What Now for Team GBs Olympic Medal Winning Boxers?

13 Sep , 2021,
A. J. Riot

Team GB walked away with a fantastic haul of boxing medals from 2020, with six in total. This was the most since 1920, when boxing was an Olympic sport, but very different to what we see today, with fewer nations taking part.

The haul was impressive, and instantly Team GB boxing will be looking to build on what they have done for three years from now, when they contest the Olympics in Paris, in 2024. We don’t often see too many boxers returning for future games, each cycle is about inspiring the next generation of talent and hoping that some more world class competitors come through the ranks.

These boxers will have a lot of eyes on them, as people follow their career path after watching them at the Olympics.

What comes next is still to be determined, but those who turn pro will be the ones attracting the most interest. Some may even go elsewhere, potentially into the world of MMA, if they want to try something away from boxing, but still use some of their skills. Should they do that, betting would be available on their fights and this guide to betting on MMA is ideal for those who want to get involved.

Turning Pro

The most likely path for the six medal winning athletes is to turn pro. This will enable them to box on a regular basis, while also making money from their fights. Given the fact that people will know them, that should create interest and as we have seen in the past, these Olympic boxers can make a living just from being on the undercard of big events.

Of course, that won’t be the aim, the aim will be to get to the stage where they can headline the big events. If there is one boxer from the medal winners who could do that then it may be Galal Yafai. He’s got two brothers who already fight professionally, Kal & Gamal Yafai, so would know what to expect and have brothers in his corner that has been there and done it all in the past.

Both brothers have held titles in the past, so have gone far in the boxing world and neither of them had the Olympic success that the youngest sibling has had. Given that Galal has won gold, it would be foolish to say that he couldn’t do what his two brothers have done in the ring, if not more.

Given the popularity of women’s boxing and how that is growing, it would be no surprise to see fellow gold medalist Lauren Price also look to join the professional ranks. The opportunities for women are on the rise, either alongside men on mixed cards, or on women only cards, which are beginning to attract real attention.

Six fighters came away from Tokyo 2020 with Olympic medals, a great haul for Team GB. The future of boxing looks bright once again, and these could all play their part in that.