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Saturday, April 20th 2024

Canada  Knockout Events - Canada Cup [Knockout Events (British Columbia)]


Bout   Weight
 [#151 FW] Jesse Arnett [NR] Josh Kwiatkowski145
Last Fight Date: 5/20/2023 [UAE Warriors]
Last Opponent: [#330 LW] Ali AlQaisi
Last 5: L W W L L
Last Fight: N/A

Thursday, May 9th 2024

Canada  BFL 80 - Battlefield Fight League [Battlefield Fight League]


Bout   Weight
 [#317 FW] Caleb Moctezuma [#460 FW] Radley da Silva145
Last Fight Date: 2/08/2024 [Battlefield Fight League]
Last Opponent: [NR] Gagan Gill
Last 5: W W W W W
Last Fight Date: 2/08/2024 [Battlefield Fight League]
Last Opponent: [NR] Maxime Soucy
Last 5: L W W W W