Most consecutive UFC title defenses

Last Updated: 1/19/2016

Fighter Streak Timeframe
Anderson Silva 10 2007-2012
Georges St. Pierre 9 2008-2013 (relinquished title)
Jon Jones 8  2011-2015 (relinquished title)
Jose Aldo * 7 2011-2014
Demetrious Johnson 7 2012-2015 (active)
Ronda Rousey + 6 2013-2015
Matt Hughes 5, 2 2002-2003, 2005-2006
Tito Ortiz 5 2000-2002
Pat Miletich 4 1999-2000
Frank Shamrock 4 1998-1999
Chuck Liddell 4 2005-2006
Renan Barao 3 2013-2014
Benson Henderson 3 2012-2013
Frankie Edgar 3 2010-2012
BJ Penn 3 2008-2009
Chris Weidman 3 2013-2015
Robbie Lawler 2 2015-2016 (active)
Joanna Jedrzejczyk 2 2015 (active)
TJ Dillashaw 2 2014-2015
Cain Velasquez 2 2013
Dominick Cruz * 2 2011 (relinquished title in 2014)
Brock Lesnar 2 2008-2010
Tim Sylvia 2 2006
Rich Franklin 2 2005-2006
Andrei Arlovski 2 2005
Jens Pulver 2 2001-2002
Randy Couture 2 2001

Records reflect UFC title bouts only. Tournament wins and Superfight titles are not included.

All fighters with 2 or more consecutive title defenses in the UFC are included.

* WEC featherweight champion Jose Aldo and WEC bantamweight champion Dominic Cruz were awarded UFC championship titles as a part of the WEC/UFC merger, technically marking their first UFC bouts as title defenses.

+ StrikeForce women’s bantamweight champion Ronda Rousey was awarded the UFC championship title as a part of the StrikeForce/UFC merger, technically marking her first UFC bout as a title defense.


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