Are Mobile Casino Apps better than in-browser online casinos?

Dec 8, 2022
A. J. Riot

Online casino games are a fantastic choice if you enjoy gambling, online games in general, or you like to relax with the help of a simple yet exciting activity. There are hundreds, if not thousands, of casino games you can choose from, each having its level of difficulty and its own set of rules or gameplay.

Some people go for classic games, like roulette, poker, or blackjack, while others select classic games with a twist: variations of the popular cards game or roulette. However, these are not the only options players have because online gambling websites also offer impressive collections of slot games, access to live casino games, or even sports betting options.

Besides picking the best games that suit their preferences, players must also choose what type of platform they want to play on. There are two practical options for online gambling: apps and in-browser online casinos.

If you want to decide what platform you would enjoy most depending on how often you play and your playing style, we’ve got the essential pros and cons for each variant right here:

Faster connection

Connectivity and ease of access are critical for online activities, especially games. If you don’t care much if your online shopping page crashes while you’re checking out new clothes or if it’s loading very hard, things are slightly different for online casino games.

For example, let’s take a slot game in which you invest money, coins, or other types of valuable currency. If your app or browser crashes during your spins, you might lose some money or at least the possibility of winning some.

Luckily, in-browser and app online casinos work smoothly nowadays, and the risk of crashing remains small if the platforms are well-optimized. Still, mobile apps offer quick access compared to in-browser options regarding a faster connection. This speedier connection will be beneficial when you want to place live bets or stay in touch with the latest changes for your bets.

Fraud Risk

You should act cautiously whenever your money and data are at stake, and online casinos are no exception. You should always be wary of fraud, including phishing and identity theft. That’s why the best platform you choose should be a safe one.

Currently, most online casinos use modern safety protocols for their browser pages and apps. For your smartphone, the best option would be an app, as apps are usually optimized to offer all the safety protocols for their users. In-browser pages are also optimized to work safely on mobile phones, yet they are not explicitly designed to be used solely on smartphones.

That is why you should use a mobile app on your smartphone if given a chance, with the condition to go for apps from licensed and reputable online casinos. In-browser online casino pages used from your phone when apps are unavailable should also not represent a problem, only if we’re talking about perfectly optimized big websites.


You can access apps from multiple devices, like iOS smartphones, Android smartphones, or tablets. Of course, you can also access in-browser online casinos from any mobile device, yet the browser platform might not always work perfectly smoothly on mobile devices.

That is because some brands choose to design the browser platform with PC or laptop users in mind and mobile apps with iOS and Android users in mind. This is not necessarily bad, as you can always quickly test platforms in terms of accessibility and go for the one that suits you best.

Number of games

Some online casinos do not offer their entire games portfolio on their mobile apps, not because they don’t want to, but because some games cannot be adapted to work smoothly on a platform like an application.

You should always check your casino’s portfolio and options and decide if you want to use the in-browser page or the app.


Visuals and graphics quality can differ depending on the device you’re using. For some games, like slots, a mobile app could be a great choice, especially if you have a new smartphone, like the latest iOS or Android model. Of course, the in-browser option could work way better for other types of games, let’s say, live poker.

Checking the visuals and graphics experience can be of great help when you want to decide which platform works for your needs.

Choosing between in-browser or app online casinos should no longer be a challenging problem. Please take into account what online casino brands you prefer, what games you play, and when you play, and also try both versions of platforms to see how you like each one of them. With this strategy, you will certainly discover the best solution regarding online casino platforms.