Conor McGregor Comes Under Fire Over Boxing Technique Ahead of UFC Return

18 May , 2022,

Conor McGregor has been putting the hard yards in at the gym as he continues his recovery from a broken leg. But by the looks of things, he is trying something new to strike fear into his rivals.

A video recently surfaced of the Irishman using his unconventional “bow and arrows” technique and he is gearing up for a return to the Octagon later this year. The “bow and arrows” technique seems to be modelled on boxing and McGregor famously took on Floyd Mayweather nearly five years ago in one of the highest-grossing exhibition fights in Las Vegas.

For now, McGregor has been hitting pads with his coach and he will be itching for a return after back-to-back defeats last year in his ongoing feud with Dustin Poirier. While McGregor came under fire from UFC rival Henry Cejudo over his boxing heavy approach, labelling it “unbelievable”, McGregor is sticking to his guns and isn’t moving away from his style.

On Twitter, McGregor wrote: “The McGregor bows and arrows, I’m calling these. In association with Bruce Lee. Enjoy.

“Think of it this way, novices, if someone loads back a full bow and arrow and points it towards your face, what are you doing?

“I will sink these bows and arrows into the target. In live fighting. For the world to witness. Again. But these arrows are different than before. Corkscrewed. Knuckles.”

McGregor is intent on returning to UFC at welterweight level when he makes his comeback from injury. Nevertheless, McGregor is a UFC icon, and in 2016, he became the sport’s first fighter to hold titles in two divisions simultaneously, claiming the lightweight belt, which accompanied the featherweight strap he won in 2015.

Of course, McGregor has a huge fanbase and there will be UFC enthusiasts who will tune in to see how he gets on in the main card of any given fight. While the 33-year-old has courted controversy over the years, he has always been box office viewing and you can rely on the most reputable betting sites, such as bet365 to have a deep range of lines for any McGregor fight. Indeed, bettors looking to place wagers on the biggest UFC fights involving McGregor will be able to make use of the bet365 bonus which normally consists of free bets.

When he marks his return to the Octagon, McGregor has been earmarked to face Leon Edwards even though he has set his sights on taking on Kamaru Usman. Either way, McGregor will be hoping his pad work in the gym has paid off, and his “bow and arrows” technique could end up being imitated by his rivals if it proves to be successful.