Dan Henderson has recently become the first fighter to reach the Top 50 in three divisions: Heavyweight (#46), Light Heavyweight (#8), and Middleweight (#4).  There are 46 fighters (including Dan) who are on two divisional Top 50s.

Norifumi Yamamoto is his closest, active competitor as he is in three Top 55s.  A good streak at Bantamweight would see him join Dan.  However Yamamoto is not in any Top 25 (or 30).  Evan Tanner also shares Yamamoto’s feat, but is in a Top 25 @ Middleweight (#20).

When expanding to Top 60 as the qualifier, Jeremy Horn and Akihiro Gono make the cut.   Expanding to Top 75 adds four more fighters (Vitor Belfort, Jeff Curran, BJ Penn, Anderson Silva).

In case you are unfamiliar with our All-Time Rankings, check them out here.

Posted on November 7, 2011 by jcs

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    • jcs says:

      Remember, this is for the ALL-TIME career rankings, not current.

      We only list the Top 25.. It starts to get pretty muddy shortly after that. The Fedor win was what bumped him into the Top 50.

    • rudeboyben84 says:

      JCS great post!… quick question, was Hendo actually on the Hw rankings after the Fedor win or when was he ranked at Hw? I didnt see him on your Hw list, or is that because you kept him at Lhw and 46th is where he would have been?

      How far is KID from being top 50 ranked? I see you have him at 93, How far up the rankings would a good win at the weekend bring him?

      Keep up the good work.

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