5 Underrated Things To Do in the Pacific Northwest

Mar 24, 2023
A. J. Riot

Moving to a big city can change your life for the better, and places such as Seattle and Portland have a lot to offer. From pristine forests and rocky coastlines to bustling nightlife and vibrant arts scenes, the Pacific Northwest is bursting with entertainment and activities to try. If you think that coffee and beanies are all there is to living in Washington and Oregon, you haven’t really explored much. Here are five underrated things to do in the Pacific Northwest.

1. Join an MMA Training Gym

If you are interested in improving your physical fitness while living in Washington or Oregon, you can join an MMA training gym. Mixed Martial Arts has become incredibly popular in recent years, so you won’t have any trouble finding a place to train. MMA is a combination of different martial arts and sports techniques, including boxing, judo, jujitsu, muay Thai fighting, and more. Because it’s a sport with a lot of diverse moves and techniques, you will never get bored of training in an MMA style.

2. Visit Alaska or Canada

One thing you might not realize about living in the PNW region is that you can easily visit Alaska and Canada from Seattle. The Pacific Northwest is a well-connected region of the United States. Vancouver, Canada is less than a three-hour drive from Seattle. There are also regularly scheduled Alaska cruises from Seattle. The great thing about living in Seattle or Portland is that you are never very far away from a great vacation spot.

3. Learn How To Sail

Another great activity that many people overlook is learning how to sail. Seattle is situated within the Puget Sound. When you live there, you have access to beaches, bodies of water, and marinas. There are a number of sailing clubs in Seattle and its surrounding cities, which would make it really easy to take classes so that you can learn how to sail.

Sailing is an invigorating hobby that allows you to feel closer to nature. It’s not only fun, but it’s also a life skill that will stay with you forever. You don’t have to own a boat to learn how to sail. You can take classes at a sailing club and then rent out a boat whenever you feel like getting on the water.

4. Take a Haunted City Tour

When you have friends and family come to visit, you can take them on a haunted city tour. The Pacific Northwest is full of spooky tales and scary stories. One fun option is that you can visit Portland’s underground passages and secret rooms that people used to peddle moonshine during the Prohibition Era. Another option is you can tour some of Seattle’s most haunted sites to learn about the spirits who have never left after their untimely deaths.

Haunted city tours also make for a great first or second date. If you know that your partner loves scary movies or you just want to get festive around Halloween, book one of these tours to get in touch with your spooky side.

5. Organize a Clam Bake

No list about the Pacific Northwest would be complete without mentioning seafood, which is why organizing a clam bake is something you can’t pass up when you live in the area. With easy access to the Pacific Ocean, you can head out to the coast and dig up lots of different types of shellfish that you can cook and eat right on the beach. Clams, mussels, and cockles are commonly found on the beaches of Seattle, and all you have to do is add your spices and vegetables to get your bake going. This is definitely a group activity, so be sure to invite friends and make your clam bake a day-long affair.

You might find all the rain depressing, but remember that there are lots of ways to escape the doldrums if you live in the Pacific Northwest. Make sure to take advantage of the natural beauty, culture, and amazing food of this one-of-a-kind region.