UFC champion Dricus Du Plessis mocks Drake for his failed bid at UFC 297

Feb 2, 2024

Despite his athletic accomplishments, Du Plessis has been gaining attention lately, not only for his fights in the octagon but also for his witty comments on social media. Recently, he expressed his outrage over popular rapper Drake losing a bet on his fight.

On his Twitter page, Du Plessis wrote that Drake lost the bet on his fight, and Dricus will now “fry” him like he “fried” Strickland in the octagon. The post immediately went viral and sparked tons of comments and reactions from fans of both athletes.

The story began when Drake made a huge bet of $700,000 on fighter Sean Strickland to defeat Du Plessis. This joking tradition has become well known among fans: every time Drake bets on a fighter, that athlete is virtually guaranteed to lose. Immediately after Drake makes a bet and it becomes public knowledge, many people also start betting on another fighter. There is also an inexplicable increase in casino activity in Canadian dollars if twinspinCA statistics are to be believed. Recall that Drake is a native of Canada. Many of his fellow citizens may decide to bet or spin slots in a similar fashion to their fellow countrymen.

For many, this case showed that there is a peculiar halo of mysticism and superstition in the world of sports and entertainment. After Drake bet on Strickland, many fans of Du Plessis and the UFC began joking about Drake simply backing his opponent to secure a victory for his favorite. In the end, Du Plessis defeated Strickland in a thrilling fight.

Had the judges given the win to Sean Strickland, Drake would have received an incredible $1.379 million dollars. This really sparked endless jokes and interesting comments from fans who didn’t expect their favorite musician to be able to influence the outcome of a sporting event in such a way.

After the interview ended before the main event, Drake’s famous 2018 hit “God’s Plan” rang out in the audience. This moment can’t help but be called ironic and funny, showing that events in the world of entertainment and sports often offer unexpected and unconventional scenarios.

Of course, a wave of comments swept the internet. Fans remain confident that Drake will cope with the betting defeat and continue to actively participate in the world of sports, creating funny moments and bringing his humor and jokes to sporting events.

On the other hand, for fighter Sean Strickland himself, this may seem a bit strange. What he himself thinks about it, we can only guess. After all, Strickland has always been a symbol of unpredictability and openness, and he might be a little surprised to learn that such a famous music artist has bet against him.


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