If Jones beats Henderson -- Whose dominance is the most impressive of all-time?

  • Fedor Emelianenko @ HW (34%)
  • Jon Jones @ 205 (10%)
  • Chuck Liddell @ 205 (1%)
  • Anderson Silva @ 185 (47%)
  • Georges St. Pierre @ 170 (5%)
  • Matt Hughes @ 170 (1%)
  • Someone Else (2%)

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Posted on August 20, 2012 by jcs

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    • Kedbecker says:

      Numbers is not everything. in my opinion the way those fighters fought and won is a very important factor when I think who, in my opinion, is the best ever.
      Jon Jones definitely looks like he is going that way, but it’s still way too early after only a year and a half of dominance to give him that honor.
      GSP has a very long streak of fighting safe winning the scorecards, and not necessarily the fights. he is still very impressive especially because of his early bouts, but I can’t give him the crown here too.
      the real dilemma is between Fedor and Silva.
      Fedor did fight some cans along the way, but he had the longest dominance of any and most of his opponents were among the best in the world at the time, especially when he fought in Pride.
      Silva, on the other hand, ruled the UFC througout his reign, which is home to the best, but he also had a few fighters who can’t be called top-notch.
      if I judge by that criteria, Silva probably wins, because of his dominance of the toughest organization in the world.
      but factoring in the the style of fighting and finish, it becomes trickier. silva is amazing, a real wonder. but he fought a few embarrassingly safe fights (Demian maia), which under different rules would not even be declared victories, not to mention episodes like Sonnen’s domiantion.
      while Fedor never fought safe. he fought to finish every fight and succeeded in most cases. if he ever had a tough moment it was because he got caught (vs. Fujita) and not because he was dominated (up until his losses, that is).
      so, considering that, I have to give the crown to Fedor.

    • bart says:

      voted Silva as his reign has been well… dominant.

      Jones will be a close second if he wins though and he’s still young so he could eventually top the Spider.

    • jcs says:

      This is a toughie for me. I think it’s a four man race.

      Fedor – A mythical reign, but never went into the UFC.. some undersized fighters and cans mixed in. Boy, did it come to a screeching halt.

      Silva – Another long reign with trips to 205. The only knock I have is that he sometimes faced weakish contenders — not really his fault though. Had a few tough moments in some fights also.

      GSP – If he didn’t lose to Serra, I think he may have my vote. Top contender after top contender before AND after the Serra loss, also came back to whack Serra. Dominant wins.

      Jones – Probably the best 5-fight win streak ever if he beats Henderson based on opposition and how he won the fights. Though, I’d like to see him go another year just to ensure this isn’t some super prime anomaly that won’t hold up.

      They all have arguments, depending on how tight you make the time/fight window.

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