Boxers And Wrestlers Who Enjoy Gambling

Jan 19, 2023
A. J. Riot

Along with boxing, football, and basketball, wrestling is a very popular sport watched across the planet. For this reason, it’s not hard to see why so many fans like wagering on the results of their favourite fighters’ bouts. Every battle is a risk, not just for the fans but also for the athletes.

Therefore, many professionals in the combat sports industry also have a desire for gambling in their spare time. Bettors can probably relate to the adrenaline rush and sense of impending doom that the fighters feel as they step into the ring.

Here are some of the most well-known boxers and wrestlers who also enjoy gambling.

Floyd Mayweather

It’s common knowledge that Floyd Mayweather is an avid gambler. Floyd “Money” Mayweather is so named because of his reputation for making large sums of money in his fights. Floyd enjoys going to Las Vegas’s land-based casinos. Since several of his most memorable bouts took place in Sin City, Floyd Mayweather can easily afford to return there whenever he pleases.

It’s a mystery as to which online games and casino site Floyd Mayweather frequently visits. But you can be assured he plays whenever he gets the chance (when he’s not training, of course).

Tyson Fury

The two-time heavyweight world champion from Great Britain is also well-known for his skill at the casino. According to rumours, he can’t let anything stand in his way when it comes to gambling. After one battle against Otto Wallin in Las Vegas, he went to a nearby casino immediately afterwards.

The night “just wasn’t done yet,” he reportedly said. So, with 47 new stitches, Fury was still able to enjoy himself, drink a few drinks, and leave the casino with $5,000 in his back pocket.

Mike Tyson

In the ring, “Iron Mike” Tyson holds legendary status. The amazing career he had saw him compete in 58 bouts and win 50 of them is well documented. Former boxing champ Mike Tyson still likes placing bets on major fights he attends, even though he is officially retired.

It has been stated that Mike frequents several casinos in the Las Vegas area. His appearance in The Hangover (2009), the most well-known comedic film ever set in Las Vegas, should come as no surprise.

John Cena

John Cena is known for his work both inside and outside of the WWE ring. He has been in several Hollywood films, including Bumblebee, The Suicide Squad, 12 Rounds, and most recently, Vacation Friends. He enjoys playing Blackjack and poker over the internet. He also mentioned Texas Hold ‘Em as a close second to Blackjack in one of his interviews.

We can’t say for sure which casino Cena plays at, but he would make a smart choice in choosing Rainbow Spins Casino in UK. Reportedly, the UK is a popular destination for online casinos, and Rainbow Spins is the hottest new brand.

Jeff Hardy

Jeff Hardy, or Brother Nero, as he is commonly called, won a slew of championships, including 2 x WWE Heavyweight Championships and 3 x TNA World Heavyweight Championships. Not only is it common knowledge that one of the most prominent WWE stars is a big fan of the card games poker and Blackjack but he is also frequently sought out as a source of wisdom by newer gamblers.