5 Unusual Devices Everybody Would Love to Try

Nov 22, 2022
A. J. Riot

The world of technology is not limited to the brand-new iPhone released every fall or an innovative Android smartphone. Companies regularly introduce new products that impress with the number of functions and ease of use. Let’s see what gadgets you might have missed in 2022! Spoiler: they are definitely worth your attention.

Innovative Lenovo Glasses T1

A few years ago, we could have imagined that we could watch movies and play games without a physical screen. A novelty from Lenovo presents us with such an opportunity: innovative glasses offer to control the picture with a glance. Users should connect the gadget to their smartphones and enjoy a Full-HD picture immediately. Are you intrigued? Just imagine the opportunity to have a high-quality screen in front of you wherever you are. However, the technology is still expensive. On the other hand, we are convinced that more companies will launch similar products soon, which will make such glasses accessible to consumers.

Flexible Monitor from LG

Although such a gadget can hardly be called an innovative invention, the new release from LG is definitely worth attention. Its main feature is that the user can set the screen to bend for themselves. It is especially loved by gamers and fans of bet online casino since games and slots have become even more exciting and realistic. The device also offers built-in microphones and supports Free Sync. LG is a well-known innovator, so we suppose that users will highly appreciate the technology, and more companies will release similar products in the future.

JBL Tour Pro 2 Headphones

Wireless headphones would hardly surprise anyone in 2022, but JBL managed to break this stereotype. At first glance, this device is no different from the popular AirPods, but there is one secret. The headphone case has a built-in screen, which is their main feature. The manufacturer claims that you can adjust the volume, monitor the battery charge, and even receive an incoming call from the screen. Well, something interesting! In addition, the charge lasts for 30 hours, a feature that might attract many users.

Audio-Technical Vinyl Player

The company is known to manufacture high-quality minimalistic players, and this device will become a real treasure for music fans. And even if you are not a vinyl fan, the player will be a great decoration for any room! Such modern devices imply no worries and problems since it’s enough to connect them to the network! In addition, it is equipped with Bluetooth, which adds 100 points to the convenience of its use.

Bonus: Razer Gaming Desk

Have you ever thought that technology development would come to such a level? Razer company has presented its concept of a gaming desk, implying a unique module table for gamers and streamers. It has the following features:

  • Custom motherboard with the latest Intel processor
  • 56″ edge-lit display
  • NVIDIA graphics

Sounds like something that would change the industry once and forever! However, it’s still just a concept, and the timeline for developing a real product has not yet been announced. But it seems to be cool, right?