Boxing totals from BoxRec.


The totals are likely a little light due to missing bouts, but the trend is what is of importance.  Has MMA peaked?  Is boxing REALLY dying?

Quantity only means so much, but it is extremely important in the development of new talent.

Posted on February 24, 2012 by jcs

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    • MIkeO says:

      I don’t think its really fair to compare MMA views with boxing views. I once read a stat that said boxing isn’t losing fans to MMA. Most MMA fans come from being WWE fans! By no means comparing the two but I think that demographic of people and age like both MME and WWE.

    • Chagrin says:

      It’s cool how sharp the rise was after TUF began in the US. The numbers will rise again significantly over the next 2 years as TUF goes to Brazil, which is going to have an enormous impact on the sport of MMA as a whole. TUF Brazil should lead to regulation in Brazil as well as more money in the hands of young Brazillian fighters, which in turn means more Zuffa-promoted “name” talent available to other organizations. As TUF continues to move into new international markets MMA is going to really explode. The show may have peaked here in the US (or is close to peaking in the US) but there’s no reason to believe that it can’t create the same type of interest in other areas of the world that it has here.

    • jcs says:

      I could separate MMA by country… but don’t think I can get that data for boxing, not sure. I wonder though, if the improvement of record-keeping in a particular country would affect the results.

      Good point on the debuting fighters vs. bouts though…

    • ltokuda says:

      Great chart! I wonder if the number of fights in Japan have been falling since Pride went under. Would it be possible to break the chart out by country? Maybe 4 categories: U.S., Japan, Brazil, everyone else? I would suspect that MMA in the rest of the world would be growing but who knows.

      Another interesting stat would be to track the total number of fighters having their first fight within each year. Maybe the number of bouts is stagnating but the talent pool is still growing?

    • aidan says:

      Cool. I think it is somewhere in between. MMA has remained stagnant in the last few years, but it should grow (in terms of popularity, maybe not # of fights) globally with the efforts of the UFC in foreign markets and locally with the FOX deal.

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