Glicko-1 Ratings Coming

12 Sep , 2019,

For all you math/stat nerds out there, you may be happy to know that soon we’ll be adding Glicko-1 ratings to the ranking pages.  If you haven’t noticed, we have two flavors of Elo available on the ranking pages already — just select one in the “Rating Formula” dropdown and check it out.  For more info on the particulars, please see the bottom of the FAQ page.

The caveat to the display of these alternate ratings is that right now, only the Top X fighters by way of the standard ratings are available on the ranking pages.  In other words, you’ll only be able to see the Glicko-1 ratings of the Top 400 “standard” rated fighters at Middleweight.

For more info on Glicko-1, please view the creator’s web site.

One more thing.. you may notice there is a Glicko-2 system that adds a “volatility” rating.  After some further research, this additional variable proves relatively useless for the sport of MMA and also adds quite a bit of complexity to the system.