What Have We Learned from Ferguson vs Diaz UFC Fight?

Sep 21, 2022
A. J. Riot

Nate Diaz became one of the most recognizable UFC figures throughout the last couple of years. His bouts with Connor McGregor are considered to be one of the most vicious fights in martial arts’ entire history.

With his contract coming to an end, he was scheduled to come up against Khamzat Chimaev for UFC 279 in a welterweight battle. Unfortunately, his opponent didn’t make the weigh-in and the organization was forced to mix up its options.

Diaz would eventually be included in the main event fighting against former interim UFC Lightweight champion, Tony Ferguson.

However, this last-minute change in the schedule might not be a precise representation of the current situation as both fighters have prepared for a battle against a totally different opponent.

UFC 279 – Nate Diaz vs. Tony Ferguson

Both Nate Diaz and Tony Ferguson have been struggling lately losing most of their matches throughout the past years. However, even though the latter came on a 4-game losing streak, he was a slight favorite to snatch the victory on Saturday night in Las Vegas.

Any bet with Bovada, supporting Nate Diaz would eventually pay off more than double the amount. Unlike the expectations, Diaz was the fighter who took charge from the very first minute of the fight. He seemed to have more focus throughout the first couple of rounds which gave him the upper hand over his opponent.

On the other side, Ferguson connected several punches and kicks, but he was unable to protect himself from Diaz’s fiery attacks. In the fourth round, Diaz reacted swiftly to a takedown attempt from his opponent.

At that moment, he realized the cards were stacked in his favor as he eventually locked in a guillotine choke and won the bout.

This was Diaz’s first victory since 2019, while Ferguson suffered his fifth consecutive loss, marking the worst streak of his entire career.

Takeaways from the fight  

Even though both martial arts specialists are currently past their prime, Diaz and Ferguson put on a great spectacle in T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas. They have given us a glimpse of their signature moves showing that class might be temporary, but form is permanent.

However, Diaz showed high consistency levels throughout the match, while his opponent was slammed by his emotions from time to time. It seemed that the former was focused on the end goal, while Ferguson really struggled to pick up his rhythm against a fighter who can withstand his offense.

On the bright side, despite his loss, Ferguson’s return to the welterweight division seemed quite promising. He will certainly struggle due to his progressive age among the lightweight fighters who rely much on their footwork, explosiveness, and quick reaction.

Diaz has fought against top-notch athletes throughout the last couple of years which has surely improved his overall fighting intelligence. He is much wiser in the octagon as he doesn’t rely solely on his sheer strength to win the bouts. The 37-year-old has definitely learned a lot from his fights with Connor McGregor, Jorge Masvidal, and Leon Edwards.

Even though this fight happened quite late in their careers, we can still draw some conclusions. Diaz is a complex mixture of both core strength and elevated IQ, while Ferguson’s technique and explosiveness struggle to avoid the abyss following his negative streak in the octagon.

Uncertain Future 

Ferguson’s five consecutive losses might eventually take their toll on his career. Not once has he already hinted at retirement, but with time passing, this becomes an even more realistic option.

His form drastically declined following his loss to Justin Gaethje as he was unable to find the rhythm that helped him stay undefeated for seven straight years. At the age of 38, it’s quite unlikely that we will see him perform at a high level at another UFC event.

The situation with Nate Diaz is pretty similar as he became a free agent after his win over Ferguson at the UFC 279’s main event. He might switch focus to his Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu school in Stockton, California, which is run by him and his brother, Nick Diaz.

Nate has already achieved a lot throughout his martial arts career, and it seems that it’s time he made peace with himself and put an end to his glorious years in the octagon.

Moreover, both fighters have shown outrageous attitude throughout their match which can be considered to be a lack of motivation and interest in the bout. Looking at it from that perspective, this further points at a retirement possibility that can easily bring one era to its inevitable end.

On the other hand, both Diaz and Ferguson can easily decide to continue fighting which will be fantastic news for the entire martial arts community. No matter what they choose, they will remain legends to the UFC as they have both given their contributions to its development throughout the years.