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8 Reasons Every Student Should Try a Boxing Class

28 Jun , 2020,
Emma Rundle

Many people consider boxing to be a violent hobby or activity that increases the cases of violence in society. That notion is not true because there are more benefits to derive from boxing classes than negative effects.

The exercises that are available in a boxing class can bring great health benefits to students helping them throughout their college or university years. What are those benefits? Here are 8 reasons why every student should try a boxing class.

Woman photo created by serhii_bobyk –

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The 5 Best Fighting Video Games Ever

14 Jun , 2020,
A. J. Riot

Boy, have video games changed over the years. Today’s video game technology has made it seem as if the player has been transported into the actual game, in real-time, no less. That makes playing casino games more fun. It’s completely insane. Thankfully, MMA video games have been fortunate enough to take advantage of the improvement of gaming technology and use it to make the best fighting games possible, all for your vicious bloodlust. There are lots of MMA/fighting games out there. MMA video games have been rising on popularity in recent times, another reason you might want to try them out. Here are my five favorite fighting video games in history – in no particular order.

UFC Undisputed 3

It was developed by Yuke’s and published by THQ in 2012 for PS3 and Xbox 360. This game is hands down the best MMA game till date. It is a sequel to UFC Undisputed 2010 and has been one of the most popular MMA games in recent years. It contains the well-known “Pride Mode.” This mode was added after the game was released, with its own rules and fighters. It also includes the Pride Grand Prix, so that you can have more than one fight in the same night, and move on to the next fight retaining your damage score.

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A Look Back on Our Favourite Weigh-In Antics

9 Jun , 2020,
A. J. Riot

The build-up to a big fight is made even more exciting because of press conferences and media coverage of both camps. But the pinnacle of the anticipation is felt at the weigh-in when both fighters come toe to toe with each other. After weighing in, the two fighters are presented into each other. This serves as a way to stare into each other’s eyes and intimidate each other. Most times it is amicable while other times it gets a little heated. Let’s take a look back at the most entertaining weigh-ins.

Why Is There a Stare Down After a Weigh-In?

Most of the time, the staredown is all part of the production as a way to get people interested in the fight. Sometimes there is genuine hatred and animosity between the fighters, which makes the stare down a real affair. Other times, the staredown is exacerbated to make the fight more interesting and increase ticket sales or people purchasing the bout at home. The origins of these antics go back decades. Lots of fans point to Muhammed Ali’s teasing and hostility towards his opponent (which was often just an act and part of his tactics).

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Top 5 Benefits of Mixed Martial Arts

7 Jun , 2020,
A. J. Riot

Mixed Martial Arts (MMA)  is a sport that pits two participants against each other in physical combat. A typical MMA match  involves striking, grappling, and ground fighting. MMA fights take place in an enclosed arena such as a cage or a ring. During mixed martial arts training, individuals are capable of increasing both their physical and mental strength in a non-combat environment. The history of mixed martial arts is traced back to the Olympics of ancient Greece, even before starburst was discovered. The sport of MMA originated as hand to hand combat. It has since then been used for financial, physical fitness, and mental benefits.

Read on for some of the benefits of mixed martial arts:

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3 of the biggest surprise outcomes in MMA

3 Jun , 2020,
A. J. Riot

It could be said that the biggest surprise outcome in history of MMA fighting is that the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) survived its early days when the first UFC Pay-Per-View was created as a forum for all martial arts experts to test their courage against one another to find out which style was superior. With no rules and regulations, these no-holds-barred fights led to some stating the UFC was a form of “human cockfighting.”

Betting has been a big part of MMA and there are in-depth MMA betting statistics on the internet, whether you want to bet on the underdogs or the favorites in.  Check out bookmakers reviews to find detailed breakdowns of MMA fights including round by round finishes, card position, weight class and the odds for every fight. If you are lucky enough to have a hunch about a surprise outcome in an MMA fight – like the three below – and get it right, you could win big!

“The King” 11-second submission win, Bellator 225, August 2019

Starting a fight with a show of respect was a decision one MMA fighter was surely to regret. When Eduard Muravitskiy met Aviv Gozali, an 18-year-old Israeli fighter at Bellator 225 on 24 August 2019. Muravitskiy did what many fighters to at the start, go to tap gloves after the opening bell as a sign of good sportsmanship, and then start the fight. However, when Muravitskiy gestured his glove towards Gozali for a tap, Gozali did not honor the gesture and instead dove at Muravitskiy’s legs in an Imanari Roll and looked for the submission, taking down Muravitskiy with a heel hook. Within 11 seconds the fight was over and Gozali had improved his professional score with a record-breaking submission win in only his third professional MMA fight. Muravitskiy left the cage hopping on one foot, clearly hurt from the submission.

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Online Casinos: Is It Worth Joining One?

2 Jun , 2020,

Gambling is something that has always received its fair share of good reviews as well as negative criticism. However, with time, people are now becoming more receptive to the whole idea of gambling. The introduction of the online casinos heightened the whole gambling experience, and this is something that gamblers can attest to. Many people worldwide have joined online casinos such as Casino EnergyCasino, and they enjoy every bit of it. If you are a bit skeptical about taking the plunge, here are some reasons why joining one is without a doubt a good idea:

They are convenient

Convenience is something that wins the hearts of many people. Anything that has been made easier for you is something you should take advantage of- and this is exactly what online casinos did! You can now say goodbye to the long trips to the physical casinos, the loud casino noises, and the stress you had to go through before deciding what attire to wear to the traditional casino. Today the online casinos are a click away. All you need to access an online casino is a mobile device and a good internet connection, and that’s just it!

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Boxing Betting- The Ultimate Form of Entertainment

1 Jun , 2020,
A. J. Riot

Betting has always been an integral part of the game of boxing. In the first half of the 20th century, the sport was manipulated by many shady characters in the criminal world. Match-fixing and betting scandals were a common phenomenon attached to this sport. Match-fixing is a rare occurrence nowadays, but still rears it’s ugly head from time to time. The match between Paul Briggs vs. Danny Green in July 2011 is such an example. Betting on boxing was always present, and it will be in the future. You will find many websites and blogs providing information and tips about how to bet on boxing. Understand how to bet on boxing, types of boxing bets, and in which online sports betting website to place your stake.

How to bet on boxing

There are different boxing betting markets available in online sport betting websites. You will find relevant information about the fighters on those websites before a major event. You will also find other possible range of bets on the specific fight. Straight picks is the simplest form of betting, where you have to select a fighter who is supposed to win. You will find this kind of bet on any premier sport betting websites like ufabet. For each fight, there is always a favored fighter and an underdog. Most bettors stake for the favorite, so the payoff is less than the underdog.  If the odds of one fighter is +200 and odds of the opponent is -200, this implies the first fighter (+)  is the odds favorite. You need to bet $200 in order to get a return of $100 if you win. As for the underdog in this example, a bet of $100 gives you a return of $200 if he wins the match.

Odds do not always denote  who is the superior fighter, or how much possibility he has to win the match. Betting odds are to tempt wagers to place their bet. The bookmakers want to involve as many bettors as possible for both sides.

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Fight Sports and the Integration of Tech

31 May , 2020,
A. J. Riot

Sports organisations adapt, renew and develop through creative and novel ideas. The integration of tech has the potential to radically change how sport is played and viewed, reshaping and improving not only athletic performance but the experience of spectators. In this way, technology not only changes the way we live, work, and play: it is transforming the fight sports athletes train. Here are some of the technologies used:

Altitude Mask

An altitude mask is designed to simulate the low oxygen conditions of training at altitude, by restricting the flow of oxygen to your lungs. The product forces the lungs to work harder, improving the strength of the intercostal muscle and improving overall lung capacity, anaerobic threshold, oxygen efficiency and even mental focus. The acute shortness of breath also makes you more used to the feeling, more comfortable in competition.

The harder workout increases intensity, so the effects of the training are felt sooner, so you do not need to train for as long. This reduces the risk of injury and gives more recovery time when competing.

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MMA vs Boxing: What are the major differences?

25 May , 2020,
A. J. Riot

MMA and boxing are both very popular sports at the moment. They even came to a thrilling head to head when McGregor took on Mayweather in Vegas. When they did do battle, pundits spoke of how McGregor would have to adapt to stand a chance. The reason for this is because there are so many differences between MMA and boxing.

Is MMA More Difficult to Predict?

The first difference on our list is not always true, but the law of averages suggests it is harder to call a winner in MMA bouts compared to boxing matches.  MMA matches tend to be more closely contested, with a higher number of fighters around the same level of ability. Add this that one strike with any limb, elbow or a choke can win an MMA fight in a split second.

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Getting bored in the lockdown? Try your hand at cricket betting with these tips!

18 May , 2020,
A. J. Riot

So it’s getting hard for you to kill time in this quarantine period? Well, it is obvious for you to get bored, especially when you cannot step out of your house for anything, not even a walk. You are not the only person stuck at home, as people in most parts of the world are following the same norms of locking themselves indoors as that’s the only way to survive this apocalyptic phase initiated by a killer virus.

Sports in the time of Corona

Most of your favorite sporting events around the world have been called off for an indefinite period. The IPL is halted, and all other championships have been suspended. At such a moment, you may be feeling very low and tense as you are not sure how can you continue betting amidst such a volatile situation.

Well, for bettors, there has never been a shortage of betting options and e-cricket betting is coming up to be a potential alternative. Since no real-life cricket event is being conducted anywhere around the globe, your only option is to bet on e-cricket tournaments. But what are the rules and how you can ensure your profitability? Well, we are about to discuss that in a while.

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