In Episode 3, Team Sonnen widens the lead and keeps control of the matchups as Uriah Hall knocked out Adam Cella with a brutal spinning kick that left Cella unconscious for several minutes.

Team Sonnen 2, Team Jones 0.

Next week: Kevin Casey vs Collin Hart.

Here’s who remains:

All rankings are approximate as-of Episode 1 airing.

[#41 MW] Tor Troeng [Team Sonnen]
Episode 1: defeated [#238 MW] Scott Rosa by submission

[#67 LHW] Robert McDaniel [Team Jones]
Episode 1: defeated [NR] Ryan Bigler by TKO

[#137 MW] Zak Cummings [Team Sonnen]
Episode 1: defeated [NR] Nik Fekete by TKO

[#146 MW] Dylan Andrews [Team Jones]
Episode 1: defeated [#205 MW] Tim Williams by decision

[#159 MW] Josh Samman [Team Jones]
Episode 1: defeated [#258 MW] Leo Bercier by TKO

[#160 MW] Uriah Hall [Team Sonnen]
Episode 1: defeated [#171 MW] Andy Enz by decision
Episode 3: defeated [NR] Adam Cella by knockout

[#179 MW] Kevin Casey [Team Sonnen]
Episode 1: defeated [NR] Eldon Sproat by submission

[#215 WW] Gilbert Smith [Team Jones]
Episode 1: defeated [NR] Jerel Clark by submission
Episode 2: lost to [#253 MW] Luke Barnatt by knockout

[#246 MW] Clint Hester [Team Jones]
Episode 1: defeated [#114 LHW] Frasier Opie by decision

[#253 MW] Luke Barnatt [Team Sonnen]
Episode 1: defeated [NR] Nicholas Kohring by decision
Episode 2: defeated [#215 WW] Gilbert Smith by knockout

[#347 MW] Jimmy Quinlan [Team Sonnen]
Episode 1: defeated [NR] Mike Persons by TKO

[NR] Adam Cella [Team Jones]
Episode 1: defeated [#181 HW] Jake Heun by submission
Episode 3: lost to [#160 MW] Uriah Hall by knockout

[NR] Collin Hart [Team Jones]
Episode 1: defeated [NR] Mike Jasper by submission

[NR] Kelvin Gastelum [Team Sonnen]
Episode 1: defeated [#203 WW] Kito Andrews by decision


Posted on February 7, 2013 by oleg

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