The Best MMA Betting Sites and Offers in Ireland

Nov 18, 2022
A. J. Riot

The first recorded use of the term mixed martial arts was in 1993, when sports critic, Howard Rosenberg, mentioned it in a review of UFC 1. Mixed martial arts, originally called Vale Tudo, is a combat sport that is a combination of different techniques from a variety of combat sports from around the world, including striking, grappling, and ground fighting. While many people are just getting into the world of MMA, it is one of the fastest-growing markets in sports betting.

What is MMA?

UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship) is the largest MMA market. To stay in it, fighters compete for belts in their specific weight division. The Octagon Ring is where the fights take place, with each fight having three to five rounds which last a maximum of five minutes. If neither fighter manages to force a win, then the winner is chosen by the judges. There are several ways one fighter can force a victory over another.

  • Knockout (KO) – The opponent has taken so much damage that he/she is either unable to continue fighting or is unconscious
  • Technical Knockout (TKO) – The referee or ringside doctor stops the fight if they think that one of the fighters is unable to continue
  • Submission – Some players try to subdue their opponent by chokehold or limb twist until he/she taps out
  • Throwing the Towel – if an MMA fighter’s camp is concerned about his/her condition because he/she has sustained serious physical damage but still continues to fight, it throws in the towel

MMA Betting Markets and Bets

If you’re into MMA as a sport and want to have a little fun, aside from the possibility of Acca bets, where you make multiple wagers combined into one big betting slip, there are a few basic types of bets you can place. Here are the five most popular in Ireland.

Moneyline Result

This is the most straightforward wager in sports betting, and one of the most popular since you are simply wagering on a fighter or a team to win. If you guess the winner, you get paid pro-rata based on the odds you bet on.

Method of Victory

As the name suggests, here you bet on how the fight will end. It does not matter who wins the fight, but the specific way in which he/she will achieve it. This can be done by knockout, TKO, submission, or throwing in the towel.


The bookmaker predicts a number for an outcome in an event. In MMA, for example, bets can be placed on the duration of the fight. You can bet that it will last for a shorter or longer time than the number predicted by the bookmaker.

Round Betting

You can wager on whether the fight will go the distance, the exact round that the fight will end in, or the total number of rounds in the fight. If you are feeling particularly knowledgeable, then you can even bet on the exact round that the fight will end in and the method of victory.

Live In-Play Betting

Sometimes it is hard to predict the outcome of a fight before it has started, so rather than taking a risk you can wait until the fight starts and then see how both fighters are doing. After watching the first round, for example, you might think that one fighter is on top, and then you can place a live in-play wager on them to win.

The Best MMA Betting Sites

Having discussed some basic rules of MMA as well as the types of betting, it’s time to sift through the best MMA betting sites and offers in Ireland. Here are our top three suggestions, sourced from


We can trace the roots of the Ladbrokes company back to 1886, which is an impressively long presence in the gambling world. There are 39 sports in its catalogue to choose from, including MMA. The Ladbrokes’ welcome offer is bet 5e to get 20e in free bets – 4 free bets that are worth 5e each.

William HILL

William HILL became part of the gaming industry in 1934. Today it is one of the leaders in online betting. It has 33 sports categories and, of course, MMA is one of them. William HILL’s bonus offer is bet 10e and receive 30e in free bets.

Boyle Sports

Founded in 1989, Boyle Sports is one of the most popular sports betting sites in Ireland. It has a staggering 42 sports categories in its portfolio. MMA fans can take advantage of the bookmaker’s welcome offer – wager 10e and get 50e in free bets.
ММА is not a sport that will appeal to everyone. In recent years, however, many people have become interested in it, and this is why it is now included in the selections of more and more bookmakers. If you are into sports and want to have test out your betting luck, you might want to check out our top three picks for the best sports betting sites in Ireland.