A New Way to View Mixed Martial Arts – This is Fantasy MMA (UFC)

12 May , 2022,
Julianna Penya Simp

If you have never played “fantasy sports” before or even seen a draft for team sports (NBA, NFL, MLB, NHL)…

What separates “Fantasy Sports” and, at that, “Fantasy MMA” from “pick em”, draftkings and other commonly marketed “MMA Games” is that no one is allowed to pick the same winner. If you think Israel Adesanya will beat Jared Cannonier and you “pick Israel”, NO ONE ELSE CAN PICK ISRAEL. This means everyone else will be forced to pick Cannonier or a different fight/fighter.

IN ADDITION, YOU WILL “KEEP” THAT FIGHTER FOR 1 YEAR or whatever length of time is determined. (So someone like Izzy or Volk might fight 3 times and win all 3, which is obviously better than someone that only fights once and wins). Fantasy Sports are completely flexible. You create the rule set and system you want to “play” with based on the real-life outcomes.

The DRAFT: The High

So, you understand at this point everyone will be picking different fighters.

Pick 1: Israel Adesanya

Pick 2: Alex Volkanovski

This is an example of the first two picks of a hypothetical draft. Pick 1 = A real person #1. Pick 2 = A real person #2.

If there are 10 teams aka 10 real people, the “first round of the draft” will contain 10 picks with 10 totally different fighters.

Then, in “round 2 of the draft” another 10 picks will be made.


The idea behind using a snake draft is based off a fairness principle. In a 10-team league, you randomize which order every team drafts in.

Each team/real person then takes turns picking a fighter who gets removed from the available pool of fighters (the entire UFC roster) until all 10 teams have picked one player each. That is the end of the first round. Then round 2 of the draft begins. This is where we get back to the principle of wanting the draft to be fair.

Enter the “snake” draft. With a snake draft, this means that in round 2, every person will now be picking a fighter in the reverse order used in round 1. This means that the player picking last in round 1 will be choosing first in round 2, and the player who picked first in round 1 will be picking last in round 2.


Incorporating stats from UFCstats.com and rankings and title fights:

There are simple ways to play this “Fantasy MMA Game”. One could simply use the established scoring system on Draftkings and manually keep track of fighters.

Another way could be simply counting wins and finishes.

In a Fantasy UFC League you could track Wins, Losses, TKO, SUB, Significant Strikes Landed, Takedowns Landed, Ranked Wins, Title Wins and other stats. Whatever is available on UFCstats.com

If you made it this far…………………………………………….

Send me an email FantasyBellator@gmail.com if you are interested in playing.



With that out of the way, let me get to the current Fantasy UFC 2021/2022 Season aka Season 3, which will have it’s final event on July 2 – UFC 276: Adesanya vs. Cannonier

The first event of “season 3” took place at Conor vs. Poirier 3 all the way back in July of 2021, a few dozen events later and the season finale is coming to a close and a new champion will be crowned. It is a competitive race all over the standings board.

1. MiracleMaia 93.5 points = 74 points + 19.5 bonus points

2. RyanSanders3290 84.25 points = 70 points + 14.25 bonus points

3. Bustatron 79 points = 66 points + 13 bonus points

4. ReyOrdonez (Tha God) = 68.25 points = 56 points + 12.25 bonus points

And in 6th place out of 11 REAL PEOPLE is Dent7777 with 60.75 points on the absolute chad backs of Alex Volkanovski and Charles Oliveira bonus points. Team totaling 17.75 bonus points. The second highest amount in the league. And this is with Dent, essentially, doing nothing all season besides the initial BEAST DRAFT. Dent has had action in less than 50 fights. While multiple other teams are at 60+ fights played.

Key Match Ups and Fighters:

  1. #1 MiracleMaia Glover Texeira vs. #2 RyanSanders Jiri Prochazka
  2. #2 RyanSanders Valentina Shevchenko vs. #6 Dent Talia Santos
  3. #2 RyanSanders Aleksandr Rakic vs. #7 ej255wrxx Jan Blachowicz
  4. #3 Bustatron Movsar Evloev vs. #4 ReyOrdonez Dan Ige
  6. #1 MiracleMaia Kalvin Cattar vs. #10 green49825 Josh Emmett
  7.  ej on ej crime Guram vs. Damir
  8. #6 Dent7777 Shavkat Rakhmonov vs. #7 ej255wrxx Neil Magny
  9. #11 get2thechoppa Arman Tsarukyan vs. #5 Sturgeonstan Mateusz Gamrot
  10. #11 get2thechoppa Lauren Murphy vs. #8 JustBleedFan Miesha Taint
  11. #11 get2thechoppa Sean Strickland vs. #7 ej255wrxx Alex Pereira
  12. #11 get2thechoppa Sean O’Malley vs. #9 ricosuave3355 Pedro Munhoz
  13. #6 Dent7777 Uriah Hall vs. #1 MiracleMaia Andre Muniz
  14. #11 GET2THECHOPPA MAYCEE BARBER VS. RANKED FREE AGENT  JESSICA EVIL BROWN EYE (1-4 fantasy record since inception, 2 missed weights)
  15. and last but not least some classic busta on bleed crime featuring #3 Bustatron Donald “YEEHAW” Cerronay vs. #8 JustBleedFan Joe “J-Lo” Lozon
  16. Oh yeah Volk (Dent) vs. Max (Green) and Cannonier (rey) vs. Israel (rico) ON THE SEASON 3 FINALE EVENT!

Season 2 runner up, #5 Sturgeonstan has a host of top ranked fights coming up with Amanda Ribas vs. top 5 Chookagian, Holly Holm vs. Ketlen, Volkov vs. Jairzinho and the absolute LW banger that is Gamrot vs. Arman. Sturgeonstan is another team with less than 50 fights played and has the least amount of losses of any team this season. Sitting at a very respectable 30-18, +12 win/loss differential.

Miscellaneous Stats:

  • Ryan and Rey are sitting at 1 and 2 points for takedown defence percentage
  • Despite that Ryan has an incredible 808 significant strike differential. This means his fighters, in totality, have outstruck his opponents by 808 significant strikes.
  • 4 out of the top 6 teams are in the bottom 5 in takedown defence percentage. Ryan 53%, Rey 60%, Dent and Busta at 62%. That sure is a lotttaa pointss
  • Busta and MiracleMaia (as of April 30, 2022) were tied with 45 fighter wins
  • Rey has 55 fights and only 7 of his fighters got finished. Ryan has 63 fights and only 8 finished.
  • Some impressive Win/Loss differentials with Ryan at +19 (41-22, 8 finished)
  • MiracleMaia only 1 behind with +18 (45-27, 13 finished)
  • Busta +16 (45-29), Rey +15 (35-20)
  • RicoSuperSlut3355 is the only team with a negative striking differential at -497
  • Busta and Ryan have a very tight takedowns landed race, both tied with 86 (as of April 30, 2022)
  • The top 3 teams Mir, Ryan and Busta are tied with 17 TKOs (as of april 30, 2022)
  • Busta and Mir are also tied for most subs with 8. Rey, Ryan, Dent and EJ are tied with 7 subs a piece.


Today is May 12, 2022.

And in BigMarcel24 we trust, bless us baby

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background music – Nate Dogg – G Funk Classics Vol 1 and 2 album click to listen sound on youtube link

to keep my temper lowwww low


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