Most UFC bouts

Fighter Bouts Record (W-L-D)
Michael Bisping 29 20-9-0
Jim Miller 28 17-10-0, 1 NC
Demian Maia 27 19-8-0
Diego Sanchez 27 16-11-0
Frank Mir 27 16-11-0
Tito Ortiz 27 15-11-1
Jeremy Stephens 27 14-13-0
Donald Cerrone 26 19-7-0
Gleison Tibau 26 16-9-0, 1 NC
Matt Hughes 25 18-7-0
Vitor Belfort 25 15-9-0, 1 NC
Josh Koscheck 25 15-10-0
Clay Guida 25 14-11-0
Joe Lauzon 25 14-11-0
Nate Marquardt 25 13-12-0
B.J. Penn 25 12-11-2
Rafael dos Anjos 24 17-7-0
Randy Couture 24 16-8-0
Andrei Arlovski 24 15-9-0
Matt Brown 24 14-10-0
Chuck Liddell 23 16-7-0
Nate Diaz 23 14-9-0
Ross Pearson 23 11-11-0, 1 NC
Georges St. Pierre 22 20-2-0
Anderson Silva 22 17-4-0, 1 NC
Frankie Edgar 22 16-5-1
Rashad Evans 22 14-7-1
Lyoto Machida 22 14-8-0
Thiago Alves 22 14-8-0
Melvin Guillard 22 12-9-0, 1 NC
Chris Leben 22 12-10-0
Tim Boetsch 22 12-10-0
Gabriel Gonzaga 22 12-10-0

Records reflect UFC bouts only.

All fighters with 22 or more UFC bouts are included.

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    • IcyB says:

      Damn that is a good questions. These are real questions that need to be asked and answered. But too many “jounalists” are worried about writing articles about what Conor McGregor had for breakfast.

      You should write an article that lists diferent tiers of a potential Reebock Bonus:

      Only UFC Fights
      Only Zuffa Bouts
      Only Zuffa Bouts including all UFC bouts (pre-zuffa)
      All Zuffa owned companies bouts (including pre-zuffa owned)

      I mean, UFC lists all Pride, Strikeforce, and other bouts on their web-site for fighter rankings…so why not include them, Who is actually getting screwed here?

      Could be an article freely cited by fighters in favor of unionization.

      I know I’d link it to Reddit and get it upvoted to the moon!

    • oleg says:

      What exactly is included in Reebok bonus calculation? WEC after Zuffa buyout? Do pre-Zuffa UFC fights don’t count for old school guys like Belfort?

    • IcyB says:

      Can you actually make a separate one w/ 20 or more “Zuffa” bouts. That way the MMA community can have a collective list of who has reached the top tier of the Reebok payout.

      That would be very interesting and helpful…would probably lead to many good articles being written.

    • oleg says:

      Fixed. I agree that 20 is a nice round number but others were on my ass about keeping these lists to Top 25 with ties.

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