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Computerized All-Time Mixed Martial Arts Rankings

The all-time rankings reflect the overall careers of MMA fighters. When observing these lists, it is important to consider the following:

  • All-time rankings are division-specific, whereas the current rankings are division-adjusted.  Therefore, a fighter CAN be ranked in more than one division.
  • Longevity at or near the top of the division plays a huge role in where a fighter is ranked.  All of the rankings are career-long. Only extreme cases of past-prime bad performances are not completely excused from the rankings.  Divisional strength is also a large factor in accumulating all-time ranking points.
  • Head-to-head results have a minor, but direct effect.
  • These rankings are not updated as often as the current rankings. Please check the last updated date at the top of the page.
  • The nature of the rankings requires them for the most part, to be “slow” in reacting to actions made by current fighters.  Think ‘rolling average’, versus immediate change when looking for effects from recent fights.
  • Fluctuations in the position of active fighters may be a frequent occurrence. This is merely due to how these rankings are calculated. However, fluctuations may also accompany mathematical revisions or data updates.
  • Early Pancrase (pre-late 2000) bouts and many North American non-UFC bouts (pre-1998) were open-weight.  Due to the impact of these matches, the “credit” is assigned to fighters within the division that these fighters would’ve competed in had there been a more comprehensive divisional structure.  Surrounding data (in terms of chronology) is analyzed to determine a division.  If one cannot be definitively determined, the credit will be assigned to the fighter for Heavyweight+.

The career absolute rankings are the sum of the fighter's accomplishments in all divisions.
Rank Fighter
1 Georges St. Pierre
2 Anderson Silva
3 Jose Aldo
4 Fedor Emelianenko
5 Jon Jones
6 Matt Hughes
7 B.J. Penn
8 Dan Henderson
9 Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira
10 Randy Couture
11 Frankie Edgar
12 Urijah Faber
13 Chris Weidman
14 Cain Velasquez
15 Wanderlei Silva
16 Fabricio Werdum
17 Lyoto Machida
18 Ben Henderson
19 Chuck Liddell
20 Robbie Lawler
21 Demetrious Johnson
22 Quinton Jackson
23 Junior dos Santos
24 Eddie Alvarez
25 Tito Ortiz
Women (Open)
Rank Fighter
1 Ronda Rousey
2 Cristiane Justino
3 Joanna Jedrzejczyk
4 Megumi Fujii
5 Tara LaRosa
6 Yuka Tsuji
7 Sarah Kaufman
8 Marloes Coenen
9 Miesha Tate
10 Jennifer Howe
11 Amanda Nunes
12 Jessica Aguilar
13 Alexis Davis
14 Ayaka Hamasaki
15 Barb Honchak
16 Hisae Watanabe
17 Roxanne Modafferi
18 Holly Holm
19 Amanda Buckner
20 Miku Matsumoto
21 Satoko Shinashi
22 Laura DAuguste
23 Sara McMann
24 Claudia Gadelha
25 Hitomi Akano
Heavyweight +
Rank Fighter
1 Fedor Emelianenko
2 Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira
3 Cain Velasquez
4 Fabricio Werdum
5 Junior dos Santos
6 Josh Barnett
7 Randy Couture
8 Ken Shamrock
9 Stipe Miocic
10 Bas Rutten
11 Royce Gracie
12 Mirko Filipovic
13 Mark Coleman
14 Dan Severn
15 Alistair Overeem
16 Andrei Arlovski
17 Tim Sylvia
18 Frank Mir
19 Masakatsu Funaki
20 Brock Lesnar
21 Semmy Schilt
22 Mark Hunt
23 Antonio Silva
24 Don Frye
25 Travis Browne
Light Heavyweight
Rank Fighter
1 Jon Jones
2 Wanderlei Silva
3 Chuck Liddell
4 Quinton Jackson
5 Tito Ortiz
6 Mauricio Rua
7 Lyoto Machida
8 Rashad Evans
9 Daniel Cormier
10 Dan Henderson
11 Randy Couture
12 Frank Shamrock
13 Vitor Belfort
14 Forrest Griffin
15 Guy Mezger
16 Anthony Johnson
17 Yuki Kondo
18 Phil Davis
19 Alexander Gustafsson
20 Ryan Bader
21 Antonio Rogerio Nogueira
22 Ricardo Arona
23 Jason DeLucia
24 Glover Teixeira
25 Paulo Filho
Rank Fighter
1 Anderson Silva
2 Chris Weidman
3 Luke Rockhold
4 Dan Henderson
5 Michael Bisping
6 Nate Marquardt
7 Rich Franklin
8 Chael Sonnen
9 Ronaldo Souza
10 Murilo Bustamante
11 Gegard Mousasi
12 Yushin Okami
13 Paulo Filho
14 Kiuma Kunioku
15 Matt Lindland
16 Ricardo Almeida
17 Kazuo Misaki
18 Yoel Romero
19 Dave Menne
20 Evan Tanner
21 Vitor Belfort
22 Robbie Lawler
23 Demian Maia
24 Jorge Santiago
25 Ikuhisa Minowa
Rank Fighter
1 Georges St. Pierre
2 Matt Hughes
3 Robbie Lawler
4 Johny Hendricks
5 Carlos Condit
6 Tyron Woodley
7 Pat Miletich
8 Jon Fitch
9 Jake Shields
10 Nick Diaz
11 Hayato Sakurai
12 Rory MacDonald
13 B.J. Penn
14 Demian Maia
15 Matt Serra
16 Josh Koscheck
17 Thiago Alves
18 Sean Sherk
19 Karo Parisyan
20 Diego Sanchez
21 Stephen Thompson
22 Jake Ellenberger
23 Martin Kampmann
24 Dave Menne
25 Takafumi Ito
Rank Fighter
1 B.J. Penn
2 Ben Henderson
3 Frankie Edgar
4 Eddie Alvarez
5 Takanori Gomi
6 Rafael dos Anjos
7 Shinya Aoki
8 Anthony Pettis
9 Gilbert Melendez
10 Vitor Ribeiro
11 Joachim Hansen
12 Jens Pulver
13 Tatsuya Kawajiri
14 Gray Maynard
15 Caol Uno
16 Rumina Sato
17 Donald Cerrone
18 Conor McGregor
19 Marcus Aurelio
20 Michael Chandler
21 Kenny Florian
22 Yves Edwards
23 Gesias Cavalcante
24 Sean Sherk
25 Tony Ferguson
Rank Fighter
1 Jose Aldo
2 Urijah Faber
3 Alexandre Franca Nogueira
4 Mike Thomas Brown
5 Hatsu Hioki
6 Conor McGregor
7 Chad Mendes
8 Max Holloway
9 Patricio Freire
10 Pat Curran
11 Frankie Edgar
12 Masakazu Imanari
13 Cub Swanson
14 Ricardo Lamas
15 Naoya Uematsu
16 Yoshiro Maeda
17 Marlon Sandro
18 Jeff Curran
19 Takeshi Inoue
20 Wagnney Fabiano
21 Hiroyuki Takaya
22 Joao Roque
23 Mark Hominick
24 Daniel Straus
25 Tatsuya Kawajiri
Rank Fighter
1 Dominick Cruz
2 Miguel Torres
3 Renan Barao
4 T.J. Dillashaw
5 Urijah Faber
6 Brian Bowles
7 Ryota Matsune
8 Bibiano Fernandes
9 Eduardo Dantas
10 Cody Garbrandt
11 Joseph Benavidez
12 Masahiro Oishi
13 Masakatsu Ueda
14 Eddie Wineland
15 Chase Beebe
16 Marcos Galvao
17 Akitoshi Hokazono
18 Marlon Moraes
19 Masakazu Imanari
20 Kentaro Imaizumi
21 Rani Yahya
22 Kazuhiro Sakamoto
23 Jimmie Rivera
24 Antonio Banuelos
25 John Lineker
Rank Fighter
1 Demetrious Johnson
2 Mamoru Yamaguchi
3 Yasuhiro Urushitani
4 Shinichi Kojima
5 Joseph Benavidez
6 Jussier da Silva
7 Ian McCall
8 John Dodson
9 Yuki Shojo
10 Alexis Vila
11 Ryuichi Miki
12 Zach Makovsky
13 Henry Cejudo
14 Josh Sampo
15 Kyoji Horiguchi
16 Junji Ikoma
17 Kiyotaka Shimizu
18 Masaaki Sugawara
19 Louis Smolka
20 Ray Borg
21 Robson Moura
22 Masatoshi Abe
23 John Moraga
24 Wilson Reis
25 Homare Kuboyama
Rank Fighter
1 Rambaa Somdet
2 Yoshitaka Naito
3 Mitsuhisa Sunabe
4 Shinya Murofushi
5 Mikihito Yamagami
6 Atsushi Takeuchi
7 Junji Ito
8 Noboru Tahara
9 Hiroyuki Abe
10 Rey Docyogen
11 Ryohei Kurosawa
12 Yuichiro Yajima
13 Junji Ikoma
14 Takehiro Harusaki
15 Yukitaka Musashi
16 Ryosuke Tanuma
17 Daichi Kitakata
18 Tadaaki Yamamoto
19 Ryuto Sawada
20 Kento Kanbe
21 Takuya Eizumi
22 Takehiro Ishii
23 Masakazu Utsugi
24 Ryo Hatta
25 Yusei Shimokawa


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    • jcs says:

      You have a Heavyweight bias.

      Rutten had a 4ish year stay at the top in one division when MMA was in its infancy. Faber was an elite fighter in two divisions for roughly a decade at a point when the sport is much much stronger.

      How many all-time Heavyweight greats did Rutten beat? In reality, Rutten was a Light Heavy hanging in Pancrase, beating up on undersized fighters. I’m not downplaying the guy’s career, because as you said, he’s in our Top 10 HW All-Time list.. but come on.

      If you thought the Absolute list was a Royal Rumble of sorts.. you are wrong.

    • scott says:

      I’d really like to know how you can put Bas Rutten in the top 10 heavyweights of all time but put guys like weidman, machida, cain, werdum, Jackson and freaking Faber…..FABER ahead of him in the absolute list.

    • oleg says:

      Thanks for pointing it out, got rid of all the references to the DD-Peak list.

    • Toby Latham says:

      “The all-time division dominance has minimum requirements for divisional tenure and as of 11/2012 uses the same revamped model as in the current rankings.” is still there

    • oleg says:

      The All-Time Peak Division Dominance list is gone entirely. There were some issues with the algorithm generating that list, and the results it produced often defied common sense. We’ve been tossing around some ideas for another all-time list to replace the DD-Peak, but haven’t settled on anything yet…

    • Toby Latham says:

      “Hover over the division dominance list to view the weight class info and peak dominance date.”

      This part is gone n

    • Arthur says:

      Ha, ha, ha, – Women (Open)
      This is joke!!!
      … ,,the best” experts do this !

    • oleg says:

      So McGregor is #1 FW of all time because he beat Aldo, and left the division? Should Weidman be #1 MW because he beat Silva? I don’t think you understand how the “all time” rankings work.

    • Steve says:

      Aldo better than mcgregor? Didn’t mcgregor knock him out with one hit for the fastest championship knockout to ever happen? As far as featherweight is concerned, mcgregor is number 1 and has dominated that division with ease.

    • Dominick gibbs says:

      Anderson is the best because he has defeated way more difficult talent and he moved up in divisions to take on even heavier competittors. Gsp got beat up for 30 seconds and stopes the fight. Anderson got beat up for 3 or 4 rounds and still won so better endurance. Plus when was the last time gsp knocked someone out in highlight fashion. Anderson does it like every time he fights

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