Factoid of the Day: Fighters w/ Pro Fights in the Most Countries

5 Feb , 2021,

While the success rate of finding a good idea on the Sherdog forums is comparable to panning for gold in the sewer system, every once in a while, you’ll get lucky!  I thought this was a fairly good idea for a “factoid” blog post.

Moise Rimbon has fought in the most countries, 24!

The rest of the Top 10 are below:

22 Ivica Truscek
18 Jeff Monson
17 Antony Rea
17 Jean-Francois Lenogue
17 Adnan Alic
17 Maksym Soroka
16 Valdas Pocevicius
16 Jason Jones
16 Francis Carmont
16 Dragan Pesic

With 20 or more pro fights, Gregor Herb has the most impressive country to pro fight ratio.
13 countries in 24 fights. Impressive! Rimbon is second.

With 10 or more pro fights, amazingly.. Christophe Van Dijck has fought in 13 countries in 14 pro fights.