior to the first season of TUF, which featured 16 fighters competing for two six-figure contracts in the light-heavyweight and welterweight divisions, UFC – and MMA as a whole – were more or less on life support. At the time when an opportunity to produce a UFC-themed reality show presented itself, the fans could only watch UFC on Pay-Per-View (PPV), with on average 5-6 events held every year. The success of ‘TUF’ season 1, and especially it’s live finale – the first time live MMA was broadcast on a US cable network – propelled MMA & UFC into the eye of the mainstream US viewer.

The winners of the first season, Forest Griffin and Diego Sanchez, became instant stars and household names. The bloody, back-and-forth war between Griffin and Stephen Bonnar is to this day widely regarded as one of the most exciting and important match-ups in MMA history. Griffin became the first of many Ultimate Fighter alumni to capture the UFC gold, retired while not far removed from his peak, and still holds a back office job with the company. Sanchez on the other hand remains an active fighter – the only Season 1 contestant to still fight in the Octagon, having racked up 32 bouts book-ended by his win at the Season 1 finale and his most recent loss to Jake Matthews at UFC 253.

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The Top Three MMA Fighters of All Time

27 Sep , 2020,
A. J. Riot

Earlier in 2020, Conor McGregor made the bold claim that he was, essentially, MMA’s greatest ever fighter. And this got me thinking. There have been several top MMA stars who have put on some incredible fights over the years, including Jon Jones and Anderson Silva. These fighters have offered great entertainment (like this slots lv casino review), and ranking them is tough, but below I assembled a list of the top three MMA fighter of all time – in my opinion of course.

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Fight Matrix Program – UFC 253: Reyes vs. Blachowicz (2020-09-26)

20 Sep , 2020,

Middleweight Championship (185)
[#1/#10DD/#7P4P] Israel Adesanya (19-0-0, -165) vs. [#3] Paulo Henrique Costa (13-0-0, +137)
Israel Adesanya is the All-Time #6 ranked Middleweight fighter.
Paulo Henrique Costa is the All-Time #30 ranked Middleweight fighter.

Last 3 Fights: Israel Adesanya (3-0-0)
2020-03-07: W vs. [#4MW] Yoel Romero (13-5-0) via UD (48-47, 48-47, 49-46)
2019-10-05: W vs. [#2MW] Robert Whittaker (21-5-0) via KO (Punches) in 3:33 of round 2
2019-04-13: W vs. [#9MW] Kelvin Gastelum (15-6-0) via UD (48-46, 48-46, 48-46)

Last 3 Fights: Paulo Henrique Costa (3-0-0)
2019-08-17: W vs. [#4MW] Yoel Romero (13-5-0) via UD (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)
2018-07-07: W vs. [#13MW] Uriah Hall (15-9-0) via TKO (Punches) in 2:36 of round 2
2017-11-04: W vs. [*] Johny Hendricks (18-8-0) via TKO (Punches) in 1:23 of round 2

System Favorite Rating Rating Diff Win %
Betting Odds Israel Adesanya -165 59.60%
Elo K170 Israel Adesanya 2326.43 +322.41 81.35%
Elo Modified Israel Adesanya 2287.24 +267.90 76.37%
Glicko-1 Israel Adesanya 2364.83 +232.42 79.21%
WHR Israel Adesanya 2088.42 +98.35 61.05%

Days Since Last Pro Fight: Israel Adesanya 203, Paulo Henrique Costa 406
Previous Match-up Record: No previous match-ups.
Wins Against Common Opposition: Even: Both have 1 win(s) against common opposition.

Light Heavyweight Championship (205)
[#3] Jan Blachowicz (26-8-0, +214) vs. [#8] Dominick Reyes (12-1-0, -267)
Jan Blachowicz is the All-Time #24 ranked Light Heavyweight fighter.
Dominick Reyes is the All-Time #43 ranked Light Heavyweight fighter.

Last 3 Fights: Jan Blachowicz (3-0-0)
2020-02-15: W vs. [#12LHW] Corey Anderson (13-5-0) via KO (Punch) in 3:08 of round 1
2019-11-16: W vs. [#9LHW] Ronaldo Souza (26-8-0) via SD (47-48, 48-47, 48-47)
2019-07-06: W vs. [#17LHW] Luke Rockhold (16-5-0) via KO (Punches) in 1:39 of round 2

Last 3 Fights: Dominick Reyes (2-1-0)
2020-02-08: L vs. [#1LHW/#1P4P] Jon Jones (26-1-0) via UD (48-47, 48-47, 49-46)
2019-10-18: W vs. [#11MW] Chris Weidman (15-5-0) via KO (Punches) in 1:43 of round 1
2019-03-16: W vs. [#14LHW] Volkan Oezdemir (17-5-0) via SD (29-28, 28-29, 29-28)

System Favorite Rating Rating Diff Win %
Betting Odds Dominick Reyes -267 69.55%
Elo K170 Jan Blachowicz 2133.85 +160.21 67.52%
Elo Modified Jan Blachowicz 2093.81 +168.63 67.66%
Glicko-1 Jan Blachowicz 2178.50 +179.45 73.75%
WHR Jan Blachowicz 1944.62 +29.55 53.37%

Days Since Last Pro Fight: Jan Blachowicz 224, Dominick Reyes 231
Previous Match-up Record: No previous match-ups.
Wins Against Common Opposition: Even: Both have 1 win(s) against common opposition.

Featherweight (145)
[#42] Zubaira Tukhugov (19-4-1, -114) vs. [#73] Hakeem Dawodu (11-1-1, -109)

Last 3 Fights: Zubaira Tukhugov (1-1-1)
2020-02-22: W vs. [#111LW] Kevin Aguilar (17-4-0) via TKO (Punches) in 3:21 of round 1
2019-09-07: D vs. [#97FW] Lerone Murphy (9-0-1) via Draw (Split) in 5:00 of round 3
2016-05-14: L vs. [#25LW] Renato Carneiro (14-3-1) via SD (29-28, 28-29, 29-28)

Last 3 Fights: Hakeem Dawodu (3-0-0)
2019-11-02: W vs. [#86FW] Julio Arce (16-4-0) via SD (29-28, 28-29, 29-28)
2019-07-27: W vs. [#191FW] Yoshinori Horie (9-2-0) via TKO (Head Kick) in 4:09 of round 3
2018-12-08: W vs. [#176FW] Kyle Bochniak (8-5-0) via SD (30-27, 30-27, 28-29)

System Favorite Rating Rating Diff Win %
Betting Odds Zubaira Tukhugov -114 50.53%
Elo K170 Hakeem Dawodu 1749.62 +31.26 53.56%
Elo Modified Zubaira Tukhugov 1716.68 +15.23 51.67%
Glicko-1 Zubaira Tukhugov 1737.34 +56.69 58.09%
WHR Zubaira Tukhugov 1718.12 +94.87 60.67%

Days Since Last Pro Fight: Zubaira Tukhugov 217, Hakeem Dawodu 329
Previous Match-up Record: No previous match-ups.
Wins Against Common Opposition: No common opposition or both are winless against common opposition.

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Most Anticipated MMA Comebacks for 2021

Sep , 2020,

What a year it has been! I don’t know about you but I for one am ready for 2020 to be over.  While we still have a few fun fights to look forward to this year, like the upcoming UFC 253 with double-header title matchups – or the highly anticipated matchup between Khabib Nurmagomedov and Justin Gaethje in October, my curiosity has been piqued by the recent rumors of several retired fighters who will be making a return to action next year. These bouts might be even more exciting if you wager money on your favorite fighter, but be sure to first read online casino reviews before placing a bet.

Georges St. Pierre

The MMA GOAT won’t be coming out of retirement for just anyone. Since hanging up the gloves and relinquishing the UFC welterweight title in 2013, GSP had only one fight, beating Michael Bisping for the middleweight belt in 2017 and promptly retiring again. Now, rumors are swirling for St. Pierre to return to the Octagon one more time – to take on lightweight champion Khabib Nurmagomedov, for a chance to win the third divisional title for GSP.

There are many obstacles in the way of this fight happening.  For one, Khabib would have to get past Justin Gaethje in his scheduled title defense at UFC 254. Then, there is the negotiating process involved to put together a match-up of this magnitude. Let’s all hope that Nurmagomedov, GSP, and UFC president Dana White will all be on the same page to make this happen.

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MMA Betting – A beginner’s guide

Sep , 2020,
A. J. Riot

Mixed Martial Arts or MMA for short, is one of the fastest growing sports in recent years. This hybrid full-contact combat sport allows a combination of techniques such as boxing, wrestling, Muay Thai (or เว็บพนัน in Thai), Judo, Karate, Jujitsu, and other famous combat disciplines. The MMA sport is taking over other combat sports, with UFC arguably overtaking boxing in popularity.

New fans may be confused by the difference between MMA and UFC. To put it simply, MMA is the sport and UFC is the leading organization which promotes that sport. It is similar to football and premier league whereas football is the sport and premier league is the organization that conducts championships and matches for football teams to compete. UFC stands for the Ultimate Fighting Championship, and was founded in 1993, but purchased by casino owners Lorenzo and Frank Fertitta for 2 million dollars in 2001. Today, it is the world’s most successful and biggest fighting league which is estimated to be worth more than 10 billion dollars.

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UFC Fighters Who Have Got Gift of Gab

24 Aug , 2020,
A. J. Riot

MMA has reached a new height in the world of sports and the main credit of this goes UFC and the superstar fighters of this organization. It is not that easy to get stardom in this sport. Fighting and winning in the Octagon while showcasing your skills and strategies will surely make you an elite fighter and a star but in order to become a superstar of the sports, one needs much more than that. There are a number of fighters in UFC who have got a lot of skills when it comes to words. How a fighter speaks in a press conference against their opponents creates the real hype and it can increase the sale of PPVs and arena seats. Here are some of the best fighters who have mastered the skills of trash talk along with martial arts.

Conor “The Notorious” McGregor

Love him or hate him, McGregor is the biggest superstar not only of UFC but also of the sports world. He has been gifted with the power of gab as he knows how to defeat his opponents with words – before even setting foot in the cage. “Straight Outta Dublin,” Conor has proved himself as a skillful fighter from time to time in his fights and he has also shown that none of his opponents stands a chance when it comes to trash talk as well.

The two-division champion’s references of El Chapo and his reply to Jeremy Stephens ‘Who the F is that guy’ have become legendary in UFC. He is the one who has taken UFC and MMA to the whole new level with his gifts of gab as well as his skills to sell the fight.

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Bellator 243: Ranking History for Benson Henderson and Michael Chandler

5 Aug , 2020,
Richard Mann
, , ,

In the main event of Bellator 243, former UFC lightweight champion Benson Henderson takes on former Bellator lightweight champion Michael Chandler in a rematch of their 2016 bout. Both have slipped slightly in the rankings since their first encounter, but they are both currently ranked inside the top 20.

Despite spending the majority of their careers in different promotions, both fighters have had prolonged success, mostly in the lightweight division. Neither fighter has been ranked lower than 20th since 2011. Henderson’s peak quarterly ranking came on July 1, 2013 at #1 lightweight during his UFC title reign. Chandler’s peak ranking actually came in the same quarter when he was ranked #3 lightweight.

Chandler is reportedly on the last fight of his Bellator contract. If the promotion allows his deal to lapse, he could follow fellow former Bellator champion Eddie Alvarez’s path to the UFC. Alvarez left Bellator in 2013 as the #6 lightweight and captured the top spot, as well as the UFC title, in the Octagon.

Top 3 Fights That We Need To See In The UFC This Year

23 Jul , 2020,
A. J. Riot

It has been a remarkable year for all sports, but no sport has been able to adapt in the way that the UFC has. Dana White has consistently reiterated that he wants to continue putting on events for fans, despite audiences not able to be present.

Fight Island is one of the most exciting additions to UFC in recent years and has made for must-see sporting action. Fans will once again be treated to another blockbuster event this weekend as Darren Till, and Robert Whittaker go head to head, but what fights are fans all hoping to see at some point this year?

Conor McGregor vs Khabib Nurmagomedov

The obvious fight that all fans want to see at some point in the future is the rematch between Conor McGregor and Khabib Nurmagomedov. Tensions between the two have refused to go away, and the scene has been set for two years fro a rematch. There were fears earlier this year that fans may never get the rematch that they craved when McGregor revealed that he was retiring from UFC action.

However, it isn’t the first time that the Irishman has pulled this stunt and he will likely be tempted back into the octagon. The fight between the two in 2018 was a thrilling affair, as Khabib ruthlessly beat McGregor by forcing him to tap-out.

The fact that these two fighters really don’t like each other means that it is bound to sell. However, whether the UFC are likely to stage one of their biggest ever fights without fans in attendance looks very unlikely.

After all if Conor and Khabib were in horse racing, they would be equaled to Triple Crown winners and you want to cash on winning horses don’t you?

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MMA Stars That Originally Tried Their Hand At Other Sports

Jul , 2020,
A. J. Riot

There aren’t many other sports that can claim to have as many athletes that have tested out multiple sports more so than the UFC. There have been a number of fighters throughout the history of UFC that have dabbled in other sports before carving out a career in the octagon.

Some of the stars that have moved to the UFC have enjoyed excellent careers in the MMA world, while others haven’t achieved anything. But, which fighters started their sporting careers in other sports before landing in the octagon?

Greg Hardy

Greg Hardy began his sporting career in the NFL as he was drafted in round six in 2010. During his career playing American Football, he played for the Carolina Panthers and the Dallas Cowboys. Hardy played 75 times in the NFL and was a renowned defensive end. If you are familiar on how NFL odds work, you are probably familiar with his name.

His performances on the picture saw him named in the Pro Bowl in 2013, and he was also selected in the All-SEC first team in 2007. However, in 2016 he revealed that he would be having a change in career as he started in the world of MMA.

Within two years he was signed by the UFC, and he fought against former NFL star Austen Lane in Dana White’s Tuesday Night Contender Series. Hardy won by KO in that fight. Hardy has naturally fitted into the world of MMA and has won six of his eight fights in UFC. The most recent of those came in May as he beat Yorgan De Castro via unanimous decision.

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Cormier and Miocic Closely Matched Ahead of Final Encounter

21 Jul , 2020,
A. J. Riot

Daniel Cormier and Stipe Miocic have traded wins and the UFC Heavyweight Championship over the last couple of years. At UFC 252 on August 15, they will meet again, and we will find out who is the better man inside the Octagon.

Win, lose or draw, Cormier has said he will retire from MMA following this third bout with Miocic. Whether he will ride off into the sunset as a two-time UFC Heavyweight champ remains to be seen.

DC took less than five minutes to knock Miocic out at UFC 226 in July 2018 and end his two-year reign but had three warnings from the official about eye-gouging. This nasty undercurrent to the fight also reared its ugly head again in the rematch at UFC 241 held in the old Arrowhead Pond in Anaheim, California.

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