[Grappling] All-female Quintet show April 7! Mcmann, Carmouche, King Reina, world champs Karppinen and Yuasa

25 Mar , 2019,
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photos of competitors

Date: APRIL 7 2019

10th Planet

  • Elvira Karppinen (World Champ grappling)
  • Liz Carmouche (UFC title challenger)
  • Lila Smadja-Cruz (10th planet brown belt)
  • Fabiana Jorge
  • Grace Gundrum


  • Rikako Yuasa (World Champ, but small)
  • Iori Echigo (Brown Belt)
  • Yuki Sugiuchi
  • Akiko Sawada
  • Nanami Ichikawa

Note: A kunoichi is a female ninja

Team Milfyuu / Sun Chlorella

  • Sara McMann (UFC title challenge. mom)
  • Miyuu Yamamoto (Rizin, RIP KID. also mom)
  • Mika Nagano (longtime JMMA veteran. pretty sure she’s a mom too. — looked it up yeah she is) So at least 3 milfs on this team. Sara McMilf. Milfka Nagano Milfyuu (ugh gross)
  • AI
  • ONE MORE UNANNOUNCED WAR GABI GABI. btw she’s off the market. pretty sure she got married. she probably would break any teams weight requirement unless they had like 4 babies as the teammates. Yo Gabi final boss for the winning team would be amazing like in Pokémon when you beat the elite 4 and you can’t heal before immediately facing Gary. Gabi “Gary” Garcia

DEEP JEWELS (not a joke that’s the name of an all female Japanese MMA promotion)

  • King Reina (Rizin, pro fighter, 145+)
  • Emi Tomimatsu
  • Tomo Maesawa
  • Hikaru Aono
  • Yukari Nabe

Note: everyone here is a pro MMA fighter with varying degrees of success. In my opinion, this is the worst team in terms of skill and name value. Team Milfyuu’s got names, but I also question that team’s skill level compare to 10th planet and Team Yuasa.

It’ll be interesting to see how Quintet matches the teams up. The Japanese have not had great success in MMA in a very long time besides Horiguchi, but they still are able to produce singular combat sport champions in grappling, in boxing and in kickboxing. So, I may be underrating them. I’m going into this pretty heavily favoring 10th Planet. I do not know enough about the Japanese BJJ scene to be certain, but it looks like Team Yuasa has some of the top performers from that scene.

Very looking forward to this event.