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Boxing Betting; What to Look out For

8 Sep , 2020,
A. J. Riot

Modern boxing bouts are significant events in the sporting world, attracting lots of speculations and fanfare and, as always, drawing gamblers from all walks of life. Boxing is one of the oldest sports known to humanity and has, in most recent times, gained popularity as boxing matches are broadcast globally, and betting on games is now much easier thanks to advancements in technology. Here are a few guidelines if you aspire to have a successful stint at placing wagers on boxing bouts.

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5 Simple Mistakes To Avoid When Betting on Boxing

29 Aug , 2020,
A. J. Riot

Watching two energetic athletes displaying their physical prowess while battling it out in the boxing ring has held fans and bettors in thrall for eons. You can now wager a bet on boxing in the comfort of your seat and enjoy an excellent wine with the winner. However, with so many chances to bet on different websites, including Joker123 Terbaru, one can make silly mistakes. Are you wondering why your boxing betting career is yet to take off and make some profits? Here are some of the errors that might be holding you back.

Searching for a win and not value

You ought to know that chasing a win and not value is one of the cardinal sins in boxing betting, and you’ll ultimately pay the price. It’d be best to avoid looking for chances to win as you would lose sight of finding bets which have more excellent value. You need to know that at times you might bet on a fighter who might lose the game but select a smart wager due to the betting value attached to it.

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6 Ways to Become GOAT Boxer and join the Leaderboard

24 Aug , 2020,
A. J. Riot

Boxing is such an enjoyable sport. Ideally, most aspiring boxers would spend hours in the ring, perfecting their art before facing their opponents. It takes commitment, hard work, and passion for the game to climb at the top of the boxing leader-board. If you haven’t won your first belt, maybe you still have a long way to go.

With so many punters visiting online casinos to place their bets on favorite boxing matches, you want to be the reason why a punter will smile to the bank. Becoming a top-flight boxer takes time. It involves working on your character and craft. In this article, we explain some six ways you can become the greatest boxer of all time.

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How to Strike a Perfect Balance Between Boxing and College

17 Aug , 2020,
Sandra Larson

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Among college students, boxing is growing increasingly popular every day. This is largely due to how popular boxing as a sport is becoming. It’s a great sport for keeping one motivated and active at all times. As a result of the increasing popularity, many students are getting more and more interested in taking up boxing as a serious hobby. That said, given the wild demands college and its array of responsibilities can have on a student’s time, it can be hard to find that sweet spot of balance between boxing and college.

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Looking Back At The Best Middleweight Boxers of All Time

7 Aug , 2020,
A. J. Riot

If you were to take all the boxers in the middleweight category and pitted them against each other, betting on your champ would be an exciting but tough challenge. As the standard male falls into the 160-lbs weight category, it is unsurprising that this is a weight division with a huge depth of talent.

Which of the greats in this weight bracket would demolish the field with their might? Here we run through some of the possibilities for the top spot, so you can begin to make your choice who to put your money on.

Stanley Ketchell

It is difficult to take different generations of boxers and compare them. Ketchell, in 1908, dispatched Sullivan as World Champion with an ease that few could have predicted. He then went on to floor the heavyweight champion Jack Johnson, which was billed as David against Goliath. This talented boxer was murdered in 2020 at the age of 24, so who knows what his potential would have been. Also, imagine if he had the input of today’s psychologist, physiotherapists and professional trainers! He would have been an unstoppable force!

Emile Griffin

Griffin spent a lot of his career in the welterweights, where he would have come in as the greatest of all time without a doubt. However, he also deserves to rank in the greats of the middleweights, as he was the first native of the US Virgin Islands to take the world title. While you might look at his record and think it is nothing special, it is because he carried on fighting way too long. He cemented his talent and skill by becoming a world-class training, helping to train Wilfred Benitez and Juan LaPorte.

Dick Tiger

Born in Nigeria but an immigrant to Liverpool, England, Dick Tiger beat Fullmer to win the world title, retaining the title three times in meetings with this classy boxer. In the third match-up, Tiger knocked Fullmer out. He has made many lists for the best boxer in any category, so deserves a high place in the greats of the middleweights.

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8 Reasons Every Student Should Try a Boxing Class

28 Jun , 2020,
Emma Rundle

Many people consider boxing to be a violent hobby or activity that increases the cases of violence in society. That notion is not true because there are more benefits to derive from boxing classes than negative effects.

The exercises that are available in a boxing class can bring great health benefits to students helping them throughout their college or university years. What are those benefits? Here are 8 reasons why every student should try a boxing class.

Woman photo created by serhii_bobyk –

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Boxing Betting- The Ultimate Form of Entertainment

1 Jun , 2020,
A. J. Riot

Betting has always been an integral part of the game of boxing. In the first half of the 20th century, the sport was manipulated by many shady characters in the criminal world. Match-fixing and betting scandals were a common phenomenon attached to this sport. Match-fixing is a rare occurrence nowadays, but still rears it’s ugly head from time to time. The match between Paul Briggs vs. Danny Green in July 2011 is such an example. Betting on boxing was always present, and it will be in the future. You will find many websites and blogs providing information and tips about how to bet on boxing. Understand how to bet on boxing, types of boxing bets, and in which online sports betting website to place your stake.

How to bet on boxing

There are different boxing betting markets available in online sport betting websites. You will find relevant information about the fighters on those websites before a major event. You will also find other possible range of bets on the specific fight. Straight picks is the simplest form of betting, where you have to select a fighter who is supposed to win. You will find this kind of bet on any premier sport betting websites like ufabet. For each fight, there is always a favored fighter and an underdog. Most bettors stake for the favorite, so the payoff is less than the underdog.  If the odds of one fighter is +200 and odds of the opponent is -200, this implies the first fighter (+)  is the odds favorite. You need to bet $200 in order to get a return of $100 if you win. As for the underdog in this example, a bet of $100 gives you a return of $200 if he wins the match.

Odds do not always denote  who is the superior fighter, or how much possibility he has to win the match. Betting odds are to tempt wagers to place their bet. The bookmakers want to involve as many bettors as possible for both sides.

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MMA vs Boxing: What are the major differences?

25 May , 2020,
A. J. Riot

MMA and boxing are both very popular sports at the moment. They even came to a thrilling head to head when McGregor took on Mayweather in Vegas. When they did do battle, pundits spoke of how McGregor would have to adapt to stand a chance. The reason for this is because there are so many differences between MMA and boxing.

Is MMA More Difficult to Predict?

The first difference on our list is not always true, but the law of averages suggests it is harder to call a winner in MMA bouts compared to boxing matches.  MMA matches tend to be more closely contested, with a higher number of fighters around the same level of ability. Add this that one strike with any limb, elbow or a choke can win an MMA fight in a split second.

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How Boxing And Gambling Will Forever Be Linked

28 Mar , 2020,
A. J. Riot

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There is simply no denying that boxing is one of the most popular combat sports in the world. It is a sport with a long history that comes attached to millions of fans and spectators. Of course, only as time has passed and TV and the internet became more prevalent, it only added to the wide-spread reach of the sport. In fact, with the wide availability of the internet and online casinos, gamblers can now place bets on fighters and fights right from the comfort of their own homes. Not only has this made boxing more convenient, but it has made betting on it more versatile. Gamblers not only can now bet on the outcome of the fight, but they have tons of other platforms to gamble on as well. Whatever the situation is, boxing and gambling will always be linked. And, if you want to make the most of both, you are going to need to pick up some betting tips along the way.

Learn More About The Boxers

As the popularity of boxing has spread so has the sport. The sport has always been big, but now it would be nearly impossible to know everything that you need to know about the fighters. In today’s realm, many fighters hold belts, there are many belts in several different weight classes, and there are always up and coming fighter climbing the ranks. It would be literally impossible to know everything you need to know about every fighter. This is why you have to do your research before any fight. Don’t just rely on the win/loss record of the fighter. Know his fighting style and what motivates him as a fighter. Is he fighting for his country, his family, or maybe just to make a living?

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Boxing Betting During a Pandemic

26 Mar , 2020,
A. J. Riot

The online boxing betting world is a big industry. Boxing and betting have been intertwined since the very beginning. It’s a sport that brings to mind fistfuls of cash from excited bettors. So what’s a boxing bettor to do during the coronavirus pandemic? With so many cancellations, both new and experienced bettors are taking a step back and reevaluating.

Boxing is also one of the oldest major sports. It has been around for a long time, and it’s going to take more than COVID-19 to give it a KO. Let’s take a look at what you can do while we wait for things to come back online. We will also review where online sports betting has been, and when we can expect to get back in the action

What can you do in the meantime

While most of the sports world is on pause as the world is in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, we are figuring out how to make the most of this time. We have a few recommendations so that when boxing comes back online for bets, you’ll be ready to go.

The first thing, if you have not yet, is to read a good online boxing betting guide. This cannot be overstated. Many may think that being a boxing fan prepares you to be a good boxing bettor. Read the guide and see just how much you will learn.

In addition to learning the basics of boxing betting, you should also be researching the different competitors. This is more than asking simply who is the best. You should also be watching for stamina, strength, and style. This type of knowledge will help you win the more complex prop or round bets.

Another thing you can do is to switch to UFC betting. While they have cancelled most events, the highly anticipated UFC 249 is still scheduled to take place on April 18th. They will fight without a live audience, but fight they will!

How was it before

Before the coronavirus, online sports betting was booming. In 2018, the Supreme Court of the United States ruled unconstitutional the monopoly that Nevada had on sports betting in US. This is how legal online sports betting spread across the country. Before everything closed down, online boxing betting was surging.

Legal Sports Report shows that in 2019, sports betting made $1,390,427,457. In eleven different states across the United States this industry raked in over $180 million in taxes.

The business was going up, up, up. Things have stopped on a dime. If you missed out on the first phases of the industry’s growth, you’re not too late. Make the most of this down time to be ready to win all the bets when boxing returns. This has been a whiplash for online boxing bettors and for boxers. To go from such a booming age to a sudden stop has been tough. We miss the excitement.

Also, unlike mainstream ball-and-stick athletes, boxers are usually subcontractors. This means that they do not get paid unless they fight. And they still have to cover all the costs related to their job. So all the training and travel invested in fights, they do not get that back.

What has been cancelled

Most boxing events are either cancelled or postponed. But these fighters can withstand more than most of us. This sport will return.

All PBC events for March and May have been postponed. It is the hope that these will be rescheduled. But with the way things are right now, we cannot be sure when this will happen.

For now, we can only see as far as the end of April. But with US-wide social distancing guidelines in place until then, it is difficult to imagine live audiences the day after, on May 1.

The Japan Boxing Commission has decided to reopen fights starting in mid-May. We can hope that they will not require another postponement. For now, we have to accept a level of uncertainty about when the fights will return. And do everything we can to be ready when the time comes.