ELO Is Here

13 Aug , 2018,
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As we’ve been promising for a while, the ELO and Modified ELO versions of our rankings are now publicly available!

You can read more about it here: ELO Sneak Peeks and here: Elo Rating Updates

The alternative versions of our rankings are presently only available in the current MMA ranking lists (excluding Pound-for-Pound and Division Dominance). They are not available in historical generated rankings or all-time rankings.

Also, the last/next fight, region & country, and other ranking filters are only available in standard mode. Perhaps we may support these filters in the future for the alternate ranking systems.

To view the alternate rankings, navigate to any current ranking page and select ‘ELO K-170’ or ‘Modified ELO’ in the Rating formula drop-down under the Issue Date on the top of the ranking pages.

Here’s an example of alternate heavyweight rankings:

Standard FightMatrix (CIRRS) Ranking Formula

ELO K-170 Ranking Formula

Modified ELO Ranking Formula