MMA Lessons: 5 Tips on How to Learn MMA Fast

19 Aug , 2022,
Diane Sherron

Mixed martial arts (MMA) is a popular type of sport among those who like various combat styles and techniques. Statistics show that the number of people practicing MMA in the United States reached 2.34 million in 2021.

It’s not surprising because MMA can help followers achieve several goals at a time. Apart from fitness-related benefits, it boosts your strength, endurance, and self-confidence. You also acquire specific and well-tested combat and self-defense skills. But how do you take your first steps as a novice fighter? What do you need to do to accelerate the learning process? Check out my 5 tips to do it efficiently and do it fast.

Train hard

Nothing is going to come easy in this sport. If you are serious about it, brace yourself for some serious and exhausting training sessions. You cannot allow yourself to make any shortcuts in this regard. Every little muscle is engaged in an MMA fight, so you must work those muscles purposefully during your training.

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Spar often

No matter how effective your individual training is, it makes little sense unless you can prove yourself in the MMA cage. Sparring is a pivotal part of your training. Take part in grappling-based sparring without using much power when striking. This is about mastering your technique rather than winning, so concentrate on how you execute each strike and each move.

Incremental progress is what you’re looking for here. You won’t turn into an ultimate fighter overnight. While you can get some quick gains from efficient training sessions, it takes a bit more time to be mentally ready for big fights.

Practice takedown skills

Takedowns are extremely important in MMA. Even if your kicking power and techniques are not up to the mark, you can be extremely effective if you can take your opponent down. Whether you do that by going behind, going for the ankle pick, or using the outside leg trip, you must master them all. Use a variety of takedown skills to attack your opponents with the most effective one. Your choice will depend on their weaknesses too.

It’s all about balance

Success in MMA is largely dependent on the degree to which you are able to strike and maintain a balance between your strengths and weaknesses, your athletic and academic performance, and your physical and psychological preparedness. More often than not, it is the optimal balance between work, sports and study that helps create the kind of equilibrium that paves the way for ultimate results and overall success.

Work on your weaknesses

This is a crucial step in mastering MMA quickly. Identify your weaknesses early on. Many MMA fighters tend to ignore them, trying to focus and capitalize on their sweet spots. This is a risky approach that might cost you your career.

It won’t take your opponents long to figure out what your vulnerabilities are. They will try to take you down if your takedown defense skills are failing you. They might opt for a longer, more exhausting fight if you start breathing heavily.

Set aside specific training sessions during which you will entirely focus on your weaknesses. Talk to your coach and be purposeful about addressing them quickly.

Final Remarks

MMA is a tough and challenging contact sport, which takes a lot of time, dedication, and perseverance to become successful. As a beginner, you need to adjust to a new lifestyle based on hard work, quick gains, and effective training strategies.

To make headway, it is important to attain and maintain an overall balance in your state of mind and physical shape. It is this balance that will keep inspiring you and foster your fighting spirits. When you hit the cage, you must feel composed and self-confident lest you want to lose your fight even before you set your foot on the cage floor.


Diane Sherron is a former athlete turned professional writer and blogger. As an athlete student, she knows what it takes to combine studies with regular exercise. Diane’s reviews, updates, and recommendations are rooted in her personal experience, as well as a broad range of authoritative research sources.