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30 Nov , 2020,

It’s been a long time coming, but you can now OFFICIALLY show support via PayPal (by way of Ko-Fi) for your favorite MMA ranking source!  See the “Support Fight Matrix – Tip Us!” button below.

We don’t make much on traffic or ads and servers aren’t free.  It’s mostly been a labor of love all this time.  Being able to open up another revenue channel will help secure our placement on the Internet for more years to come.

Right now, the “tipping” service is pretty limited.  It defaults to $3, but you can raise this amount.  If this takes off, we may change it up.. start offering Patreon-type perks… who knows?


The engine at work has been producing “current” ranking sets since January 2008.

Some stats that I ran about 10 days ago:

  • 732 (now 734) official current ranking updates.  12,323 unique fighters ranked.
  • 396 official all-time historical ranking updates.
  • Average time between ranking updates: 6.5 days.
  • Longest time between ranking updates: 14 days
  • Highest All-Time Current Ranking Point Total (#1 – 20pts, #2 – 10pts, #3 – 5pts, #4 – 4pts, #5 – 3.5pts… else – (18/Rank# = pts)
    • 13,769 – Cris Cyborg
    • 12,611 – Jon Jones
    • 11,357 – Georges St. Pierre
    • 11,261 – Anderson Silva
    • 10,948 – Jose Aldo

As you likely know by now, we’ve got tons of other stuff as well.  Alternate ranking systems, record pages, occasional statistical posts, event programs, etc.

Show us you care!