4 Professional Boxers and Fighters who are Known for Gambling

11 Nov , 2019,
A. J. Riot

Fighters are known for living on the edge and for their eccentric personalities. Many of them are also known for being big gamblers. Maybe it’s the rush of adrenaline they crave whenever they’re out of the ring, or the millions and millions in disposable income, but some seem to always be in the headlines because of some outlandish bet they’ve made. Online betting has also democratized gambling, and made it more accessible and popular with the masses, not only boxers. Let’s take a look at some of the most well known boxers and fighters who are into gambling.

Tyson Fury

The flamboyant Fury is not only known for being flashy inside the ring, but outside of it as well. One would imagine that a fighter would want to go home after a tough fight like the one he had against the very game Otto Wallin, but not Fury. After getting 47 stitches, the boxer went straight to the casino in his hotel and ended the night with $500 USD extra in his pockets.

Floyd Mayweather

Mayweather is not only one of, if not the most, famous fighter on the planet, but also a well known gambler. So much so that there were rumours that he wanted to bet money on himself in the Conor McGregor fight. While this is completely legal, the wager was rejected by the bookmakers. According to sources, he intended to bet $400,000 USD for him to beat McGregor by KO before the 10th round. Good thing for him that it didn’t go through though, as the fight ended in the 10th by TKO.

There have also been rumours that he started studying some of the well known gambling guides Unibet offer and is trying his hand at blackjack. According to sources, Mayweather has become a fixture at certain casinos, betting as much as $100,000 USD per hand at the blackjack tables.

Manny Pacquiao

Manny Pacquiao is another top boxer who’s known for gambling. Pacquiao has been seen at several Macau and Australian casinos and is a big fan of poker according to sources. He likes to play big too, and is often seen at the $100,000 USD tables. He’s not limited his gambling to poker, however. Pacquiao has also been seen betting on football games, and even cockfighting. As a matter of fact, rumours say that he spent over $300,000 USD on one single cockfight back in the Philippines.

Vinnie Paz

The former boxer from Rhode Island, Vinnie Paz, is also famous for his gambling habits, but for all the wrong reasons. Back in 2003, the fighter was arrested for passing bad checks at the Foxwoods casino. He was a regular at the poker tables all over Nevada, often spending over six figures per night, before being caught by the authorities.

These boxers were known for loving the high life, and the action. Boxing and gambling seem to go hand in hand, and casinos around the world certainly aren’t complaining.