PayPay Popularity Among Japanese Casino Players

Feb 29, 2024
A. J. Riot

Western gamblers might not be acquainted with PayPay, but Japan’s renowned mobile payment service is an absolute hit. Why? Because it enables smartphone transactions and makes actual cash possession obsolete. 

If you are a Japanese casino player, you get to enjoy the tech-savvy environment around you. Japanese players appreciate the newest technological advantages and want secure, cashless, and user-friendly payment options, all of which build a compelling case for PayPay. 

If you haven’t heard of this amazing payment system, fret not. We will rectify that and introduce you to the benefits of PayPay in online casinos with the help of our leading gambling expert and CasinoHEX.JP’s chief editor, John Kimura.

Introduction to PayPay

PayPay was launched in 2018 by SoftBank Group Corp. and Yahoo Japan Corporation. At its core is the utilization of Paytm, an Indian mobile wallet company. The system allows users to pay by scanning QR codes as well as send and receive money. 

Funding is easy because PayPay allows you to link cards and accounts to the service. Apart from its security and convenience, the app offers various bonuses like cashback and rewards to encourage users further. 

Cashless payment is definitely in the stars for the whole world, and it is not surprising that Japanese casino players have already recognized its advantages. The wonders of the digital world have provided us with numerous opportunities for convenience, from access to information to easy payment choices. 

One of the most popular questions is PayPay でできる ギャンブルは?, or what are the types of gambling available with PayPay? Read on, for this article will answer those questions!

Digital payments have revolutionized the gambling industry. As you scour the net for information on your favorite online casinos, you may find various payment methods available, including cryptocurrencies, e-wallets, mobile payments, and more. 

Since its emergence in 2018, PayPay has risen to the top of digital payment options, particularly among Japanese gamblers, alongside other services, for instance, Tigerpay and Sumo Pay. But how to use it in an online casino? 

Understanding PayPay and Its Appeal to Japanese Casino Players

Without further ado, here are the advantages of PayPay gambling. In case you have not tried it yet, the following might make you wonder why you have been putting it off.

Pros of PayPay 

  • Ease of use
  • Broad availability and acceptance as a payment method
  • Robust security measures
  • Discounts, cashback, and other rewards

The only drawback is that some online casinos outside of Japan don’t accept it, which limits the players. Hopefully, this will change in the future. As soon as Paypay became available for public gambling, its popularity skyrocketed. Its revenue in 2020 reached 300 billion yen, 1.7 times more than the year before, indicating rapid growth.

“Thanks to its security, mobile usability, and low transaction fees, PayPay got players interested and looking not only for casinos that accept it, but also for other types of gambling available with it, such as horse racing, auto racing, pachinko, and many others,” shares a gambling expert and CasinoHEX.JP’s chief editor John Kimura.

Why Japanese Casino Players Prefer PayPay

Japanese players use PayPay for numerous gambling activities, including betting on horse racing, auto racing, and cycling. The most prominent advantage is its high security, which puts players at ease. 

Online gambling and paying can be a stressful activity, so finding the best, safe option is often crucial for many player’s well-being and peace of mind. PayPay uses two-step authentication, a fraudulent use monitoring system, and encrypted communication to ensure safe transactions. 

All of these methods reduce the risk of information leakage by third parties. Also, the credit card info is not memorized and needs to be repeated each time, which makes it hard to steal even in case of a cyber attack.

PayPay is also super user-friendly, a deciding factor for many Japanese casino players. Moreover, by using the app, you become eligible for discounts, bonuses, cashback, and various rewards that will make your online gambling experience more exciting and of higher quality, especially if you combine it with casino bonuses. The magical combo of features catapulted PayPay to the top popular payment option for Japanese players that, we hope, will soon be adopted by most online casinos so that more players worldwide can enjoy gambling with PayPay.


PayPay is a seamless cashless payment option. With only your smartphone, you can fund your online casino account. It is super convenient and easy to use, and it offers layered security methods to keep your info extra safe. 

On top of it, PayPay rewards enthusiastic users by offering promotions and rewards that encourage even more usage. 

PayPay is one of the most sought-after payment methods among Japanese casino players despite its somewhat limited availability, which we hope will change soon. 

Overall, when it comes to gambling, besides looking for efficient, responsible gaming mechanisms, it is vital to find a secure payment method, particularly if your activity mostly takes place online. PayPay has already proven it deserves to be considered for this role, so if you haven’t joined its dedicated user base yet, we urge you to take a leap today.